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WWE Royal Rumble 2024 PPV Live 1/27/24 January 27th 2024

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WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Results: Winners, Live Grades, Reaction and Highlights

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    Here is the card for Saturday's show at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida:

    • Men's Royal Rumble match
    • Women's Royal Rumble match
    • Logan Paul vs. Kevin Owens (United States Championship)
    • Roman Reigns vs. AJ Styles vs. LA Knight vs. Randy Orton (Undisputed WWE Universal Championship)

    Let's take a look at everything that happened on the first stop on the Road to WrestleMania.

Women's Royal Rumble

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    Royal Rumble.
    Royal Rumble.WWE

    Here is the order of entrances in the 2024 women's Royal Rumble. This page will be updated throughout the match.

    1. Natalya 
    2. Naomi
    3. Bayley
    4. Candice LeRae
    5. Jordynne Grace (TNA Knockouts Champion)
    6. Indi Hartwell
    7. Asuka
    8. Ivy Nile
    9. Katana Chance
    10. Bianca Belair
    11. Kairi Sane
    12. Tegan Nox
    13. Kayden Carter
    14. Chelsea Green
    15. Piper Niven
    16. Xia Li
    17. Zelina Vega
    18. Maxxine Dupri
    19. Nia Jax
    20. Shotzi
    21. Becky Lynch
    22. Alba Fyre
    23. Shayna Baszler
    24. Valhalla/R-Truth
    25. Mia Yim
    26. Zoey Stark
    27. Roxanne Perez
    28. Jade Cargill
    29. Tiffany Stratton 
    30. Liv Morgan 

    Roughly one-third of the competitors were still in the ring when Liv Morgan entered last. The final three were Morgan, Jade Cargill and Bayley.

    After some fighting on the apron, Bayley was able to get the win and earn a title shot at WrestleMania 40.

    Out of the handful of women's Rumbles we have witnessed, this was one of the best. It had great spots, fun surprises, a couple of returns and some unique eliminations.

    The crowd was hot, the Superstars were energetic, and the announcers were on point. Everything about it worked.

    Result: Bayley won the women's Rumble match

    Grade: A

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Michael Cole's reaction to Pat McAfee joining commentary was so wholesome. 
    • Naomi's entrance ruled, but it was even cooler to hear.
    • WWE and TNA seem to have some kind of understanding, which is incredible. Let's hope we see more of this. 
    • Bayley scored the first elimination when she got rid of Indi Hartwell.
    • Tegan Nox's senton to Bayley almost ended in disaster, but they saved it. 
    • Kairi Sane officially had one of the best Rumble saves ever, but it would have been better if she survived for a bit longer. 
    • Zelina Vega's entrance gear was cool. 
    • Piper Niven and Chelsea Green did some of the best character work in this match. 
    • We must protect R-Truth at all costs. 
    • Cargill eliminating Nia Jax was a good spot. 
    • The returning Naomi set a record by lasting over an hour in the match. 

Reigns vs. Knight vs. Orton vs. Styles (Undisputed WWE Universal Championship)

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    Randy Orton was the first competitor to make his way to the ring for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Fatal 4-Way match.

    When it began, Orton and Roman Reigns paired up while AJ Styles and LA Knight fought. Both duos battled on different sides of the ring until eventually converging near the announce table.

    The fans didn't seem to have a favorite. Everyone was being cheered at different times, even the heels. This crowd was popping for everyone out of appreciation instead of booing the bad guys, and it made for a raucous feel in the stands.

    Predictably, The Bloodline had an impact on the match. Solo Sikoa pulled the ref out of the ring to save Reigns from being pinned.

    This was a solid contest that was laid out well, but whenever Reigns wrestles now, it's hard to fully invest in the match because you know the outcome and how they will get there.

    The Tribal Chief retained his title by pinning Styles. This was fine, but it won't go down as the best match on this card.

    Result: Roman Reigns retained the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

    Grade: B

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Orton made a kid's whole day with a no-look high five on the way to the ring. 
    • Pat McAfee's "Stone Cold" Steve Austin impression was funny. 
    • Knight is a flashy wrestler, but he's also very technically sound. A lot of what he does looks about as good as it can. 
    • One of the two-counts on Reigns was as close to three as it gets. The kickout was timed perfectly. 

Logan Paul vs. Kevin Owens (United States Championship)

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    Royal Rumble.
    Royal Rumble. WWE

    The U.S. title match between Logan Paul and Kevin Owens was up next.

    Paul surprisingly tried to offer a handshake, but KO was having none of it. He immediately started unloading on the social media star with chops and punches.

    He quickly took the fight out of the ring and threw Paul into a few different things before bringing him back in.

    Every match has shown improvements in different parts of Paul's game. Nobody is going to say he's Bryan Danielson, but to say that he hasn't improved on a technical level would be a lie.

    Not only has his in-ring work continued to impress, but he's also getting better at the facial expressions and character work to fill in the gaps between spots. And having someone like KO as a dance partner made everything look that much better.

    Just as he said he would, Owens kicked out of the Knockout Punch. One of Paul's buddies passed a set of brass knuckles to him by way of Austin Theory, but KO was able to steal them and used them to hit a punch.

    The ref saw them on his hand before counting the pin and disqualified him, declaring Paul the winner.

    This is one of the few times when a DQ finish was the best outcome.

    Result: Logan Paul defeated Kevin Owens by disqualification

    Grade: B+

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Paul's ring gear looked good. Whoever made it did a great job. 
    • Even if you don't like The Maverick, you have to give him credit for clearly continuing to work on his skills. 
    • The swanton counter looked great. Paul got his knees up at the exact right moment. 

Men's Royal Rumble

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    Royal Rumble.
    Royal Rumble. WWE

    Here is the list of entrances in the men's Royal Rumble match.

    1. Jey Uso
    2. Jimmy Uso
    3. Grayson Waller
    4. Andrade
    5. Carmela Hayes
    6. Shinsuke Nakamura
    7. Santos Escobar
    8. Karrion Kross
    9. Dominik Mysterio
    10. Carlito
    11. Bobby Lashley
    12. Ludwig Kaiser
    13. Austin Theory
    14. Finn Bálor
    15. Cody Rhodes 
    16. Bronson Reed
    17. Kofi Kingston
    18. Gunther
    19. Ivar
    20. Bron Breakker
    21. Omos
    22. Pat McAfee
    23. JD McDonagh
    24. R-Truth
    25. The Miz
    26. Damian Priest
    27. CM Punk
    28. Ricochet
    29. Drew McIntyre
    30. Sami Zayn

    It came down to Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, Gunther and Drew McIntyre in the final four of the men's Rumble match.

    Punk took out McIntyre first, and Rhodes eliminated Gunther shortly after. The final two battled for several minutes until The American Nightmare threw The Second City Saint over the top rope to win his second straight men's Rumble.

    The match was pretty standard fare. It was entertaining, but not unpredictable. Most of the eliminations made sense, some of the comedy stuff was great, and a few people had standout moments. However, the outcome never felt like it was much of a choice.

    Result: Cody Rhodes won a title shot at WrestleMania 40

    Grade: B

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Having Jey and Jimmy Uso begin the match was an awesome decision. 
    • Andrade's mask was phenomenal. 
    • Pat McAfee marking out for Shinsuke Nakamura was hilarious. 
    • The interaction between Santos Escobar and Andrade indicates the latter may be a babyface going forward. 
    • Bobby Lashley's Spear to Dominik Mysterio turned him inside out. 
    • The Authors of Pain and The Street Profits got involved when Karrion Kross and Lashley fought after being eliminated. 
    • Bronson Reed made carrying two men on his back look easy. 
    • McAfee's short time in the Rumble was so funny. 
    • R-Truth and Nia Jax have been the only people to compete in both Rumble matches on the same night. 
    • Punk genuinely looked like he was having a blast. 

The Final Word

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    The 2024 Royal Rumble delivered some entertaining moments, but there wasn't a single outcome on the card that didn't feel obvious heading into the show.

    The women's Rumble match was the more unpredictable of the two, but Bayley was always the favorite due to the story WWE has been crafting.

    We all knew Andrade and Naomi would show up, but having Jordynne Grace make a surprise appearance and to hear multiple references to TNA on a WWE broadcast was a great sign that the new regime wants to do things in a new way.

    Paul and Owens did a great job, McAfee was on fire, and nothing was booked confusingly. This won't go down as one of the best Rumble events, but it was a fine way to spend a Saturday night.

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