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In questions 3 and 4, part of the sentence is italicized and underlined. Select the right alternative from the given options to correct the sentence. Shade your choice on the answer sheet.

Q3.   I can’t find my files! Do you saw them anywhere in the office this morning?

A.    Are you seeing

B.    Saw you
C.   Have you seen
D.   Did you have

Q4.   He found a gold coin as he was clean the floor.

A.    as he had been cleaned
B.    while he clean
C.   which he is cleaning
D.   as he cleaned

Select the correct explanation for the IDIOM.

Q5.   See eye to eye

A.    Staring at someone
B.    Two (or more people) agree on something
C.   When someone does not want to see anything
D.    When someone is not taking situation seriously

Select the correct SYNONYM for the given word.


A.    Original

B.    Outdated
C.   Audible
D.   Inadequate

Select the correct ANTONYM for the given word.


A.      Diligent
B.      Lazy
C.      Pampered
D.      Self-Indulgent

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