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Secondary School Teacher (SST) solved sample paper page 5

Authoritarian model is more suitable for
A. Confidence
B. Improvement
C. Achievement
D. Discipline
Answer is = D
Teacher salaries and allowances collectively are written in
A. Cash Register
B. Acquaintance Roll
C. Contingent Register
Answer is = A
To motivate the other to achieve certain goals is
A. Planning
B. Leading
C. Controlling
D. Organizing
Answer is =B
A programme of activities which is designed to attain educational ends is
A. Learning
B. Curriculum
C. Instruction
D. Syllabi
Answer is = B
Superannuation retirement age in Pakistan is
A. 60 Years
B. 65 Years
C. 75 Years
D. 80 Years
Answer is = A
Pension is given if the retirement is after service of
A. 25 years
B. 30 years
C. 45 years
D. 50 years
Answer is = A
Person who possesses qualities of leadership is
A. Leader
B. Manager
C. Administrator
D. Officer
Answer is = A
The process of making judgment is called
A. Budgeting
B. Evaluation
C. Demonstration
D. Documentation
Answer is = B
The characteristics of good planner are
A. Optimistic
B. Motivator
C. Producer
D. All of them
Answer is = D
What does E and D Rules mean
A. Efficiency and duty rules
B. Efficiency and department rules
C. Efficiency and discipline rules
D. Efficiency and discipline rules
Answer is = C
A.D.P is an abbreviation of
A. Annual development programme
B. Annual duty programme
C. Annual division of performance
D. Annual debating programme
Answer is =A
The power is concentrated in the hands of one or few people in
A. Control
B. Command
C. Decentralization
D. Centralization
Answer is =D
Wht is central to administration
A. Organization
B. Communication
C. Decision making
D. Coordination
Answer is =C
In POSDIR, R stands for
A. Reporting
B. Response reply
C. Representing
D. Directing
Answer is =A

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