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WWE Royal Rumble 2021 highlights


WWE Royal Rumble 2021 PPV 1/31/21 January 31st

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WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

Sana Ejaz Khan


    We are officially on The Road to WrestleMania 37, and the first stop was Sunday's Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

    This is a favorite event for many fans because the men's and women's Rumble matches always produce memorable moments and surprise appearances from old and new faces.

    This is usually one of the longer events of the year, but WWE has shortened the length of its PPVs in recent years, so Sunday's card only had six matches scheduled to take place.

    We saw the WWE, universal, SmackDown women's and women's tag team titles defended in addition to the two Rumble bouts. 

    Let's take a look at everything that happened during Sunday's Royal Rumble PPV.

Asuka and Charlotte vs. Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax (Women's Tag Titles)

1 OF 6

    The Kickoff match featured Asuka and Charlotte defending the Women's Tag Team Championships against former titleholders Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.

    The Queen and The Queen of Spades started with some basic holds and counters. Charlotte scored the first takedown with a shoulder block before bringing in Asuka to unload with kicks and chops in the corner.

    The Queen and Asuka controlled the pace for a long time. It took a pair of clothesline from Jax to finally put The Empress on the mat. The challengers spent the next few minutes cutting the ring in half to keep her isolated. 

    After hitting a Powerbomb in the corner, Asuka was able to make the hot tag and unleash a fresh Charlotte on their opponents. She destroyed both women but failed to get the pin with a double Natural Selection. 

    Ric Flair and Lacey Evans came out to interfere, and The Nature Boy gave Evans a knuckle duster. She used it to hit Charlotte in the face, and Jax took advantage to pin her and win the tag titles with Baszler. 


    Grade: C+



    This was one of the first times when both teams have actually looked like they were partners. We saw double-team moves, saves and classic tag tactics.

    One or two close calls aside, this was a solid performance. All four did a good job making the match look competitive. Baszler looked especially fired up. 

    The only spot that looked off was Charlotte's moonsault to the floor. She took way too long getting into position and didn't look like she hit either opponent hard enough to justify how they sold it.

    The shenanigans with Evans and Ric fit the ongoing storyline but led to a decent match being taken down a peg right at the end. 

Drew McIntyre vs. Goldberg (WWE Championship)

2 OF 6

    The first match on the main show was the WWE Championship bout between Drew McIntyre and a returning Goldberg. 

    Before the ref could call for the bell, the Scot delivered a headbutt and a Spear. They took the fight out of the ring, and Goldberg speared the champ through the barricade. He let McIntyre recover as he waited in the squared circle. The ref called for the bell, and McIntyre immediately hit a kick followed by a Claymore for a two-count. 

    Goldberg ducked a second Claymore and drilled him with a Spear. He lined up and hit a second for a near-fall. He delivered a Jackhammer, but McIntyre still kicked out at two.

    The Scottish Warrior dodged a Spear and hit another Claymore for the win. They ended with a handshake to show their respect for each other. 


    Grade: B-



    This is exactly what this match needed to be. Nobody expected a 20-minute, five-star clinic, and it was never going to be that way. This was always going to be quick.

    The way they set everything up helped sell how both men are beasts without making them spend a ton of time in the ring. It was booked well under the circumstances. 

    Was it an awesome match? No, but we all knew what we were in for here. It was as good as it was ever going to be and that is the best we can ask for when it comes to legends performing with current stars. 

Sasha Banks vs. Carmella (SmackDown Women's Championship)

3 OF 6

    Sasha Banks immediately brought Carmella down to the mat, but the challenger escaped before she could apply the Bank Statement. They reset and The Boss took her down in a waistlock. 

    She knocked Reginald off the apron, but that allowed Carmella to take her out at ringside. The challenger hit a series of elbows in the corner. She grounded Banks in a rear headlock, but The Boss broke free.

    The champ hit a Meteora from the corner but appeared to hurt her knee in the process. Carmella used Banks' hair to tie her to the bottom rope so she could stomp her into the mat.

    Banks regained the upper hand and hit a trio of suplexes in homage to Eddie Guerrero. Mella threw her into Reginald's arms but Banks took him down with a headscissor. The ref kicked him from ringside. 

    Carmella hit a suicide dive but bit the dust a little. She managed to get back up immediately as if nothing happened and scored a two-count. She blocked a Frog Splash and locked Banks in the Code of Silence. The Boss escaped but Carmella maintained control by hitting a superkick. 

    The Boss finally had the Bank Statement applied, and Mella had no choice but to tap out. 


    Grade: B+



    This was a fun match that showed just how much Carmella has grown as a performer over the years. Not only did she hang with The Boss, but she also survived a scary bump and recovered like a champ.

    Reginald's involvement was done well in a way that didn't take too much attention away from the women in the ring. He was kicked out at the perfect time.

    Banks remains one of the most consistent performers in WWE, and her chemistry with Carmella may lead to this feud lasting for at least one more PPV.

    This match exceeded expectations in almost every way. 

Women's Royal Rumble

4 OF 6

    Bayley was the first entrant into the match. She was joined by Naomi at No. 2. Bianca Belair came out at No. 3 and went right after The Role Model. Belair and Naomi had a sloppy spot before they cartwheeled each other across the ring. 

    The fourth competitor was Billie Kay, but she decided to sit with the commentary team instead of getting into the ring. Shotzi Blackheart came out in her tank to enter her second Rumble match. Baszler joined the party at No. 6 and knocked Kay down on her way to the ring. Toni Storm was the seventh entrant and the second NXT star in the contest. She ignored Kay's request to team up, too.

    Blackheart was the first woman eliminated, by Baszler, as Jillian made a surprise appearance at No. 8. She agreed to team up with Kay and she finally got into the ring. Ruby Riott was out next and she also agreed to work with Kay. Victoria entered the match at No. 10. Peyton Royce made her way out and reunited with Kay to take down Victoria. Santana Garrett from NXT was No. 12. The ring really started to fill up as Liv Morgan came out next. 

    Kay and The Riott Squad eliminated Jillian, but Riott and Morgan immediately took out Kay, too. Rhea Ripley entered at No. 14. She threw Storm out right away. Baszler eliminated Victoria right before Ripley sent Garrett out. Charlotte came out at No. 15. 

    Bayley eliminated Riott with a brutal powerbomb to the floor before Dana Brooke made her entrance. Royce eliminated Morgan as Torrie Wilson returned at No. 17. Ripley hit Brooke with a powerbomb on the apron to eliminate her just before Ric Flair came out to accompany Evans, who was wearing Charlotte's robe. As soon as she got to the ring, Charlotte went after her. 

    Royce was eliminated by Charlotte during the scuffle. Baszler took out Torrie while Belair eliminated Bayley. Mickie James entered at No. 19. Nikki Cross was up next. The ring was starting to get crowded again as Alicia Fox joined the match. R-Truth thought this was the men's Rumble and had to fight off several guys who chased him to the ring. Fox rolled him up to win the 24/7 title. 

    Mandy Rose came out and fought with Fox before throwing her over the top rope. Truth rolled her up to win his belt back. Dakota Kai ran to the ring and began fighting with Ripley. James was eliminated by Evans before Carmella came out at No. 24. Kai and Brooke were eliminated by Ripley. Mella threw Cross out just as Tamina came to the ring. Reginald dropped Carmella and caused her to be eliminated. 

    Belair and Naomi worked together to avoid elimination as Lana came out at No. 26. Alexa Bliss was out at No. 27. Ripley eliminated Bliss before she could drop the lights and transform into her Fiend-inspired alter ego. Ember Moon came in hot with an Eclipse to Baszler. Nia Jax came out at No. 29 and eliminated Evans and Moon right away. 

    Naomi was taken out by Jax and Baszler. They also worked together to take out Tamina before they started fighting each other. Jax threw Baszler out of the ring before Lana eliminated her. Natalya came out at No. 30. Jax and Baszler came back and beat up a few people before leaving the ring. 

    Nattie threw Lana out of the ring to bring it down to her, Charlotte, Belair and Ripley. Belair eliminated Natalya almost immediately. Belair and Ripley took out The Queen together. They fought hard and both women came close to winning but in the end, Belair got the win and earned a title shot at WrestleMania 37. 


    Grade: A



    This was a well-booked women's Rumble match with several entertaining moments, cameos and eliminations. Bringing it down to Belair and Ripley as the final two made the outcome both unpredictable and satisfying.

    These are usually tough matches to grade, but this one was easy. If it keeps your attention from start to finish and has the right winner, it is a great Rumble. 

    The post-match promo from Belair felt genuinely emotional and was a great way to cap off her win. 

Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens (Last Man Standing, Universal Championship)

5 OF 6

    Paul Heyman accompanied Roman Reigns to the ring for his Last Mand Standing match against Kevin Owens. The ref called for the bell, and both men went right for each other.

    Reigns hit a Superman Punch but KO countered a Spear and hit a Popup Powerbomb. They went outside and The Tribal Chief nailed a huge Spear. KO made it up by the count of seven. Reigns used the steel steps as a weapon but still couldn't keep Owens down for the count. 

    Reigns hit him with a chair several times but KO refused to stay down. The Prizefighter used his own chair a few times but the titleholder kept fighting back. They ended up near the edge of an elevated platform and Reigns threw him off into some tables. 

    Owens struggled but still made it up by the count of nine. Reigns looked dumbfounded at his resilience. KO made his way to the backstage area in a stupor. The Tribal Chief ran him over with a golf cart out of nowhere. 

    Owens somehow found a second wind and unloaded on the champ with everything he had. He powerbombed Reigns onto a table and then put him through it with a Frog Splash. KO set up a forklift and climbed onto the top so he could put Reigns through another table with a Senton Bomb. 

    The Big Dog barely beat the count. They got back to the stage and Reigns speared Owens through the LED wall. After he recovered, KO handcuffed his rival in a way that made it impossible to stand up. Reigns was forced to pull the ref into a piece of the set and knock him out to avoid being counted down. 

    The Tribal Chief locked in a Guillotine and choked Owens out to get the win. 


    Grade: A-



    This is how you do a Last Man Standing match. Both guys went through hell to put on what was easily their best match to date in this feud. The way they used Tropicana Field was one of the best things about this. 

    KO as the resilient challenger and Reigns as the unrelenting champion told a perfect story of two rivals who hate each other. This was about more than titles, though. They wanted blood.

    This was just another example of why Reigns deserves the spot he has on SmackDown at the head of the table. They even managed to outdo all of the golf-cart spots All Elite Wrestling has done with Sammy Guevara.

    The trash-talking peppered throughout the match added to what was already a great contest. The heelish way Reigns took out the ref to avoid losing was the icing on the cake. 

Men's Royal Rumble

6 OF 6

    Edge and Randy Orton were announced as the No. 1 and No. 2 entrants during WWE Backstage. Edge didn't wait for Orton to get to the ring and attacked The Viper in the aisle. Sami Zayn was out at No. 3 and helped Orton against Edge. 

    Mustafa Ali made his way out next and joined in on beating up Edge. They failed to eliminate him before Jeff Hardy ran down and took the attention away from Edge. Orton hit RKOs on everybody before Edge speared him. They fought at ringside after going under the bottom rope. Dolph Ziggler was No. 6. 

    The Showoff eliminated Hardy while officials tended to Orton at ringside. Shinsuke Nakamura was up next. Orton was helped to the back as Carlito came out at No. 8. Xavier Woods ran down and went right for Ali. The 10th entrant was Big E. He and Woods worked together to eliminate Zayn. 

    John Morrison entered the match at No. 11. Ali eliminated Woods but an angry Big E made him pay by throwing him out right away. The next entrant was Ricochet. Elias joined the fight at No. 13 and eliminated Carlito. Damian Priest was the next man to enter the ring, and he threw Elias over the top rope. Orton was shown being looked at by doctors backstage as The Miz entered at No. 15. 

    The Miz destroyed some of Bad Bunny's gear on the stage. The rapper came out to confront The A-Lister, and the distraction allowed Priest to eliminate Miz and Morrison. Bunny hit them with a dive before Riddle came out at No. 16. Daniel Bryan was out next. He was soon joined by his Team Hell No partner, Kane. He threw Ziggler out almost immediately. He also took out Ricochet. Priest eliminated Kane moments later. 

    King Corbin entered at No. 19. He took Nakamura out of the match before Otis ran to the ring. After a short burst of offense, Corbin eliminated him. No. 21 was Dominik Mysterio, who took out Corbin quickly. Bobby Lashley came out at No. 22. He tossed Dominik out with ease and Priest soon followed. No. 23 was The Hurricane, but he was thrown out by Lashley and Big E as soon as he hit the ring. 

    Christian was the 24th man to enter the match, and Edge had a huge smile on his face. He helped everybody else eliminate Lashley. No. 25 was AJ Styles. Rey Mysterio joined at No. 26. Omos eliminated Big E for Styles and threw him over the announce table. Lucky No. 27 was Sheamus. Omos also eliminated Mysterio. 

    Cesaro entered at No. 28, and Seth Rollins returned to the ring at No. 29. The Messiah drilled him with an uppercut as soon as he got into the ring. Braun Strowman was the final entrant. He threw Styles out on the side where Omos couldn't catch him. Rollins waited until the right moment to eliminate Bryan. 

    Rollins also eliminated Riddle to bring us down to the final four.

    Strowman tried to throw out Edge but The Rated-R Superstar took him out with help from Christian. Rollins dumped out Christian, and Edge threw out Rollins. Orton returned out of nowhere to take Edge out with an RKO, but Edge still eliminated him to win. 


    Grade: A



    There were only a handful of people who could have made a special moment by winning and Edge was one of them. He lasted from the start until the end and gave a gutsy performance along the way.

    Some of the returns such as Carlito and Christian were fun because they looked like they could get back in a WWE ring on a full-time basis; others such as Kane added little to the overall story.

    The women's Rumble had a few more memorable moments, but the men's match was just as good overall. Both had emotional victors who were heavy favorites heading into the show.

    The buildup was lackluster but WWE ended up putting on a good Royal Rumble PPV to start 2021 the right way.

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WWE SmackDown Full Show HD 29 January 2021 wwe smackdown highlights 29 January 2021


WWE Smackdown Live 1/29/21 January 29th 2021

Video Highlights Removed as New show uploaded

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WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from January 29

Sana Ejaz Khan


    It's the last show before WWE Royal Rumble, and you know what that means. Friday Night SmackDown promised to build the excitement to a fever pitch just two days before one of the biggest nights of the year. This January 29 edition of the blue brand was certain to be unpredictable.

    Only one match was promised ahead of the night as Bianca Belair looked to avenge her loss to Bayley. After everything The Role Model has put her through, this was The EST's opportunity for welcomed revenge.

    Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens did not want to wait until Sunday to start the trash talk. SmackDown promised a war of words where KO and The Head of the Table could speak their final piece before an epic Last Man Standing match.

    This was far from all that SmackDown would give fans just days before the Rumble. However, the blue brand was keeping it all under wraps. Could Raw stars invade SmackDown to make a statement? Would new stars earn a slot in the men's or women's Rumble matches? Everyone wanted to build momentum.

    The January 29 edition of SmackDown felt like a monumental occasion and a chance for WWE to truly bring the absolute best to the table before the night that will begin to define the Road to WrestleMania.

AJ Styles Interrupts Daniel Bryan's Impassioned Promise to Win the Men's Rumble

1 OF 6

    Daniel Bryan opened the show to talk about what it meant to him to win the men's Royal Rumble. He wanted to change his life one more time by main eventing WrestleMania one last time. He was not certain of how many more WrestleMania moments he had left.

    He put over Chad Gable and Otis with the Alpha Academy getting him in shape for a long difficult climb to the top. AJ Styles interrupted as part of the quarterly Brand-to-Brand Invitational, setting up e challenge by The Planet's Champion for later in the night.

    Styles pushed Bryan to the mat, and Omos got in the way of The Planet's Champion seeking retribution. Bryan called out Styles for standing behind the big man too often.






    Bryan is one of the best in the world, but his promos each week are growing tiring. He continues to play hype man for the Royal Rumble, spending too much time explaining how the match works. It will be best for him to get past WWE Royal Rumble.

    The quarterly Brand-to-Brand Invitational is a silly technicality that WWE likes to pull out at random times. However, bringing The Phenomenal One to SmackDown just before Royal Rumble was a smart way to hype the event.

    Styles vs. Bryan is a guaranteed fantastic clash of top talent. Both men have been considered the best wrestler in the world, and each time they step into the ring, they steal the show.

Bianca Belair vs. Bayley

2 OF 6


    After a video package was rolled for last week's obstacle course, Bayley explained to Kayla Braxton in a pre-match interview why she was simply better than The EST and would win the women's Royal Rumble.

    The Role Model took over the action early, beating down on The EST. Bayley made a mistake by taunting Belair with her braid, motivating The EST to get physical. She landed a series of punches followed by an impressive standing moonsault for a nearfall.

    Bayley tried to take advantage of the injured left elbow of Belair from last week, stopping her from hitting a Glam Slam. However, The EST fought with all that she had, knocking Bayley loopy with a right hand followed by the KOD for the win.

    Afterward, on the top of the ramp, Braxton asked Belair about how much this win meant to her, and The EST put over Bayley as The Role Model glared at her from inside the ring.



    Belair def. Bayley by pinfall.






    Bayley has been the perfect challenger to introduce Belair to the SmackDown audience. Each segment shows more and more why The EST is not just the future of WWE but good enough to challenge the absolute best already. This match was no different.

    While Belair can just rely on her athletic prowess to shine, she has a complete game in the ring, switching her style to tell a complete story. She just needs time. She and Bayley got it in a really good opening contest. This was completely different from their first fight.

    The main mistake WWE made her was the post-match interview. Belair can cut a promo, but she was exhausted after a long fight. She should not have had to put words together when her actions spoke for themselves.

King Corbin vs. Dominik Mysterio

3 OF 6

    Dominik Mysterio attacked King Corbin from behind while The King was headed to the ring. This only seemed to anger Corbin, who emphatically took over once the match began. He physically beat down Dominik with right hands as Rey Mysterio watched on commentary.

    Rey's son tried everything he could to stay in the action, reversing The King's dangerous attempts injure him. Both men went into the steel post, and Dominik managed to reverse an End of Days attempt into a tilt-a-whirl DDT. However, that could not get the win, and the second End of Days attempt connected to win.

    Afterward, Corbin tried to attack Rey as well, but The Master of the 619 sent him into the steel post outside.



    Corbin def. Dominik by pinfall.






    Corbin vs. the Mysterios has hardly been an interesting rivalry. After Rey and Dominik disappeared from television, the story halted, and their return has made Dominik look like a rookie again rather than the young prodigy he seemed to be against Seth Rollins.

    Dominik has decent chemistry with The King, but each loss has cut off what little momentum Dominik already had. He is back to playing second fiddle to his father. The clear focus is to build up one more match between Corbin and Rey.

    Ideally, this rivalry ends within the next month. However, with The Knights of the Lone Wolf off TV lately as well as Murphy, WWE will likely complicate things again soon with those stars returning.

Roman Reigns Gets Under Kevin Owens' Skin in Their Final Showdown

4 OF 6

    After Kalisto chatted up Sasha Banks, The Boss ran into Reginald, who gave her the "perfect wine to pair with losing" the SmackDown Women's Championship. Banks left the wine bottle with the sommelier to return to Carmella.

    WWE showed a video package for the whole history of Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns. Michael Cole led a final interview between The Head of the Table and KO. Owens explained that he would never stop getting back up on Sunday until he won.

    Paul Heyman initially refused to let Reigns waste his words on KO, but The Head of the Tables heard Owens speak for too long. He blamed Owens' father for raising him the wrong way to believe he could beat a better man. He called him and his whole family fools.

    With each painful word, Owens lost his cool more and more, calling him a fake mob boss. Reigns turned off the camera for his side of the interview as KO yelled at the screen with fire. Owens looked ready to find Reigns and start the fight early.






    WWE hyped up KO and Reigns' interview as the biggest moment of the night, and it absolutely was. Reigns found a way under Owens' skin and exploited it. However, at the same time, KO clearly frustrated his rival by never losing his confidence.

    The Head of the Table promotes himself as a family man while KO prides himself as the ultimate family man. This interview clearly defined the dynamic between these two that has made this story so special. Without being able to defeat Reigns, KO has just made the WWE universal champion better.

    This match could be the best on the whole card. Even if it is not, these two men will tell a special story together as they have all along the way to get to WWE Royal Rumble.

Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles

5 OF 6

    The Miz and John Morrison got into a fight with Big E backstage about who would make a bigger impact in the men's Royal Rumble match. Sami Zayn tried to recruit Shinsuke Nakamura, but The Artist completely dismissed him.

    AJ Styles told Omos to stay in the back for this match, wanting to prove he can beat The Planet's Champion. Cesaro joined commentary to explain why he has more momentum than either man in the ring.

    After an impressive series to start off the match, Bryan got the upper hand only to be interrupted by Sami Zayn. The distraction allowed The Phenomenal One to knock The Planet's Champion off the top rope to the floor.

    The Master Strategist refused to be left off the show and be silenced, so he spoke to commentary with his camera crew. In the ring, Bryan struggled to get off the ring, trapped in the Calf Crusher until he made it to the bottom rope.

    Bryan shifted his weight to plant Styles with a butterfly suplex that transitioned into the Yes Lock until The Phenomenal One made it to the ropes. Big E arrived and clotheslined The Master Strategist, starting a brawl between everyone.

    Zayn attacked Bryan to cause a disqualification then the heels beat down the faces until Shinsuke Nakamura evened the odds. Cesaro and Nakamura almost came to blows, but Zayn got involved and dumped outside.



    Bryan def. Styles by disqualification.






    While the cheap ending was expected and stopped this match from becoming truly special, Bryan vs. Styles was fantastic once again. The two had a great technical showcase in the midst of chaos at ringside, reminding everyone that they still both have plenty more great matches in store together.

    The two got too much time to wrestle the rest of the hour, so something was always going to happen. With the Rumble Sunday, this was the time to build up a variety of challengers. Bryan and Styles may be more likely to win than most in the match, but WWE needs to build a variety of options.

    The six-man tag team match was only a promise of more action and a story that feels more apprioriate as the Royal Rumble go-home show main event.

Daniel Bryan, Big E and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles, Sami Zayn and Cesaro

6 OF 6

    Daniel Bryan was the first victim of the heels after Sami Zayn caught The Planet's Champion with a chop block. After an emphatic missile dropkick, Bryan finally got to rest his knee, giving an impressive hot tag to Big E that could not be stopped even after a European uppercut from Cesaro.

    The Miz and John Morrison arrived to take out Shinsuke Nakamura at ringside then team up on Big E, forcing the referee to call for another disqualification. Otis arrived, seeing an opportunity to finally get revenge on The A-Lister and The Shaman of Sexy. He cleared both out of the ring.

    The match was restarted as a five-on-four handicap match by Sonya Deville. Again, the heels isolated Bryan, who competed over 30 minutes in the various restarted matches. It looked like the heels had the match won after taking out the other faces, but Sheamus arrived to even the odds.

    Everyone hit impressive offense in a chaotic scene that left Zayn fighting a fresh Celtic Warrior. Sheamus planted him with a Brogue Kick to win. Braun Strowman arrived and took out everyone, hitting a running powerslam on Cesaro to end the night.



    Big E, Bryan and Nakamura def. Cesaro, Styles and Zayn by disqualification; Sheamus, Big E, Bryan, Nakamura and Otis def. Cesaro, Styles, Zayn, Miz and Morrison by pinfall.






    The positive in the original six-man match was seeing more great action. Cesaro and Nakamura gave an early preview of the great match they can have together soon. Bryan and Zayn got back to basics with a fun sequence. Big E got to look like a monster with his hot tag.

    It was just an awkward transition to an unnecessary bigger match because Miz and Morrison had to get involved. All the wrestling here was memorable, and everyone got a small chance to stand out. It just was far too much chaos to enjoy it.

    Strowman ended the night as the big late addition to the men's Royal Rumble match, but everyone knew he would be in the contest without official word. While The Monster Among Men should be seen as a favorite, this moment may have built him up too strong to actually pull it out.

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AEW Dynamite Full Show Live Streaming 27 January 2021


AEW Dynamite Live 1/27/21 January 27th 2021

Watch AEW Dynamite Live 1/27/21 January 27th 2021 Online Full Show Free

Matchcard / Timing / Channels / Infos

Daily Motion Full Show HD


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AEW Dynamite Live 1/27/21 January 27th 2021 Preview

– Show Timing & Infos.

# 8PM ET – AEW Dynamite Live 1/27/21 January 27th 2021.
# 7 Parts HD Every 15 Min During Live.
# Fullshow | 2 Parts, 10Min After Live Over.

– AEW Dynamite Live 1/27/21 January 27th 2021 Match Card.

Singles Match
Dax v Jungle Boy

Singles Match
Dr. Britt v Shanna

Singles Match
Hangman v Hunk

Singles Match
Lance Archer v Eddie Kingston

The Elites Vs Darkorder Tagteam Match
YoungBucks & Good Brothers Vs Darkorders Evil Uno, Grayson, Silver & Reynolds.

# Jon Moxley Promo about the 6 Man Tag Title Match in Beach Break

# Promo, Sting & Allin Address their street fight against team taz.

# Promo, Cody Reponds to Shaq

Watch AEW Dynamite Live 1/27/21 January 27th 2021 Online Full Show Free 720p HD Live stream, 27th January 2021 Dailymotion Live 10 Parts Stream during live broadcast, AEW Dynamite Live 27th January 2021 1/27/21 3 Parts Full HD after show is over

We try our best to give links of all hosts mentioned above, Some times links are switched in deleted hosts, If you need video in any particular host, Request in Request Zone.

WWE NXT Full Show Live Streaming 27 January 2021


WWE NxT Live 1/27/21 January 27th 2021

Video Highlights Removed as new show uploaded

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WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from January 27

Sana Ejaz Khan


    January is a special month every year in NXT due to the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. This year, it is especially clear as tag team wrestling has taken over the product completely.

    Finn Balor has had trouble with Pete Dunne, Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan, but before he could get to The Bruiserweight, he needed help to take out the help. Kyle O'Reilly agreed to work with his rival to take on a common enemy.

    In the men's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, the quarterfinals have arrived. The Grizzled Young Veterans faced a tough fight in the new alliance of Leon Ruff and Kushida. Both have built momentum from nowhere, but Zack Gibson and James Drake were ready to take advantage of their inexperience as a team.

    The other match in the Dusty Classic included newcomers to NXT. The team of Wes Lee and Nash Carter, MSK, made an emphatic statement with an opening-round win against Isaiah "Swerve" Scott and Jake Atlas. In the quarterfinals, they faced Drake Maverick and Killian Dain, the odd couple that has managed to work.

    For the women's Dusty Classic match of the night, Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai stepped into the ring with the lesser-known alliance of Aliyah and Jessi Kamea. It seemed like a lopsided affair, but Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter already proved that anything is possible in this tournament.

    With major stakes on a night dominated by tag team wrestling, only the best would emerge victory. This was sure to be a special night for the black-and-gold brand.

Men's Dusty Rhodes Classic: MSK vs. Drake Maverick and Killian Dain

1 OF 7


    MSK used quick tags early to wear down Drake Maverick, showcasing a unique blend of speed and ingenuity. Killian Dain got into the ring to use Maverick as a human weapon to keep the team's hopes alive. MSK found a unique challenge in a chaotic energy of Maverick and Dain.

    Maverick almost caught Wes Lee by stacking him up, but Lee kicked out at two-and-a-half. Nash Carter tagged in, and the two hit an elevated standing blockbuster for the win.



    MSK def. Maverick and Dain by pinfall to advance in the men's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.






    This felt too short, but the talent delivered. Maverick especially worked well with MSK, who played a unique role as the dominant performers. For the most part, they will be the face team coming back against top heel tag teams in the future.

    At some point, Maverick and Dain deserve a serious run at the NXT Tag Team Championships, but it was never to be this year. MSK has impressed so far and acclimated well to the black-and-gold brand style. Hopefully, they will get a chance to show their personality soon.

Women's Dusty Classic: Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai vs. Aliyah and Jessi Kamea

2 OF 7


    A video package ahead of this tag team match explained why both teams wanted this victory.

    Jessi Kamea got beat down by Raquel Gonzalez early, but Aliyah got into the ring with Dakota Kai to almost turn it around. Robert Stone tried to encourage the underdogs, but Gonzalez stopped a Kamea hot tag easily and planted her with a single-arm powerbomb for the win.



    Gonzalez and Kai def. Aliyah and Kamea by pinfall to advance in the women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.






    This was almost a squash, but the member of the Robert Stone Brand got a little more offense than expected. It made sense that the most established heel women's team in NXT would look so good against a pair of wrestlers that rarely win.

    It could have been fun to see more from them. The Robert Stone Brand has been absent so long that this could have been a soft reboot. Instead, it was made clear that Aliyah will never be the plan in NXT. Kamea has a chance but just needs more of a character.

Tyler Rust (w/ Malcolm Bivens) vs. Danny Garcia

3 OF 7

    A preview was shown for Tegan Nox's rehab with Brie Larson on Larson's YouTube channel. In a pre-taped interview, Malcolm Bivens explained that last week was just a blip on the radar for Tyler Rust.

    Rust punished Danny Garcia by targeting the elbow of his opponent. However, Garcia showed his focus by using his speed to almost pull off an upset. Luckily, Bivens ended the match smiling after Rust caught Garcia in the Rings of Saturn for the win.



    Rust def. Garcia by submission.






    This was the right setup for a squash, and the match was well-wrestled by both performers. Garcia gave Rust fits along the way to show that the rising star is still not ready for serious top stars yet, but ultimately Rust picked up an impressive win.

    Bivens is going to continue to give Rust easy matches, so this could get tiring. For the moment, it was the right spot. Rust is a future star. He just needs momentum and the right opportunity.

Men's Dusty Rhodes Classic: Leon Ruff and Kushida vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

4 OF 7


    Zack Gibson mocked Kushida and Leon Ruff for their lack of experience as a tag team, but The Grizzled Young Veterans shut up quickly when the faces got an early advantage with impressive and focused tag team offense.

    The Japanese Superstar continued to dominate with submission focus when he was in the ring, even as Gibson and James Drake tagged in and out to stay healthy. However, Kushida still could not stay in the fight alone forever.

    Ruff got a hot tag, almost taking the win with a senton bomb, but Drake saved his partner at the perfect moment. Grizzled Young Veterans planted Ruff with Ticket to Mayhem. Afterward, Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory beat down Kushida until Dexter Lumis scared them off.



    Grizzled Young Veterans def. Kushida and Ruff by pinfall to advance in the men's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.






    This was fun nonstop action. Kushida and Ruff work well as the underdogs, working from underneath, especially against a great opportunistic tag team like The Grizzled Young Veterans. There was not much story behind the chaos, but that worked all the same.

    Grizzled Young Veterans continue to work at the highest level as a tag team. It is unlikely they will beat either Undisputed Era or Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa, but Drake and Gibson should win tag team gold by the end of 2021.

Toni Storm Makes Her Intentions Clear to Io Shirai and Mercedes Martinez

5 OF 7

    McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Curt Stallion about who he is. Stallion explained how much he had put into this business to get to NXT and how much more he will do to make his name as NXT cruiserweight champion. Legado del Fantasma injured Stallion backstage to avoid a title match.

    William Regal told Santos Escobar he would defend his title next week no matter what. The champion found a card below his championship as a calling card for some mysterious challenger.

    Toni Storm blamed Io Shirai from taking history away from her multiple times and now wanted to make history by taking something away from The Genius of the Sky, the NXT Women's Championship.

    Shirai arrived and told Storm she would fight her anywhere and any time. Mercedes Martinez planted Shirai before Storm and Martinez got in each other's faces. Shirai dropkicked them both, but Storm recovered and laid out the NXT women's champion to stand tall.






    WWE continues to build up Curt Stallion from an unknown to a worthy challenger. He is the only man Escobar has seemed afraid of to date, actively getting in the way of his No. 1 contender challenging him. It will be interesting to see what they can do next week.

    Storm and Shirai have serious chemistry. The two can main-event NXT TakeOver together. Martinez is also a worthy and interesting rival to The Genius of the Sky. This may end up as a triple threat, but we all deserve Shirai in singles matches with both challengers.

"The Colossal" Bronson Reed vs. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott

6 OF 7

    Adam Cole and Roderick Strong promised they were tougher than Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher. The Blackheart and the technician sat together and talked about their respect for each other after their fight. NXT aired an Imperium vignette on their plans for NXT.

    Isaiah "Swerve" Scott told McKenzie Mitchell that he was finally seeing the hypocrisy of NXT, blaming him for everything while ignoring others' attitude.

    Swerve went right after the right shoulder of Bronson Reed, giving him leverage to wear down and ground The Colossal in the mat. Scott made a mistake by not putting his opponent away, allowing Reed to fight back. Swerve caught The Colossal on the top rope and planted him on his shoulder.

    Scott hit a huge 450 splash that nearly took the victory. A slap to the face by Swerve woke up Reed, who planted Scott with a clothesline and then hit the Tsunami for the win.



    Reed def. Swerve by pinfall.






    This was the best Swerve and Reed have been together. It was the first time Scott felt like he had a legitimate chance to win. However, The Colossal remains too limited in his overall repertoire to have absolute showstealers.

    Reed clearly has become a focus for NXT. He has the size and talent to stand out. However, he is still a few steps away from truly feeling like a main event act. Swerve has more star power, but his size may forever hold him back, especially as an opportunistic heel.

Finn Balor and Kyle O'Reilly vs. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

7 OF 7

    Kyle O'Reilly gritted his teeth to fight through his jaw injury, but Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch gladly took advantage. Finn Balor shifted the momentum whenever he was in the ring, but he had to tag in and out to keep himself fresh, allowing the heels to wear down his former rival.

    At a certain point, The Prince could no longer watch from the sidelines. He tagged in and found himself struggling with the physical tag team work of the heels. The NXT tag team champions dominated with uppercuts and smart double-team impact offense.

    With time to recover, O'Reilly went off on the hot tag and managed to trap Burch in a leg trap for the submission. Afterward, Pete Dunne arrived and worked with Burch and Lorcan to hurt The Prince, breaking his fingers.

    Adam Cole and Roderick Strong were too slow to make the save, but eventually Undisputed Era stood tall with Balor until The Prince tolled away to walk alone.



    Balor and O'Reilly def. Lorcan and Burch by pinfall.






    The main event felt old-school. The tag team action was nothing truly special, but it was always consistently solid. The tag team champions dominated throughout only to lose at the end. It was the latest example of WWE showing a lack of clear respect to the current NXT tag team champions.

    Balor vs. Dunne is going to be special. The inclusion of Undisputed Era felt unnecessary, but UE has been too consistently connected to Dunne, Lorcan and Burch not to get involved. Hopefully, O'Reilly is at least out of the title picture for a few months to get some wins back.

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