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Lectruer Sample paper/ MCQs E book Page 5

Benefits A.V Aids are that they?
A. Create interest
B. Reduce verbalization
C. Stimulate self activity
D. All of above
Answer is =D

Curriculum presents instructional material is stated by
A. Smith
B. Wheller
C. Jack kerr
D. None
Answer is =A

Relationship of subjects at different level is called?
A. Centralization
B. De centralization
C. Horizontal organization
D. Vertical organization
Answer is =D

An outline of the topics of a subject to the covered in specific time is called?
A. Curriculum
B. Course
C. Syllabus
D. None
Answer is = C

Curriculum organization used for different concepts at the same class is?
A. Vertical
B. Horizontal
C. Logical
D. None
Answer is = B

The category of Audio Visual Aids is?
A. Radio
B. Television
C. Tape recorder
D. All of these
Answer is = D

Major concern of curriculum is?
A. Personal satisfaction
B. Change in individuals behavior
C. Preparation for service
D. None
Answer is = B

The importance of curriculum in the system of education is just like a?
A. Constitution in a country
B. Provision of latest knowledge
C. Preparation of students for service
D. None
Answer is = A

Curriculum is supposed to?
A. Achieve the objectives
B. Be organized by the school
C. Both
D. None
Answer is = C

Curriculum reflects the culture of?
A. Society
B. Home
C. School
D. Area
Answer is = A

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