Sunday, 4 January 2015

IELTS Practice Materials

There is authorized IELTS Practice Materials of British Council which comprises of the booklet as well as an audio CD. This comprises the whole sample tests for the both Academic and for the General Training Modules along with the answers. The aspirants also have a complete book “How to Prepare for IELTS” offering the advice as well as practice in all sections. “Road to IELTS” is CD- ROM comprehending 120 hours of learning materials for the IELTS which assists the aspirants in preparation as well as also practice in all facets of IELTS test.
Regardless of these materials you can get information in any educational institute that is close to your city. There are many institutions which provides the services to teach and particularly for the practice of aspirants. AEO also offers the practice material for test as well as aspirant can get this material from the center at the time of submission.
- See more at: registering in these classes, the aspirants will be given a placement test and on the bases of this test they will be placed in the applicable class. Like if the English level of the candidate is very low, the student will have to study all of three classes and if he is in the middle then the candidate is required to attend the level 2 as well as Preparation classes. If the candidate’s English is good then he will be seated in preparation of IELTS.
Mock test will provide consideration of the candidate about his skills as well as his know-how with English.

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