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Saturday, 6 April 2019

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Q13.  State Bank of Pakistan has recently issued banking license to:

A.   Hang Seng Bank
A.   Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

B.   Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

C.   Bank of China
Q14.  In December 2017, The Prime Minister of Pakistan launched the scheme for Promotion of Home Remittances through which of the following mediums?

A.   Savings Account

B.   M-Wallet Account

C.   Current Account

D.   Foreign Currency Account

Q15.  Intaglio lines appear on all of the following Pakistani banknotes, EXCEPT:

A.  Rs. 10
B.   Rs. 20
C.   Rs. 50
D.  Rs. 100

Q16.  A Private Foreign Currency Account in a bank can be opened in all of the following currencies, EXCEPT:

A.   US Dollars
B.   Euro
C.   Yen

D.   Bahraini Dinar


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