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Sunday, 7 April 2019

SBP Young Professional Induction Program past paper 7th Batch

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7th Batch of Young Professionals Induction Program (YPIP) at SBP BSC


Read the following passage and answer questions 1 and 2 in light of the information given in the passage.

Financial institutions have practiced many strategies and actions to upgrade the security arrangements which reduce the scope of ATM frauds. These include safe locations for ATM, remote monitoring, surveillance video cameras, foreign object detection, anti-skimming card solutions, enhanced consumer awareness and public service messages from government authorities. But criminal rings have evolved their reactive counter actions to withstand against all preventive strategies. There is a need of a more effective, tolerant and enduring strategy which assures zero ATM fraud ratio.

The use of biometric features for security measures is a practical approach. Biometrics features like fingerprint verification, iris analysis, hand geometry-vein patterns, ear recognition, odor detection, DNA pattern analysis and sweat pores analysis, handwritten signature verification, keystroke analysis and speech analysis may be utilized as medium of identifying and authenticating account holders at the Automated Teller Machine interfaces. Biometric identification helps to verify a person’s identity by measuring digitally certain human characteristics and comparing those measurements with those that have been stored in a template for that same person. Templates can be stored at the biometric device, the institution’s database or in a user’s smart card.

Which of the following assures more prevention of ATM frauds?

A.    Anti-skimming card solution

B.     Surveillance video cameras

C.     Biometric verification

D.    Public service messages

Which of the following is NOT a biometric feature?

A.    Fingerprint verification

B.     Iris analysis

C.     Sweat pore analysis

D.    Foreign object detection

Select the correct SYNONYM of the underlined bold word in the sentence.

A sumptuous lunch was served after the conference.

A.    lavish

B.     light

C.     affordable

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