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Wednesday, 3 February 2021

AEW The Beach Break Dynamite Full Show Live 3 February 2021


AEW The Beach Break Dynamite Live 2/3/21 January 3rd 2021

Watch AEW The Beach Break Dynamite Live 2/3/21 January 3rd 2021 Online Full Show Free

AEW Beach Break Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

Sana Ejaz Khan

    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    All Elite Wrestling presented Beach Break, a very special edition of Dynamite Wednesday headlined by the long-awaited wedding of Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford, as well as a gigantic six-man tag team match featuring current and former world champions Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley.

    The show further set the stage for the company's March 7 Revolution pay-per-view.

    What went down, who emerged victoriously from the night's most prominent matchups and what did all of it mean for the top stars in AEW?

    Find out with this recap of the February 3 broadcast.

Tag Team Battle Royal

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    The Battle Royal to determine the top contenders to The Young Bucks' AEW World Tag Team Championships kicked off this week's broadcast.

    Competing in the match were The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds and John Silver; Evil Uno and Stu Grayson), The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho and MJF; Santana and Ortiz; Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager), Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy, Private Party's Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen, The Acclaimed's Anthony Bowens and Max Caster and Top Flight.

    The Bucks also competed, a win for them earning the champs the right to choose their challengers at Revolution on March 7.

    The Bucks started the match fast and furious, wiping out the competition with a dive from the stage. The action moved into the squared circle, a sense of urgency fueling the competition. Dante Martin of Top Flight went soaring to the floor first, and Reynolds followed. Silver sent Hager packing in an early highlight.

    Santana eliminated Matt Jackson, while Jericho and MJF sent Bowens out. Luchsaurus went on a spree, punishing anyone in his path and grounding them with pure strength. The mask-wearing big man sent Grayson to the floor, but Uno and Silver responded by sending him out. Uno saw his night end shortly thereafter, as did Marq Quen.

    Santana and Ortiz drew the biggest heat of the match by eliminating the fan-favorite Silver and then proceeded to catch a beating from Nick Jackson. The former LAX was superkicked to the floor as Jackson rolled. Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson, the reigning Impact Wrestling tag champions, appeared and helped eliminate Kassidy.

    Distracted by The Good Brothers, Jackson was dumped by MJF. This left Jungle Boy, Caster and Darius Martin to square off with Inner Circle's MJF, Jericho and Guevara.

    The trio of heels teamed up on and eliminated Jungle Boy, MJF mocking him on the way out. Caster teed off on MJF and held him as Guevara teased a superkick. The Spanish God missed, though, and rocked Caster. Caster recovered and dumped MJF just before Martin sent him packing. The underdog Martin fought off Jericho and Guevara. Jericho inadvertently eliminated Guevara and then caught Martin with the Judas Effect for the win.



    Jericho and MJF won the Battle Royal, earning a shot at The Young Bucks on March 7






    Battle Royals are always tough matches to put together because of the overwhelming number of bodies involved. AEW did a fine job here of intertwining ongoing storylines, showcasing young talent and shining a light on the tension that exists within Inner Circle.

    Guevara and MJF cannot stand each other. There is professional jealousy and a sense of personal pride on the part of Guevara, who watched his role as the bright young star of Chris Jericho's faction handed over to The Salt of the Earth. Throw in a personality clash, and you have combustible elements.

    That story, coupled with the Good Brothers-Private Party developments and some great work by Top Flight and The Acclaimed, helped make this an above-average entry into a long-running match type.

Darby Allin and Sting Address Revolution Street Fight

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Ahead of Revolution on March 7, TNT champion Darby Allin and his mentor/tag team partner Sting made their way to the ring for a promo with Tony Schiavone.

    Schiavone announced Allin will defend his TNT Championship against Joey Janela before Revolution, but before he could continue, Taz and his team interrupted the proceedings. The Human Suplex Machine said they were not allowed in the arena after beating up staffers last week. They will be in full force next week, watching Allin defend his title.

    Sting revealed he will be here next week, too, to make sure things remain one-on-one. He issued a warning to Ricky Starks, too. "You say when you look into The Stinger's eyes, you don't see The Icon anymore? Maybe you need to take a closer look."






    This did a great job of hyping the Revolution Street Fight but also built up a big championship match for next week's show. Considering it involves the criminally underutilized Janela, who has not appeared consistently on the show in months, that is quite the feat.

    Sting's closing line was a money one and really highlighted the ominous force Team Taz will encounter on pay-per-view.

Thunder Rosa vs. Britt Baker

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    In a match weeks in the making, Dr. Britt Baker battled former NWA women's champion Thunder Rosa.

    Rosa chased Rebel out of the ring and wasted little time taking the fight to Baker, rocking her with a series of dropkicks. The good doctor turned the tide in her favor, stretching Rosa around the ring post and stunning her with a hard forearm to the face.

    Baker dominated throughout the break, wearing her opponent down and setting her up for the Lockjaw submission. Rosa mounted a comeback after the commercial but quickly fell prey to the Sling Blade by Baker. A big kick further rocked the former champ and led to a near-fall.

    Baker delivered a shoulder breaker but still only managed a two-count. She struggled with the glove that sets up her finisher, the commentary team attributing it to the damage done to her right hand. She still managed a running stomp and tried for the Lockjaw.

    Rosa countered, Baker countered and the babyface ended the grappling with a side suplex. As Rosa sought her finisher, Rebel entered the ring and pulled off one of the turnbuckle pads. Rosa relinquished the hold and dropped the assistant.

    Baker eventually caught Rosa, sent her into the exposed turnbuckle and scored the win with the Lockjaw by referee stoppage, the babyface unable to defend herself.



    Baker defeated Rosa via referee decision






    This was a hell of a match between two women with great chemistry and a strong story supporting it.

    Baker continues to look like the undisputed future of women's wrestling in AEW. She already has proved herself a strong character, and with her in-ring work growing and evolving every week, she is going to be one of the biggest stars in this company soon.

    Rosa is just a great professional wrestler. Her work is undeniable, and with a heel like Baker to play off, she has thrived. Here is hoping we see more of her in an AEW ring because she could be a huge asset to a division still trying to find itself.

Hangman Page and Matt Hardy vs. Chaos Project

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Citing the disrespect shown by Chaos Project's Serpentico and Luther toward Brodie Lee Jr. a week ago, Hangman Page and Matt Hardy joined forces for a tag team showdown with the heels.

    Luther and Serpentico beat down and isolated Hardy for the heart of the match before a hot tag to Page sparked the comeback.

    Hangman lit Serpentico up with the Buckshot Lariat, but Hardy tagged himself in and scored the pinfall.

    After the match, a hesitant Page eventually raised his partner's arm in victory while Hardy flashed a manipulative look.



    Hardy and Page defeated Serpentico and Luther






    This was a glorified squash match designed to highlight the storyline involving Page and Hardy rather than deliver a proverbial barnburner. In that regard, it worked fine enough.

    Hardy, the egotistical and greedy businessman at this point in his career, continued his plan to manipulate Page into joining his empire, while Hangman showed the sort of hesitation you would expect from a star who has repeatedly been talked at and pushed in every which direction.

    The story has potential, but eventually, Page will have to stand up for himself and tell everyone to stop poking, prodding and trying to push him around.

The Wedding of Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    The ring decorated for a grand wedding ceremony, groom Kip Sabian, best man Miro and Vickie Guerrero made their entrance. Jerry Lynn walked the aisle arm in arm with bride Penelope Ford, delivering her in front of the rather sinister minister, Father James Mitchell.

    There was an exchange of vows and then rings and some "I dos" before Mitchell teased asking if anyone had any objections. Miro cut that off, reminding the bride and groom of the nightmarish weddings he had lived through in the past. Mitchell pronounced Sabian and Ford husband and wife, they kissed and Miro delivered a toast.

    Miro attacked a gift he was certain was a trick but turned out not to be one. Chuck Taylor chained Miro to the bottom rope, blasted Sabian and knocked Ford into the cake. Orange Cassidy appeared and joined Taylor, standing tall and leaving The Best Man seething in anger.






    This was AEW's first wrestling wedding segment, so it gets a pass that other promotions may not.

    The use of Mitchell was a great touch, the pace of the segment was fine and the post-pronouncement angle was fun.

    Nothing really reinvented the wheel here, but Miro was extraordinary as the sarcastic Best Man who could not help but bring up his wealth of experience in wrestling weddings. Down to wearing the same outfit he did when Roman Reigns broke up his ceremony with Lana in 2015.

    The ensuing match will be fun, if nothing else, and that's exactly what you expect from this crop of characters.

Lumberjack Match: Lance Archer vs. Eddie Kingston

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    The smallest group of lumberjacks ever surrounded the squared circle as Lance Archer and Eddie Kingston squared off in a rematch of last week's show.

    Chaos reigned early, culminating in The Murderhawk Madman launching himself over the top rope and wiping out everyone around the ring. Kingston, though, wrested control of the match away from his larger opponent and controlled the match during the break.

    Archer delivered a Full Nelson Slam to return the tide to his favor. The Bunny entered the ring, jumping on Archer's back. Lance teased the Blackout, but Kingston rocked his opponent with a backfist. On the floor, Jake Roberts knocked out Angelico, allowing Archer to recover. Kingston cut him off with an exploder suplex.

    The Blade set up a table, but Bear Country cut off both his and The Butcher's attempted interference. Archer delivered a uranage for two, rocked Kingston with a right hand and delivered Blackout off the middle rope for the win.



    Archer defeated Kingston






    This was a hard-hitting brawl that would have been better as a no-disqualification match than the lackluster lumberjack stipulation it had here. It was not terribly effective under those rules and was messy to boot.

    Had it been a strict Street Fight, which could have involved most of the key spots without having to shoehorn itself into the advertised stipulation, this would have worked better.

    As it was, it was a battle, Archer won and now we wonder what awaits Kingston and his Fam moving forward.

Jon Moxley, Rey Fenix and Pac vs. Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    The main event of Beach Break saw AEW world champion Kenny Omega partner with Impact Wrestling tag team champions The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) to battle Death Triangle's Pac and Rey Fenix and former world champ Jon Moxley.

    The heels controlled early, working over Pac, but a tope suicida by Moxley allowed the antiheroes to stand tall heading into the break. During the timeout, though, Omega and The Good Brothers neutralized Moxley, beating him down and working him over to regain the upper hand.

    The former Bullet Club members worked over Moxley throughout the commercial, but he fought back and made the hot tag to Fenix. The Lucha Bro cut a lightning pace as he took the fight to the competition. He joined Pac in stereo moonsaults, wiping Anderson and Gallows out at ringside.

    A springboard cutter scored a two-count on Omega as Fenix rolled.

    Eventually, Pac found himself on the receiving end of a focused attack by the heels, who teamed up for a triple neckbreaker. Omega delivered a Liger Bomb to Pac, but The Bastard kicked out. He delivered a V-Trigger, but Pac slipped out of the One-Winged Angel. The babyfaces teed off on the world champion, rocking him with their signature offense but only keeping him down for two.

    The pace quickened, leading to Pac breaking up a pinfall with a 450 splash. Fenix delivered a moonsault for two and then flew right into a spinebuster for two. The Good Brothers delivered the Magic Killer on Fenix for the win.

    After the match, Lance Archer hit the ring and cleared out Anderson and Gallows. Then, in a shocking conclusion, Kenta appeared and laid out Moxley with Go To Sleep to close the show.



    Omega and Good Brothers defeated Fenix, Pac and Moxley






    A hell of a main event match to close out the show, accentuated by a stunning angle involving Kenta.

    AEW absolutely delivered with the main event, in which Fenix continued to prove why he is the hottest young star in the business, Pac reminded everyone he is a top-tier competitor and Moxley and Omega intensified their rivalry.

    The appearance by Kenta is stunning and suggests that AEW and New Japan Pro-Wrestling may have struck an agreement that could open the door for the promotions to work together on a grander scale. With Impact Wrestling already onboard, the idea that AEW might have deals with multiple promotions has to force the competition to sit up and take notice.

    And if it hasn't yet, it should.

    Just a fantastic capper to a damn fine show. AEW is rolling into Revolution on March 7


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