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Saturday, 15 February 2020

how to recover suspended youtube account

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Many YouTube users could face account suspension messages from the YouTube by flagging your YouTube videos on the platform. YouTube has usually flagged the videos if you had crossed some community tips that are considered as a violation of the content on the platform. So, YouTube sends the user with warning strikes that terminated within six months. Once six months, the YouTube platform once more reviews the standing of the account. It also results in permanent account termination if the user created any violations extra to the previous. If the YouTube channel account suspended here, you can go to notice the guidelines in this guide we are going to explain how to recover suspended YouTube account.
You may regret closing that YouTube account, however, don’t worry – reopening that account is more straightforward than you think that. Soon you will be watching your recent favorite videos – and discovering new favorites on the way let’s move over to see how to recover suspended YouTube account.

Most Common Reasons for account suspension
The most common reasons for this kind of termination are:
-Spamming links to your videos or channel on another creators' content.
-Spamming comments repeatedly on one or more videos
-Using deceptive thumbnails or titles
-Using deceptive/unrelated tags or metadata
-Abusing the use of affiliate links
-Uploading content involving hacking or obtaining paid items (software/movies) illegally for free
-Filling the description with tags
-Links to sites outside of YouTube to get the content described in the title
-Unrelated and/or disguised affiliate links in the description or comments
-Unrelated links in the description or comments
-Use of shortened links that require an ad view to visit (i.e. ad.fly)
-The video itself is a kind of scam
-Links to scam/infected websites
-Links to sites selling federally regulated products (e.g., pharmaceuticals, firearms)
-Videos that demonstrate Circumvention of Technological Measures 
-Having a previous account that was banned

How to Request youtube for unsuspend your youtube account

If you believe that your channel has been terminated by mistake, you can appeal using this form.
  • Don’t submit an appeal request more than once. Multiple requests increase the volume to review and cause delays in our response.
  • Fill out the form as completely as possible including your Channel ID. The more information you provide the easier it will be to process your request.

  • Unable to access a Google product

    If you believe that your access to a Google product has been suspended in error for the account noted below, please provide the requested information. If this is not the correct account, please try logging in again. We'll follow up with you only if we require more information or we have additional information to share.
    * Required field

    Please provide an email address you currently have access to so you receive our notifications regarding your account. If you still have access to the email address you use to sign into your account, please re-enter it here.

    The channel URL will begin with “https://www.youtube.com/channel."

    If you have already submitted this form and been more than a week your channel is still suspended now is the time 
  • to contact youtube in another way whic is following

  • If you have already submitted this form and been more than week now is the time to contact youtube with following way:

  • Go to YouTube, Then Click on the help option at the bottom of the page.
    • Click on general help center and then Click on ‘Fix account Problem’ on the bar.
    • Click on ‘unable to sign on to youtube.’
    • Then ‘I know my email address and password.’ However, I can’t sign on.”
    • Click on ‘I have a different sign in issue’ afterward click on ‘ Contact our sign-in support team.’
    •  Fill out all the blank boxes.
    • Click on ‘This is my youtube account’ once ‘Tell us additional concerning the account that you are having problems signing into’ is asked.
    • If you see an error upon opening your account click yes if none then click no, afterward explain your problem in the box what you error you saw.
    • Then Click on submit and stay up for the sign-in trouble support assist you through email.


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