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Secondary School Teacher sample paper page 8

In multiple choice items the stem of the items should be?
 A. Large
 B. Small
 C. Meaningful
 D. None
 Answer is = C

Which appropriate verb will you use to make an objective behavioral?
 A. To know
 B. To appreciate
 C. To understand
 D. To construct
 Answer is = D

Objectives representing the purposes of instruction of a teacher are called?
 A. Performance
 B. Instructional
 C. Attainment
 D. None
 Answer is = B

Running description of active behavior of a student as observed by the teacher is?
 A. Anecdotal record
 B. Autobiography
 C. Interview
 D. None

 Answer is = A
A test very popular with class room teacher is?
 A. True false test
 B. Multiple choices
 C. Matching
 D. Completion test
 Answer is = B

Frequently used tools of summative evaluation are?
 A. Test
 B. Teacher observation
 C. Daily assignment
 D. None
 Answer is = A

The most commonly used guessing correction formula to predict and control is?
 A. S=R-W
 B. S=R-W/N-1
 C. S=R-w/2-1
 D. None
 Answer is = B

The summative evaluation is?
 A. Diagnostic
 B. Cerifying judgment
 C. Continous
 D. None
 Answer is = B

The difference between maximum and minimum values is?
 A. Mean
 B. Mode
 C. Range
 D. None
 Answer is = C

The number of score lying in a class interval is?
 A. Mid oint
 B. Quartiles
 C. Class
 D. Frequencies
 Answer is = D

A multiple choice question is composec of question referred as?
 A. Stem
 B. Distracter
 C. Foil
 D. Response
 Answer is = A

In a norm referenced test which item is best?
 A. Item difficulty is near zero
 B. Item difficulty is near 100
 C. Item difficulty is near 70
 D. Item difficulty is near 50
 Answer is = D

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