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Sunday, 7 April 2019

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Q15.  All of the following are advantages of busbar, EXCEPT:

A.   Compact design

B.   Quick and easy installation

C.   Modular design

          D. High Impedance

Q16.  Which of the following laws/rules can be used to determine the direction of rotation of D.C. motor?

A.   Lenz's Law

B.   Faraday's Law

C.   Coulomb’s Law

D.   Fleming's Left-hand Rule

Q17.  Which of the following device is used to remove noise from the microphone?

A.   Defibrillator

B.   Amplifier

C.   Diffuser

D.   Flange

Q18.  The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) consists of all of the following,


A.   Telephone Lines

B.   Microwave Transmission Links

C.   Fiber Optic Cables

D.   Distributed Control System

Q19.  An electric distribution panel can have all of the following, EXCEPT:

A.   Circuit Breaker

B.   DIN Rail

C.   Busbar

D.   Connection Relay

Q20.  Which of the following conditions is common in series and parallel DC circuits?

A.   Elements have individual currents

B.   Currents are additive

C.   Voltages are additive

D.   Power is additive

Q21.  A transformer changes all of the following, EXCEPT:

A.   Voltage

B.   Current

C.   Power

D.   Frequency

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