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Sunday, 7 April 2019

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Read the following paragraph and identify the main idea/theme.

Currently, Pakistan’s e-commerce is estimated to be a multimillion dollar industry and is growing at a significant rate, which means that as we enter the next decade the e-commerce value may be estimated in billions of dollars. People associated with online shopping say that e-banking transactions would rise very fast if the prevailing culture of cash-on-delivery weakens over time and other modes of payments become popular. The use of mobile wallets (M-wallets), has the potential of boosting both e-commerce volumes as well as e-banking transactions once this concept of payment strengthen its root. The M-wallet concept has just started and the number of active users is yet to grow to a certain level to make an impact. On the other hand, credit cards are doing well and contributing sufficiently to the growth of both e-banking transactions and e-commerce.

The main idea of the passage is to discuss:

A.    The limitations of e-commerce and e-banking in Pakistan

B.     The prospects of e-commerce and e-banking in Pakistan

C.     The risks associated with use of M-wallets

D.    Growth of online shopping in the country

Carefully read the following sentences and answer question 5.

1.     Survey after survey reveals that strategy execution has become a top priority in the executive suite.

2.     Successful ones have instituted formal strategy execution processes.

3.     And, yet, fewer than 15% of organizations around the world report that they are successful at it.

4.     In addition, most of these organizations rely on the Balanced Scorecard to execute strategy.

What should be the correct order of the above sentences in order to form a paragraph?

A.    Sentences: 4, 2, 1, 3

B.     Sentences: 1, 3, 2, 4

C.     Sentences: 2, 4, 1, 3

D.    Sentences: 1, 2, 4, 3

Select the correct meaning of the IDIOM from the given options.

To be in hornet’s nest

A.    A very unpleasant situation

B.     Discussion of the matter without coming to the point

C.     Living within one’s means

D.    A narrow escape from danger
Select the correct ANTONYM of the underlined bold word in the sentence.

I am still dubious about our weekend plan.

A.    doubtful

B.     curious

C.     docile

D.    certain

Select the correct MEANING of the word from the given options.


A.    To start a new thing

B.     Reach the point of highest development

C.     Impressed by someone

D.    Very loyal and committed in attitude

Select the correct word(s) from the given options to complete the sentence.

The pedestrians __________ very cautious while crossing the road.

A.    must have

B.     are required to be

C.     were being asked

D.    ought be

Select the correct answer from the given options that best reflects the similar relationship as in the following pair:


A.    Destructive: Antagonist

B.     Upgraded: Improved

C.     Disguised: Shrewd

D.    Moderate: Extreme


Select the correct answer from the given options.


15% of 80% of 90

A.    11.7

B.     13.5

C.     10.8

D.    19.4

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