Monday 30 November 2020

WWE Raw Highlights Full Show HD 30 November 2020 WWE Raw Highlights 30 November 2020


WWE Raw 11/30/20

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WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from November 30

Sana Ejaz Khan


    WWE still has a few weeks before its annual Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view, so it is taking the slow approach with the buildup. As of Monday morning, no matches had been confirmed.

    That all changed during Raw when Keith Lee, Riddle and AJ Styles fought in a Triple Threat match to see who would get to challenge Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship.

    Jeff Hardy and Elias continued their feud this week with a Symphony of Destruction match that featured different instruments around the ring that could be used as weapons.

    We also saw McIntyre give an exclusive interview, and Randy Orton appeared on "A Moment of Bliss" to talk about Bray Wyatt.

    Let's take a look at everything that happened on Monday's Raw.

'A Moment of Bliss'

1 OF 9

    Raw opened with Alexa Bliss already in the ring to host an episode of "A Moment of Bliss." She wasted no time welcoming Orton to the show. The set was two chairs that looked like they belonged in a kid's playroom and a little cage with a doll inside it.

    Bliss pointed out how it was clear Orton was in a bad mood and played a clip of The Viper losing to Styles last week. Orton talked about how he has had to bury part of him deep down so he could blend in. He compared the voices he hears to the voices Wyatt hears.

    The Viper talked about how he burned down Wyatt's cabin because it was his weakness and now he thinks he has found Wyatt's new weakness with Bliss. She looked him right in the eye and asked: "Who is manipulating who?"

    The lights started to drop and Orton just said, "See what I mean?" When the lights came back on, The Fiend was in the ring looking at Orton holding Bliss in his arms. The Fiend held out his hands and Orton handed her over before rolling out of the ring with a smile on his face.


    Grade: B+



    Anything with The Fiend and Bliss has to be viewed through a different lens than the rest of Raw. This segment was just the right amount of bonkers to work perfectly.

    The feud between Orton and Wyatt could be great for both men if it is booked right, and if we get more segments like this, it will eclipse the WWE title feud.

    Bliss has been the MVP of these segments lately. She has found a new niche and is playing her role to perfection.

Elias vs. Jeff Hardy (Symphony of Destruction)

2 OF 9

    WWE aired a video recapping this feud with one of Elias' songs playing over the footage before he made his way to the ring to face Hardy. The ring was surrounded by various instruments to use as weapons.

    The action quickly spilled out of the ring where Elias hit a big jumping knee to prevent Hardy from hitting him with a violin. He dropped The Charismatic Enigma's face onto the apron and slammed his head into a piano.

    The piano started to move, and Elias found R-Truth hiding inside. He took off while several Superstars came out to chase him. Hardy and Elias took a few of them out with guitars as we went to a break.

    We returned to see Hardy hitting a string of signature moves for a two-count. Elias rammed his head into a guitar he wedged in the corner for another near-fall. Elias put some guitar pics between his fingers and used them like brass knuckles.

    Elias brought Hardy back outside and slammed his head into some drums. Hardy avoided a running knee that hit a gong near the announce table. The Enigma went for Whisper in the Wing, but Elias hit him with a guitar. Hardy grabbed the bottom rope to break the pin.

    Elias electrocuted himself with a speaker, and Hardy put him on top of a table. He climbed to the top turnbuckle and hit a Swanton for the win. He hit his head on the steps on the way down but appeared to be OK.


    Grade: C+



    This match had some fun moments, but it felt like one bout too many for this feud. Their final encounter should have been the Guitar on a Pole match a few weeks ago.

    The spot when Hardy's head hit the steps was frightening, especially after what happened to his brother a couple of months ago when he faced Sammy Guevara at Full Gear.

    The stuff with the 24/7 title just illustrates how WWE has no new ideas for what to do with that belt or the people it puts in those segments.

Ricochet vs. Slapjack

3 OF 9

    Ricochet and Retribution gave separate backstage promos before this match began. Slapjack spoke about how he is a weapon for Retribution, and Ricochet said he is going to stop trying to save Mustafa Ali and just be better than him.

    Ricochet hit a springboard crossbody right away before hitting a flurry of strikes in the corner. Slapjack got in a little offense before Ricochet regained the upper hand and hit a standing shooting star press for a near-fall.

    Ali called Mace and T-Bar down, but Ricochet threw Slapjack into them before taking out all three with a dive. He rolled Slapjack back in and prepared to finish him off. Dana Brooke came out of nowhere and slapped Ali in the face. She yelled at him about Reckoning, and the distraction allowed Slapjack to hit his finisher for the win.


    Grade: C



    The promos before this match were both strong. Ali is great on the mic, and Ricochet showed more emotion in his speech than we usually see from him.

    The match itself was average, especially considering who was involved. Both Ricochet and Shane Thorne have proved how good they are many times, and this bout did not feel like they were giving their all. It suffered because WWE was trying to tell a bigger story at the same time.

    The inclusion of Brooke at the end was a nice bit of continuity after Mia Yim took her out before Survivor Series, but her actions led to Ricochet's loss, so he might be a little upset with her.

'Miz TV'

4 OF 9

    The Miz and John Morrison were in the ring after a commercial to host an episode of "Miz TV." They welcomed Sheamus to the show.

    Sheamus was in no mood for their jokes because they were going to be opponents later in the show when he would team up with McIntyre for a tag match.

    The Miz asked him about giving McIntyre the family heirlooms a few weeks ago and said McIntyre is a bad friend for not getting him something in return. He called Sheamus an afterthought who used to be the top dog in WWE.

    The Celtic Warrior took off his jacket and got in Miz's face. He attacked both men and easily beat them down until Miz hit him with the briefcase.


    Grade: B-



    This was the second talk-show segment after "A Moment of Bliss" opened the broadcast. It was a little excessive to have two of these segments during the first half of the show, but both felt completely different, so it wasn't too bad.

    This was nothing special, but it did a good job setting up the tag team match later in the show and planting the seeds for a possible Money in the Bank cash-in or Sheamus turning on his friend.

Asuka and Lana vs. Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

5 OF 9

    Lana surprisingly got a two-count on Shayna Baszler right away. The Queen of Spades took her down, but Asuka came in and made the save. The tag champs grabbed both of them and swung them into the barricade at the same time.

    We returned after a break to see Lana trying to take down Jax with a sleeper hold. Jax easily threw Lana to the mat and choked her against the middle rope.

    The tag champs continued to dominate Lana while Asuka recovered on the apron. The Ravishing Floridian shoved Jax into the ring post, and both women made the tag to their partners.

    Asuka began to build some momentum as she took it to Baszler with a barrage of strikes. Lana tagged herself in, and Asuka had to save her from Baszler's clutches. Lana covered Baszler for the win.


    Grade: D+



    Asuka and Baszler weren't in this match together much, and that ended up being its downfall. Lana and Jax have no chemistry as opponents, and it showed here.

    The idea of Lana and Asuka winning the women's tag belts before a team like The Riott Squad is a sad indicator of how much thought WWE spends booking this division.

Cedric Alexander vs. Xavier Woods

6 OF 9

    Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston came out and gave a great promo about how many times they have beaten The Hurt Business. This obviously brought the group out to respond.

    Cedric Alexander challenged Woods to a match, but as the show was going to a commercial, he attacked Woods before the bell to get an early advantage.

    We came back to see Woods unloading on Alexander in the corner. Alexander dropped him across the top rope to turn the tide back in his favor.

    Woods began to make a comeback and hit the Honor Roll for a two-count. He sidestepped a suicide dive and sent Alexander into the barricade. When they got back into the ring, Alexander hit the Lumbar Check for the win.


    Grade: B+



    This is what happens when you put two exciting, competent workers in the ring together. They produce a fun match that highlights their strengths.

    Woods is one of the most underrated individuals in WWE. Everybody knows he is great in tag team matches, but seeing him perform this well in a singles bout was a nice change of pace.

    After this feud is over, it's hard to imagine whatever comes next will produce as many entertaining encounters as this storyline.

Keith Lee vs. Riddle vs. AJ Styles

7 OF 9

    Riddle and Styles took the fight out of the ring right away. Lee was going to dive onto them, but both men cleared out of the way when they saw him coming.

    Lee scored the first two-count of the match on Riddle. The Limitless One slowed down the pace a bit before Riddle started firing back with forearm strikes. One big shot from Lee put him back on the mat.

    Omos helped Styles hit Lee with a running knee before Riddle took them both out at ringside. Styles countered a Broton before Lee sent him flying out of the ring.

    Lee began to focus on Riddle as he threw him across the ring and crushed him in the corner. Lee countered a triangle submission, but Riddle kicked him in the head.

    All three men came close to winning several times before Styles hit Riddle with the Phenomenal Forearm for the win.


    Grade: B



    This was a solid match from three Superstars who are known for having different kinds of athleticism. Their various styles all worked well together.

    The backstage segments with Riddle leading up to the match were not great, but his work in the ring made up for it.

    Lee was the standout with some of his power moves and impressive speed, but Styles winning was the right call. He and McIntyre will put on a great match at TLC.

Dana Brooke vs. Reckoning

8 OF 9

    This match was booked after what happened earlier between Ali and Brooke. Reckoning hit a dropkick right away, but Brooke got the upper hand and nearly pinned her.

    Reckoning grounded her in a submission for a little while, but Brooke was able to escape. She began to build up a head of steam. Ali tried to distract her, but Brooke got the pin with a roll-up.


    Grade: D



    The biggest failure on WWE's part is how long it took Mia Yim to get a match on Raw. Ali screaming at her for losing didn't help.

    This bout was short and didn't accomplish anything except adding another loss to Retribution's record.

The Miz and Morrison vs. Sheamus and Drew McIntyre

9 OF 9

    The main event was a tag match with The Miz and Morrison taking on Sheamus and McIntyre. Earlier, The Miz tried to convince Styles to help him cash in his MITB briefcase.

    Sheamus immediately pushed Miz to the corner and hit some body blows before throwing him with a fallaway slam. He threw him to the corner so he could tag Morrison.

    McIntyre came in and easily took down Morrison before tagging in Sheamus for some double-team moves. He single-handedly took on both men before telling Styles to join them. He argued with The Phenomenal One for a moment, but Omos got in his way.

    After a break, The Miz and Morrison were controlling the pace against Sheamus. McIntyre tagged in and started throwing Miz around the ring.

    Sheamus begged for the tag, but Morrison pulled him off the apron and threw him over the barricade. Styles came flying in with a Phenomenal Forearm to McIntyre and told Miz to cash in. Styles handed the ref the briefcase, but Miz yanked it back. McIntyre popped up and nailed him with a Claymore kick before setting his sights on Styles. Omos saved him from certain destruction.


    Grade: B-



    There was a little too much going on here, but the Superstars involved managed to weave all of the stories together well enough for it not to be confusing.

    The match had some good action and gave us a taste of what a proper tag team with Sheamus and McIntyre would be like. It was a decent ending but far from the best match or segment of the night

Sunday 29 November 2020

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Friday 27 November 2020

WWE SmackDown Full Show Live Streaming 27 November 2020 WWE SmackDown Highlights 27 November 2020


WWE SmackDown Live 11/27/20

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WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from November 27

Sana Ejaz Khan


    WWE Survivor Series was a night of failure for Friday Night SmackDown, though it was a close fight. The blue brand's champions mostly reigned supreme, but the traditional elimination tag team matches went to Monday Night Raw.

    Roman Reigns emerged victorious thanks to the support of Jey Uso. He helped take down Drew McIntyre when the referee was injured. However, Uso also fell short as team captain of the men's SmackDown team. He needed to prove his worth to The Tribal Chief.

    Sasha Banks defeated Asuka in one of the biggest confidence boosting moments of her career. Carmella though waits in the wings, looking to knock her off her pedestal. The rest of the SmackDown women's division fell short, losing just barely down the stretch despite Bianca Belair's best efforts.

    The Street Profits had much to prove, stepping into the ring with New Day. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins proved it all with an emphatic show-stealing performance that should have put the blue brand tag teams on notice.

    Sami Zayn may have given any future challenger the green light to go after him, following an embarrassing defeat against Bobby Lashley. However, he maintains the narrative that he was cheated and will continue to refuse to accept "faulty" results.

    This November 27 edition of SmackDown has to rebuild the pieces on a brand that prided itself on being the best. Only the truly great performers could rise to the occasion.

Roman Reigns Calls Out Jey Uso for Failing the Family

1 OF 6

    Jey Uso hyped up the victory of Roman Reigns over Drew McIntyre. The Tribal Chief interrupted the hype promo, heading to the ring on his own time. A video package was shown, highlighting Uso's failure as team captain for the men's SmackDown team followed by his help in defeating The Scottish Psychopath.

    Reigns questioned why Uso got involved in the main event before quickly saying that his cousin had embarrassed the family by not garnering the respect of his team. Uso was left unable to speak. As Otis walked out for his match with King Corbin, Jey made his mark with a vicious steel chair attack.






    As always, The Tribal Chief is carrying SmackDown forward with character moments every week. He cut a fantastic and focused promo. Uso sold just how much every word cut deep.

    This was a strong segment, even if it repeated points from Survivor Series. Reigns made clear that SmackDown's failure mattered, and it lit a fire under Uso. Jey's attack on Otis was needed to continue building him as a top heel.

The Street Profits vs. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode

2 OF 6


    Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler refused to give anyone credit except themselves, certain they deserved the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. The Street Profits felt Roode and Ziggler were making fun of them, mocking the duo for their fashion choices.

    The Showoff dodged an early attempt at a frog splash to help the heels take over the pace of the clash. Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford fought back and hit a spinebuster into a frog splash for a nearfall that Ziggler broke up. In the ensuing chaos, The Glorious One rolled up Ford with a handful of tights for three.



    Roode and Ziggler def. Street Profits by pinfall.






    This was a fun tag team match, even when the pace rushed. These teams are too talented with too much chemistry not to work well together. It was an entertaining clash of styles where The Glorious One and The Showoff have a more grounded focus than the SmackDown tag team champions.

    This victory by the heels sets up an interesting match for WWE TLC. Hopefully, the SmackDown tag team division gets a decent spotlight. The Street Profits should be highlighted as champions every major show, but the tag team division has been ignored repeatedly.

Sami Zayn vs. Daniel Bryan

3 OF 6

    A recap was shown for The Final Farewell to The Undertaker. In a backstage interview, Daniel Bryan explained that he was calm and focused in his pursuit of the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

    Sami Zayn complained that The Planet's Champion did not deserve another shot after losing at WrestleMania 36. Bryan interrupted the rant and went after The Critic of the Critics. Stomps and a dropkick grounded Zayn until he threw his challenger outside.

    Bryan fought back quickly and forced Zayn to the top rope to set up a Frankensteiner for a two count. The WWE intercontinental champion connected on a brainbuster on the apron that nearly got a count out victory followed by a nearfall on the Blue Thunder Bomb.

    The Planet's Champion rolled the champion into the Yes Lock, and The Critic of the Critics tried to run. Bryan followed, and Zayn ran him around and got back to the ring for count out win.



    Zayn def. Bryan by count out.






    Going into the night, Bryan vs. Zayn sounded like the main event, and the two worked it like a main event. This was intense throughout, and the two men had their best clash together to date. It was a showcase of the immense talent of the top stars.

    This was one of the best matches on SmackDown in months. Zayn continues to thrive as an opportunist. Even if he deserves to look more dominant, he has had great matches and made every finish memorable.

Bianca Belair vs. Natalya

4 OF 6

    Bayley watched this match with avid interest on commentary. Bianca Belair found herself struggling early with the technical prowess of Natalya. Finally, The EST's power allowed her dump The Queen of Harts outside.

    The Role Model took a punch from Belair followed by Belair throwing Natalya into Bayley. The impact with the former SmackDown women's champion dazed The Queen of Harts, who got rolled up for three by The EST.



    Belair def. Natalya by pinfall.






    This started out strong, but the messy inclusion of Bayley rushed the contest to a finish. Natalya and Belair have chemistry and a much better match in them. For the moment, this was a fascinating tease for the future.

    In an immediate sense, it is a smart decision to pair The Role Model and The EST. Bayley has been made as one of the absolute best. She can help building Belair to title contention.

King Corbin vs. Murphy (w/ the Mysterio Family)

5 OF 6

    King Corbin made fun of the Mysterio family backstage for believing in Murphy while also mocking Dominik Mysterio's ability in the ring.

    With Otis taken out early in the night, Murphy took the big man's place, hoping to shut up The King. Everyone in the Mysterio family helped protect Aalyah's boyfriend, stopping Corbin from doing anything untoward.

    After Corbin planted Murphy with the Deep Six, Rey Mysterio distracted the referee. This aggravated The King as he beat down Murphy into the mat. However, a final distraction from Dominik allowed Murphy to land a bicycle knee for the three count with the help of Dominik again knocking Corbin's leg off the rope.

    An angry Corbin demanded a rematch next week, promising he would back up.



    Murphy def. Corbin by pinfall.






    This match made no sense. Corbin did nothing wrong, yet the Mysterios screwed him at every turn. Even if The King insulted the family, it was still not remotely a face move for the Mysterios to constantly block all of Corbin's offense.

    Murphy and Corbin showed vague chemistry in moments that could work better with no one involved. Hopefully, the two get a better chance next week, though it is more likely the extra bodies will make the contest even more chaotic.

Jey Uso vs. Kevin Owens

6 OF 6

    Sami Zayn made fun of Apollo Crews until Big E stepped in. He made clear that The Critic of the Critics was just one misstep away from losing his title. Sasha Banks attacked Carmella as she taunted The Legit Boss. Billie Kay tried to talk her way into a commentary job but was escorted away.

    In the gorilla position, after Daniel Bryan's match with Zayn, Jey Uso beat down Bryan until Kevin Owens pulled him off. KO stood up to Roman Reigns and Uso, telling The Tribal Chief that he was messing with his family's mind.

    Uso went after the left arm of Owens, trapping him in the ropes until KO raked the eyes to escape. Owens finally took back control thanks to a catapult into the steel post followed by a series of superkicks. Owens showed no fear as he smashed Jey with a senton bomb off the apron to the floor.

    The damage to KO's left arm was too much over time as he began to find himself missing the pop-up powerbomb. Owens got his knees up on an Uso splash, but he couldn't put this away. Jey grabbed a steel chair, causing a disqualification.

    Owens fought off Uso with a stunner then threw Jey over the announce table before grabbing a steel chair of his own. He called out Reigns as he smacked down Uso. He demanded The Tribal Chief face him, but Reigns and Paul Heyman only watched from backstage.



    KO def. Uso by disqualification.






    We have gotten to the point where Jey can main event SmackDown most weeks, and it never feels wrong. While this was nowhere near the work of Sami Zayn and Daniel Bryan, the two had a serious story to tell. Uso went all out, selling his growing aggression.

    The way Owens took over the action at times showed how uncomfortable Jey was with that role, but Uso ultimately took back control at every turn, hearing Reigns' voice in his head. When Uso lost it, it was because that voice grew too loud, and he did not care about winning anymore.

    It is unclear who will challenge Reigns next. Both Bryan and KO have fallen to Uso, but they have also won, standing up to The Tribal Chief along the way. The talent of both men is obvious, and they deserve a main event title shot sooner rather than later

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