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AEW Rampage Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from October 28

Sana Ejaz Khan

    Friday's lineup

    Welcome to ProfessionalPK's coverage and recap of AEW Rampage on October 28.

    The War Daddy was looking to continue his dominant reign as TNT champion this week when he took on AEW newcomer, Matt Taven.

    Jon Moxley was in action in a non-title bout against Matt Menard of The Jericho Appreciation Society, and Tay Melo faced Madison Rayne.

    With Full Gear less than a month away, AEW was also looking to build up the storylines that will occupy the card.

    Let's take a look at everything that happened on Friday's show.

Jon Moxley vs. Matt Menard

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    Jon Moxley and Matt Menard

    Moxley received his own entrance for the opening bout, but Menard and Angelo Parker were already in the ring for Daddy Magic's fight.

    Cool Hand Ange provided an early distraction that didn't do much to slow down the champ, but Menard was eventually able to take control anyway.

    Parker continued to have an impact throughout the match, but it just gave Moxley more chances to look like a guy who refuses to stay down or give up.

    Predictable, Moxley scored the win. This was a fun match that went about 10 minutes, but it definitely won't stand out against the other stuff we saw this week.

    Winner: Jon Moxley

    Grade: C+

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Moxley's entrance music is about as over with the crowd as he is. 
    • Menard is one of those guys who makes everything he does more entertaining with a few simple noises or facial expressions. 
    • Moxley's cutter was dirty, but everything he does has a rough look to it, so it worked for him. 

Keith Lee vs. Serpentico

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    Keith Lee

    Keith Lee squashed Serpentico with one big powerbomb to pick up what might be the quickest win we have ever seen on Rampage.

    The Limitless One was going to be interviewed by Tony Schiavone, but The Acclaimed came out to interrupt. This led to a video with Swerve revealing he had Billy Gunn tied up.

    He began to torture Billy with a pair of pliers until Max Caster and Anthony Bowens ran off to go find them. Lee was left speechless, which is a rarity for him.

    The match was unnecessary and did nothing for Lee, but what came after was gold. This is going to be a great heel run for Swerve.

    Grade: D (Match), A (Post-match)

Tay Melo vs. Madison Rayne

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    Madison Rayne and Tay Melo

    Sammy Guevara accompanied Melo to the ring for her match against AEW coach Rayne.

    They started off with a relatively quick exchange of holds and counters. It took a bit before anyone threw a strike, but once they did, the intensity picked up.

    These two have not worked together much, so there was a slight lack of chemistry. They didn't look sloppy, but there was a few moments of hesitation that made a couple of moves look awkward.

    The match got better as it went and both competitors became more comfortable with each other. They had some decent time to work, so they were able to sell some of the big moves without having to rush to the next spot.

    After a back-and-forth fight that saw both women get a few near-falls, Melo was able to secure the victory with the TayKO.

    Winner: Tay Melo

    Grade: B-

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • The way Rayne crashed down after Melo dropped her on the top rope looked rough. She seemed fine, so she was probably just selling it well. 
    • Guevara is so naturally good at being a heel that you don't even need to hear him. His body language tells the whole story. 
    • Anyone who remembers Rayne in the early days of her TNA career can see how much she has changed and improved over the years. It's always fun to be able to track the progress of a pro wrestler when they go from green to good. 
    • Rayne's cutter from the top rope was cool. 

Wardlow vs. Matt Taven

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    Wardlow and Matt Taven

    AEW newcomer Taven had a big opportunity in his first match on Rampage when he took on Wardlow for the TNT Championship.

    Unfortunately, much like Moxley vs. Menard, this bout suffered a bit from being too predictable. Nobody thought Taven would beat Wardlow for the belt, but it was still nice to see him put into a high-profile main event right out of the gate. It shows trust in his ability.

    Maria provided a few distractions that allowed Taven to get the upper hand for a little while. The War Daddy ended up on defense throughout the commercial break after being shoved into the steel steps.

    This ended up being the best match of the night in a few ways. If there were fans who were not familiar with Taven before this bout, they got a taste of what he can do.

    Eventually, Wardlow began to conduct his Powerbomb Symphony and hit four before stepping on his opponent to get the win. Mike Bennett immediately attacked his bad leg after the match was over, but Samoa Joe made the save.

    Powerhouse Hobbs walked to the ring to provide a distraction so Brian Cage and The Gates of Agony could attack WarJoe from behind. The show ended with Cage and Hobbs holding up the ROH TV and AEW TNT titles.

    Winner: Wardlow

    Grade: B

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • The pre-match interview might be the most entertaining Wardlow has ever been on the mic. He was confident and looked comfortable. 
    • Taven calling Wardlow a monotone Melvin was funnier than it should have been. 
    • Close-ups on headbutts should be avoided because it makes it too obvious that their heads are not actually connecting. 
    • Wardlow might want to drop the windup lariat. It isn't his best move. 
    • Seeing Wardlow bridge his way to his feet to escape a pin was unexpected and awesome. 


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