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Saturday, 27 April 2019

CSS Gender Studies Paper Syllabus

Gender Studies

CSS Gender Studies Paper Syllabus
Total Marks: 100
Time Allowed: 3 hours
I. Introduction to Gender Studies
  • Introduction to Gender Studies
  • Difference between Gender and Women Studies
  • Multi-disciplinary nature of Gender Studies
  • Autonomy vs. Integration Debate in Gender Studies
  • Status of Gender Studies in Pakistan
II. Social Construction of Gender
  • Historicizing Constructionism
  • Problematizing the category of “Sex”: Queer Theory
  • Is “Sex” socially determined, too?
  • Masculinities and Femininity
  • Nature versus Culture: A Debate in Gender Development
III. Feminist Theories and Practice
  • What is Feminism
  • Liberal Feminism
  • Radical Feminism
  • Marxist/Socialist Feminism
  • Psychoanalytical Feminism
  • Men’s Feminism
  • Postmodern Feminism
IV. Feminist Movements
  • Feminist Movements in the West. First Wave, Second Wave and Third Wave Feminism. United Nation Conferences on Women, Feminist Movements in Pakistan.
V. Gender and Development
  • Colonial and Capitalistic Perspectives of Gender
  • Gender Analysis of Development Theories; Modernization Theory, World System Theory, Dependency Theory, Structural Functionalism.
  • Gender Approaches to Development: Women in Development (WID), Women and Development (WAD), Gender and Development (GAD); Gender Critique of Structural Adjustment Policies (SAPs).
  • Globalization and Gender
VI. Status of Women in Pakistan
  • Status of Women’s health in Pakistan
  • Status of Women in Education
  • Women and Employment
  • Women and Law
VII. Gender and Governance
  • Defining Governance
  • Suffragist Movement
  • Gender Issues in Women as Voters
  • Gender Issues in Women as Candidates
  • Gender Issues in Women as Representatives
  • Impact of Political Quota in Pakistan
VIII. Gender Based Violence
  • Defining Gender Based Violence
  • Theories of Violence against Women
  • Structural and Direct Forms of Violence
  • Strategies to Eliminate Violence against Women
IX. Case Studies of:
  • Mukhtaran Mai
  • Mallala Yousaf Zai
  • Shermin Ubaid Chinoy

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