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SST Secondary School Teacher sample paper

The main purpose of the supervision of teaching should be the
A. Advacement of pupil welfare
B. Proper utilization of school facilities
C. Carrying out of the curriculum
D. Achievement of success in examination
Answer is = A

Supervision sould be primarily
A. Prevtive and critical
B. Preventive and corrective
C. Constructive and creative
D. Construction and critical
Answer is = C

The basic purpose of supervision is to help
A. Teachers in improving methods
B. Teachers in understanding pupil
C. Children learn more effectively
D. Teachers in dealing pupils
Answer is = C

The elementary school teachers are directly responsible to the
A. Headmaster
B. Deo
C. Parents
D. Students
Answer is = A

The criticism most frequently leveled at school administration is that:
A. They like praise
B. They are to lazy
C. They fail to provide leadership
D. They do not know teacher
Answer is = C

The school headmaster are expected to
A. Put into operation the course of study
B. Hold daily meetings
C. Prepare the budget
D. All of the above
Answer is = A

A supervisor is one who
A. Provides friendly help
B. Inspects classrooms
C. Gives directions
D. Criticizes the teaching method
Answer is = A

The effective supervision is indicated by
A. Good relations between teacher and supervisors
B. Helping teacher in their teaching
C. Helping teachers becoming more self sufficient
D. Criticizing teacher’s lessons
Answer is = C

The school policy should be determined by:
A. The professional educators
B. Headmasters
C. Citizens d
D. Citizens and educators
Answer is =D

The chief responsibility of the principal is
A. Organize and administer the guidance programmed
B. Provide leadership in instructional plan
C. Maintain school records
D. Handle discipline problems
Answer is =B

Indication of democratic attitude is
A. Equal rights
B. Participation
C. Cooperation
D. All of the above
Answer is =D

The history of administration goes back to
A. 5000 BC
B. 4000BC
C. 800BC
D. 1000BC
Answer is =A

Adminstration meams
A. To look after
B. To protect
C. To run
D. To establish
Answer is =A

The function of educational administration and management is
A. Instrucitonal tasks
B. Non instrucitonal tasks
C. Both a and b
D. None
Answer is =C

Provision of good educational environment is
A. Instrucional tasks
B. Non instrucitonal tasks
C. Both a and b
D. None
Answer is =A

Arrangement of physical resources is
A. Instrucitonal tasks
B. Non instructional tasks
C. Both
D. None
Answer is =B

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