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Saturday, 20 April 2019

Selection Process at ISSB

Selection Process at ISSB

If you want to join Pak army, you must have to get a 

recommendation from Inter Service

Selection Board (I.S.S.B.).This institute is developed to select the fit candidates to serve as commissioned officers in Pak Army. There are a variety of tests taken in I.S.S.B to examine the hidden abilities of candidates.
     (Inter Services Selection Board)
Inter Services Selection Board is the institution based on the following three parts.
·         Deputy President
·         Group Testing Officer (G.T.O)
·         Psychologist
The I.S.S.B is like a voting system and a candidate have to get only one vote, voted by the above persons. The above mentioned officers are the selectors of I.S.S.B and their duty is to examine the candidate and recommend to the General Head Quarters.

Following are the tests Taken in the I.S.S.B,
·         Screen Out Test
·         Psychological tests (Indoor Tasks)
·         Tests Taken By G.T.O (Outdoor and Indoor Tasks)
·         Deputy and psychologist Interviews
After clearing the above mentioned tests, you will be recommended to join Pak Army as a commissioned officer and will be called for training at Pakistan Military Academy KAKOL

Screen Out Test

This test is based on intelligence test in which intelligence of the candidate is calculated by taking three types of tests as follows
·      Verbal
Short verbal M.C.Qs are given in this test for a limited time
·      Non Verbal
In non verbal section M.C.Qs are provided and these questions are based different types of diagrams with different types of shapes and sequences.
·      Mechanical Aptitude Test
In mechanical section mechanical approach of the candidate is examined by different types of mechanisms in various diagrams. Candidate has to solve the questions in limited time.

Psychological Tests

Psychological Tests are taken by the Psychologist.
In these tests psychological approach of the candidate is filtered through following tests.
1.      Sentence Completion Test In Urdu
26 incomplete sentences in Urdu are to be filled in by the candidate with in limited time. (2 Sets)
2.      Sentence Completion Test In English
26 incomplete sentences in English are to be filled in with in limited time. (4 Sets)
3.      Word Association Test In English (100 Words)
100 words are played on projector the time gap between two words is 9 t0 10 seconds and the candidate have to make a sentence with in time.
4.      Story Writing In English (4 Stories)
5.      Pictures are displayed on projector for 30 seconds and you have to think a story and 3 minutes are provided for story writing.

6.      An interview by physiologist.


·      The main goal of short time is to calculate the actual mental approach of the candidate so your approach should be positive while solving the test.
·      Do not think negative or write down any negative sentence or word in psychological tests.
·      Always think positive during tests
·      Do not make negative sentences like kill, murder, accident, death, adult etc
·      Do not criticize any one
·      Do not give suggestions
Group Testing Officer (G.T.O)

The candidates are divided into groups at least 6 and max. 9. The main aim of these tests is to examine the abilities of coordination, team working and leadership qualities.
In this test self confidence as well as the behavior of the candidate is examined by G.T.O.

Group Planning

In this test a problem is on a model is explained by G.T.O and candidates have to solve the problem with in a time limit. Candidates can discuss with each other.

Progressive Group Task (PGT)

In this Task Your Group will have to complete the given task which is the combination of 3 tasks. Time for this task is 40 minutes. Be active and participate in planning and give your views to complete the task and try to impress other members of your group.

Command Task

In this test the group of candidates has given a task in a specified area and one of them is appointed as commander and they have to pass through an area having hurdles and outbound areas, all candidates are appointed as commander one by one according to their chest numbers.

Half Command Task (HGT)

In this task the group is divided into two sub groups and this time no one is commander and candidates have to pass through a specified area having hurdles and outbound places.

Final Task

In this task no one is commander and group is combined again and the job is same as above but you have to speak in English in this task.

Individual Obstacles

In this test a candidate have to pass through 9 obstacles within a limited time

A light Interview by G.T.O

When a candidate is appointed as commander G.T.O. takes a light interview of the candidate including question about his activities, education, intelligence and family back ground sometimes this interview is same as the interview takes by the deputy President. 
Always cooperate with your fellows and do not be a part of leg pulling and imposing your suggestions and orders on your fellows because forces are the name of coordination and team work.
Final Interview

Final Interview is taken by the Deputy President. Interview includes questions about family background, education, intelligence, mathematics general knowledge and quick response.
Final Selection

Final selection of the candidate is made by the president base on the reports of Psychologist, G.T.O and the Deputy President He is the head of the particular I.S.S.B where candidate is called for tests & interviews.

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