Tuesday, 10 January 2023

Young Rock Season 3 Episode 7 World Pacific Wrestling

Young Rock S03E07 World Pacific Wrestling

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WWE NxT NewYear Evil 2023 Highlights Full Show and Live Streaming Free HD


WWE NxT NewYear Evil 10/1/23 January 10th 2023

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WWE NXT New Year's Evil 2023 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

Ayzal Khan

    Grayson Waller has had the upper-hand on Bron Breakker over the last month, but at New Year's Evil, he would need to pull off his best trick to date to win the NXT Championship.
    Grayson Waller has had the upper-hand on Bron Breakker over the last month, but at New Year's Evil, he would need to pull off his best trick to date to win the NXT Championship.Credit: WWE.com

    WWE NXT presented the 2023 edition of NXT New Year's Evil. This year would feature big matches, especially a long-awaited NXT Championship match.

    Bron Breakker would defend against Grayson Waller, hoping to overcome all of the tricks he can pull out to take the top title.

    No. 1 contenderships were on the line. Dijak would face Tony D'Angelo to settle a dispute and set the next challenger for NXT North American champion Wes Lee.

    The women of NXT would fight in a battle royal to crown the first No. 1 contender to new NXT women's champion Roxanne Perez, including some old rivals Cora Jade and Indi Hartwell as well as some dangerous adversaries like Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark.

    Pretty Deadly would run the gauntlet to earn the next NXT Tag Team Championships shot at New Day.

    This show would also feature the long hyped battle of The Creed Brothers and Indus Sher. Charlie Dempsey would look to make an example out of Hank Walker in front of Drek Gulak.

    NXT rarely misses in delivering these big events shows, and this had a chance to be one of NXT's best shows in recent memory.

No. 1 Contender for NXT North American Title: Dijak vs. Tony D'Angelo (w/ Stacks)

1 OF 7

    Tony D'Angelo fought hard for himself and Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo, but he was too focused on protecting his family. It set him up to walk right into a big boot from Dijak, who picked up the win.

    This was a fine match but got a little too ridiculous with its telegraphed story. D'Angelo was far too distracted by Stacks, leading to one of the silliest finishes possible for the contest.

    The right man won, and he looked good throughout. Dijak is a special talent and deserves the biggest spotlight WWE can provide him after wasting him for two years. He and Wes Lee should have a good one soon.


    Dijak def. D'Angelo by pinfall to earn an NXT North American Championship match.



    Notable Moments

    • Lee watched this match closely on commentary, welcoming either challenger for his next title match.
    • Dijak attacked Stacks at ringside but got laid out for it by The Don. Dijak then handcuffed Lorenzo to keep him out of the action.
    • While still handcuffed, Stacks told D'Angelo that he would take the shot for The Don, but D'Angelo told him he had to stay healthy for his family then threw him down.
    • Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne explained that no matter who won tonight, Toxic Attraction wins.

Jinder Mahal Joins Indus Sher in Attack of The Creed Brothers

2 OF 7

    The Creed Brothers were ready to fight, but Sanga came out without Veer. Jinder Mahal attacked Julius and Brutus Creed from behind and made clear he did not care about showing respect.

    While it was disappointing to not see Creed Brothers vs. Indus Sher, this was a big moment for the show. The Modern Day Maharaja has been struggled on the main roster for a while, but he will stand out in NXT where his promo skills can shine.

    He has always been better with a group behind him, and Sanga and Veer have shown more talent so far than Shanky. This is a stable that can build momentum then transition well to a main roster spot when the time is right.



    Notable Moments

    • Valentina Feroz questioned Sanga afterward, but Sanga was standing behind his family. Elektra Lopez told Feroz that she needed to look out for herself.
    • Julius stormed out of the trainer's room, demanding a match with Mahal, while Ivy Nile failed to talk him down.

No. 1 Contender Gauntlet: Pretty Deadly vs. 3 Mystery Opponents

3 OF 7

    Elton Prince and Kit Wilson defeated a jobber team The Rockers with Spilt Milk. New Day demanded they face real challengers. Pretty Deadly stole a win over Edris Enofé and Malik Blade.

    Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen were laid out backstage before they could compete. Gallus stormed out and defeated Pretty Deadly with ease after hitting their finisher.

    This was a very smartly booked match, continuing a hot show for NXT. Pretty Deadly tried to escape the gauntlet, but they were completely outmatched by Gallus after a tough fight with Enofé and Blade.

    Gallus had been gone just long enough that it was easy to forget about them. That made the return all the better. Mark Coffey and Wolfgang will put on a great match with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, even if they won't win.


    Gallus def. Pretty Deadly after Pretty Deadly defeated The Rockers and Enofé and Blade to become the new No. 1 contenders to the NXT Tag Team Championships.



    Notable Moments

    • Pretty Deadly were still preparing in their own way for the gauntlet match when New Day told them that The Creed Brother vs. Indus Sher did not happen and they were up.
    • Blade nearly got the win off a frog splash onto Prince, who had just taken a superplex from Enofé.
    • Gallus and New Day stared each other down after the match.
    • Jensen and Briggs recovered in the trainer's room. Fallon Henley promised to make Gallus pay while Kiana James comforted Jensen.

NXT Championship: Bron Breakker (c) vs. Grayson Waller

4 OF 7

    Grayson Waller had a game plan for Bron Breakker and knew when to strike. He matched him move for move. However, the second rope broke as Waller stood on it, causing him to fall to the floor and get counted out while Breakker was down in the ring.

    Breakker and Waller have chemistry to watch, and they have a rematch to prove it after that weird lame finish. Clearly, WWE wanted to keep this rivalry going beyond this first match, but the way this was handled did not suit the story of the rivalry.

    What matters most to explain the rematch to come is that these two have much more in them. Luckily, a steel cage match should guarantee that the ropes stay secure.


    Breakker def. Waller by count out to retain the NXT Championship.



    Notable Moments

    • Waller slapped Breakker in the face and faced the wrath of the champion for his effort.
    • Waller sent Breakker hard into the middle turnbuckle, ripping it clean off. Officials had to quickly come in to fix it.
    • Breakker and Waller traded forearms in the center of the ring, and the heel won with a clothesline to the back of the neck.
    • Breakker hit a bulldog to set up his finish, but Waller ducked outside, ran in and turned his cutter into a running knee for a big nearfall.
    • At the end of the show, it was announced there would be a steel cage rematch at NXT Vengeance Day.
    • Tiffany Stratton competed the Countdown to the New Year by making her return. She told everyone she was back to be the best.

Charlie Dempsey vs. Hank Walker (w/ Drew Gulak)

5 OF 7

    Charlie Dempsey found himself challenged by Hank Walker more than ever before, but he still could not compete with the technical prowess of Dempsey. He stretched out Walker an STF with extra bend to force a submission.

    With each match, Walker has come more into his own with this character but also his in-ring style. He looks good adding more technical offense to his repertoire. This was also a good showcase for Dempsey, who showed some incredible flexibility.

    Gulak looked impressed with Dempsey after the match, which could be a bad sign for Walker. Either way, this story is helping some young stars quickly.


    Dempsey def. Walker by submission.



    Notable Moments

    • Walker trapped Dempsey in a cross armbreaker and locked it in, but Dempsey impressively escaped and turned it into his own submission.
    • Carmelo Hayes mocked Apollo Crews by cutting a promo in a diner. Later, Crews and Axiom met in a locker room and agreed to team up to defeat Melo and Trick Williams.
    • Roxanne Perez said she was happy to see anyone win the battle royal except Cora Jade, unafraid of Toxic Attraction.
    • Alba Fyre confronted Sol Ruca and told her she would give her the match they could not have before, pushing it on Ruca with more aggression than was necessary.

Jinder Mahal (w/ Sanga) vs. Julius Creed

6 OF 7

    Julius Creed looked unstoppable in this match, but Sanga found the perfect moment to distract Julius. Julius missed a shooting star press then walked into a big boot followed by the Khallas, which gave Mahal the three.

    Julius looked great in this match, pushing Mahal to work from behind. It was the best match from The Modern Day Maharaja in the past year, but a lot of that is down to just how much Creed worked this as a top star.

    While he lost, it was another showcase of why Julius is a future main event star in WWE. He and Brutus Creed may lose this feud with Indus Sher, but they will likely earn a spot on the main roster with it.


    Mahal def. Julius by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

    • Julius ran into the ring to start this fight and kept the heat on Mahal. He ran up the ropes to superplex The Modern Day Maharaja.
    • Julius' mouth began bleeding during the match, and Mahal leaned in, hitting a series of elbows to the cheek.
    • Tyler Bate announced his return to NXT, promising to stay this time.
    • NXT Anonymous showed a private video of Oro Mensah in the locker room.
    • Stevie Turner set up a stream for her NXT UK highlights, promising to make new ones in NXT.

No. 1 Contender 20-Woman Battle Royal

7 OF 7

    The final four was Alba Fyre, Lyra Valkyria, Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. Toxic Attraction got some help from a returning Cora Jade to stand as the final two. The two fell at the same time, leading to an announcement that both had won.

    There were some surprisingly well booked moments in the battle royal, setting the stage for fresh rivalries. Valkyria and Sol Ruca got impressive spotlight that could mean their immediate future is bright.

    The finish was a mess though. Of all the way Toxic Attraction could have earned that simultaneous win, it made no sense for them to turn on each other so easily.

    Despite this, a triple threat match between Perez, Dolin and Jayne is a smart call for NXT Vengeance Day. The three are proven talent that will make the most of the moment.


    Dolin and Jayne win the battle royal and earn a triple threat NXT Women's Championship match at NXT Vengeance Day.



    Notable Moments

    • Valkyria quickly eliminated Jade in a shocking result. She tried to cheap shot Valkyria later but again went over the top rope.
    • Ruca nearly got eliminated but walked on her hands back into the ring.
    • Lyons eliminated Elektra Lopez then when Wendy Choo saved herself from elimination with a pillow, Lopez pulled the pillow away to finish the elimination.
    • Perez came out afterward to stare down both of her opponents.

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