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Research and Techniques in Education MCQs page 4

41. Which of the following is said about the idealists?
(a) They are content with “briars”
(b) They like “roses”
(c) They are satisfied neither with “briars” nor with “roses”
(d) They want “roses” and “briars” both.
42. Which school of philosophy of education advocated Project method of teaching?
(a) Realism
(b) Pragmatism
(c) Idealism
(d) Naturalism.
43. Play way method of teaching has been emphasised in the scheme of the education of
(a) Naturalists.
(b) Realists,
(c) Pragmatists.
(d) Existentialists.
44. Which is the most widely accepted method of education, according to the pragmatists?
(a) Lecturing by the teacher.
(b) Leaving the child free to learn.
(c) Learning by doing.
(d) Heuristic method.
45. The pragmatists are against
(a) The external examinations
(b) The specialist teachers
(c) Breakdown of knowledge into separate subjects.
(d) Eternal spiritual values.
46. Pragmatism has a greater sense of responsibility than Naturalism with regard to moral training because
(a) The free activity which pragmatic- system of education entails does not mean licence; rather it means a guided activity.
(b) They emphasize teaching of values
(c) They consider education, basically, a social process.
(d) They do not want the teacher to abdicate from the scene.
47. Which of the following claims of the pragmatists is not acceptable?
(a) The free activity of the pupil is likely to result in permanent attitudes of initiative and independence and moral discipline
(b) Training in citizenship is possible through school and community activities
(c) Training in character through school’s co-curricular activities is possible
(d) Child’s own experience is valuable for adequate development of child’s personality.
48. Project method of teaching is an outstanding contribution of
(a) Realism.
(b) Pragmatism,
(c) Naturalism.
(d) Idealism.
49. Which is the characteristic of the project method?
(a) Problematic act
(b) Carried in its natural setting
(c) Used for all-round-development of child’s personality.
(d) A voluntary undertaking.
50. Which among the following is not essentially desirable in the project method?
(a) The task of the project is as real as the task of the life outside the walls of the school
(b) The task of the project involves constructive effort or thought yielding objective results
(c) The task of the project should be full of message for the children
(d) The task of the project should be interesting enough so that the pupil is genuinely eager to carry it out.

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