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Secondary School Teacher (SST) solved sample paper page 4

Developing alternatives is a step of
A. Organization
B. Planning
C. Direction
D. Control
Answer is = B
How funds in a given period will be obtained and spent is
A. Allocation
B. Expenditure
C. Budget
D. Reciept
Answer is = C
Types of supervision encouraging variety , originality and indpendent experimentation is
A. Preventive
B. Corrective
C. Creative
D. Construction
Answer is = C
Who advocated bureaucratic theory
A. Campbell
B. Herzberg
C. Henry Fayol
D. Max Weber
Answer is = D
Directing must be consistent with
A. Organizational policies
B. Procedures
C. Job descriptions
D. All of the above
Answer is = D
In case of new recruitment the probation period is
A. 3 Years
B. 5 Years
C. 8 Years
D. 9 Years
Answer is = A
The power delegated throughtout an organization is
A. Control
B. Command
C. Decetralization
D. Centralization
Answer is =C
The father of modern theory of management is
A. Tyler
B. Hery Fayol
C. Max Weber
D. Gullick
Answer is = B
The smallest interacting parts of a systems are
A. Input
B. Component
C. Structure
D. Feed back
Answer is = B
Which pension is granted to civil servant who retires in the age of sixty
A. Superannuation
B. Invalid
C. Retiring
D. Compensation
Answer is =A
All financial transaction of the school occurring from day to day is entered in
A. Cash Book
B. Stock Register
C. Service Book
D. Log Book
Answer is = A
The process of directing others, towards the accomplishment of some objectives is
A. Communication
B. Managing
C. Leadership
D. None
Answer is = B
Micro planning is done in
A. Top Management
B. Middle Management
C. Lower Management
D. Middle and Lower Management
Answer is =D
The ACR cannot be initiated for the period of less than
A. Two months
B. Three months
C. Five months
D. Four months
Answer is = B
The individual in the group given the task of directing and coordinating is
A. Leader
B. Supervisor
C. Instructor
D. Guide
Answer is = B
A choice made between two or more alternative is called
A. Assumption
B. Decision
C. Reporting
D. None
Answer is = B
The cash book in maintained by
Answer is = A

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