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Monday, 25 February 2019

cash officer/front line traine/teller services officer/cashier test sample

Following are the Question taken from National Bank of pakistan cash officer test and you can find the ansqwers of all these question at page 5

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Read the following passage and answer questions 1 and 2

Numerous awesome innovations are at first welcomed with disrespect and doubt. The development of the plane was no special case. Although numerous individuals who airborne the flight on December 17, 1903, were energized and inspired, others laughed about it. The idea of flying an aircraft was repulsive to some individuals. However, individuals such as Wilbur and Orville Wright, the creators of the first flying machine, have other ambitions. Negative responses, be that as it may, did not stop the Wrights. Prompted by their desire to succeed, they proceeded with their analyses in flight.

Orville and Wilbur Wright dependably had a convincing enthusiasm for air transportation and mechanics. As young men, they earned cash by making and offering kites and mechanical toys. Later, they designed a newspaper folding machine, manufactured a printing press, and worked at a bike repair shop. In 1896, when they read about the death of Otto Lilienthal, the brothers' enthusiasm for flight developed into an impulse.

Q1.       The idea of flying an aircraft was ______ to some people.

A.    absurd

B.    boring

C.   exciting

D.   lofty

Q2.       According to paragraph 2, which of the following statements is true about Wright brothers?

A.    They have a lived a very hard and ruthless life.

B.    They are more attracted towards the development of printing press.

C.   They have a great passion for air crafts and flights.

D.   They are deeply saddened by the death of Otto Lilienthal.

Select the correct explanation for the idiom

Q3. At the eleventh hour

A.    A meeting at 11’o clock
B.    The last possible moment for doing something
C.   An auspicious time
             D  High time to start the work

Select the correct synonym for the given word


A.    Egoistic

B.    Helpful

C.   Confused

D.   Fake

Select the correct antonym for the given word


A.    Enemy
B.    Challenger

C.   Supporter

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