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Teaching Methodology MCQs Page 4

31. Which is not the types of teleconferencing
(a) Audio teleconferencing
(b) Video teleconferencing
(c)T.V teleconferencing
(d) Computer teleconferencing
Answer is = c
32. Which one is accountable in cooperative learning
(a) Individual
(c) Both a & b
(d) None of a & b
Answer is = c
33. Cooperative learning is an alternative to
(a) competitive models
(b) Teaching models
(c)lesson plans
(d)Micro teaching
Answer is = a
34. The number of students in cooperative learning groups are
(a) 3-4
(b) 5-6
(c) 8-10
(d) 10-15
Answer is = a
35. The essential characteristic of cooperative learning is
(a) Effective learning
(b)Positive interdependence
(d) Division of labour
Answer is = b
36. The students like to spend the most of the time with
(a) Teachers
(b) parents
(c) Relatives
(d) Peers
Answer is = d
37. Peer culture constitutes
(a) Socialization
(b) Individualization
(c) Both a & b
(d) None of a & b
Answer is = a
38. Which is not the advantage of team teaching
(a) Better utilization of resources
(b) Better planning
(c) Better use of teaching techniques
(d) Better financial benefits of teachers
Answer is = d
39. The hypothesis underlying team teaching is
(a) Teachers feel bore while working alone
(b) Teachers are not competent
(c) The best teachers in schools are shared by more students
(d) The single teacher cannot control the class
Answer is = c
40. CAI stands for
(a) Computer analyzed instruction
(b) Computer assisted instruction
(c) Computer assisted interview
(d) Computer analyzed interview
Answer is = b

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