Sunday, 5 May 2019

Mustafa Kamal/Questions Answers

by Wilfrid F.Castle
1. What was the attitude of the Turkish government towards the Allies after World War-I?
The attitude of the Turkish government towards the Allies was slavish. It decided to co-operate with the Allies. The king did not show any resistance. He welcomed the Allies and became loyal to them.
2. Why was Mustafa Kamal sent to Anatolia?
Mustafa Kamal was sent to Anatolia to stop the people there from fighting against the Allies. The king ordered him to crush the rebels there. He wanted to save his own government.
3. What was the reaction of the Turkish patriots to the intention of the Allies to partition the Ottoman Empire?
The reaction of the Turkish patriots was very strong. They did not accept this situation. They called the king coward and traitor. They decided to fight for the freedom of their country.
4. Write a note on Mustafa Kamal’s activities in Anatolia.
Mustafa Kamal visited different villages and towns in Anatolia. He inspired his people. He created awareness in them. He organized them. He made speeches. He made a national army to fight against the Allies.
5. Why did Mehmet order Mustafa Kamal to return to Constantinople?
Mehmet ordered Mustafa Kamal to come back because he felt afraid. He thought that his own government was in danger if Mustafa Kamal continued his freedom struggle.
6. What was Mustafa Kamal’s reply?
Mustafa Kamal gave a very historical and famous reply. He said to the king, “I shall stay in Anatolia until the nation has won its freedom”. He also asked the king to support his nation.
7. How did Mehmet try to regain Anatolia for himself?
Mehmet tried to use tricks to regain Anatolia. He tried to trap Mustafa Kamal and his followers. He invited patriots to join his new government in the capital.
8. Why did his plan fail?
His plan failed because Mustafa Kamal knew his cleverness and did not join his government. He stayed in Anatolia and continued to struggle against the Allies. Therefore, his plan failed badly.
9. What were the terms offered to Turkey by the Allies?
In May 1920, the Allies published their terms. These terms were very dangerous and insulting for Turkey. It was a plan to break Turkey to pieces. All Arab provinces were to be Mandated territories. The whole of Eastern Anatolia was to be added to the state of Armenia, Cicilia was to go to France & the Ottoman capital was to be under the control of Britain, France and Italy.
10. Give an account of the Greek attack & its defeat.
On August 21, 1921, the Greeks attacked the Turkish patriots. Both the nations fought bravely. This battle took place in the hilly area above the Sakarya River. It continued for fourteen days. At last, the Greeks were defeated and the Turks won the battle.
11. Give an account of the departure of Mehmet from Istanbul.
The end of Mehmet was very shameful. The Turks hated him. He was now ruler of his palace only. He requested the British government to save him. At last, an ambulance came to take him and he left his country for good.

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