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Sunday, 7 April 2019

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Q20.    Which famous boxer died recently in June, 2016?

A.     Rocky Marciano

B.     Joe Louis

C.     Muhammad Ali

D.    Sonny Liston

Q21.    Which archaeological site is located in Sindh?

A.     Harappa

B.     Ranigat

C.     Mehrgarh

D.    Mohenjo-Daro

Q22.    The country’s three stock exchanges KSE, ISE, LSE were merged in 2015 to form _______________.

A.     Country Stock Exchange

B.     State Stock Exchange

C.     Central Stock exchange

D.    Pakistan Stock Exchange

Q23.    Khewra Salt Mine, Pakistan’s largest salt mine, is located in ___________.

A.     Punjab

B.     Sindh

C.     Baluchistan

D.    Khyber Pakhtunkhaw

Q24.    The Pakistan Army launched a country wide military operation against terrorism by the name of ______________.

A.     Zarb-e-azam

B.     Al-Mizan

C.     Raah-e-Raast

D.    Zarb-e-azb

Q25.    GDP is a monetary measure of the value of all goods and services produced in a period. GDP stands for:

A.     Grand Delta Parity

B.     Gross Development Power

C.     Gross Domestic Product

D.    General Domestic Product

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