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WWE Raw 10/10/22 October 10th 2022

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WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights on DX's 25th Anniversary

Professional PK

    Bray Wyatt (Credit: WWE)

    Welcome to Professional PK's coverage and recap of WWE Raw on October 10.

    This was the 25th anniversary special for D-Generation X, so Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg and X-Pac were on hand for the festivities.

    This week also marked The Miz's 42nd birthday on Saturday, so WWE threw him a party to celebrate.

    We saw father and son do battle, but not who you think. Austin Theory took on his former mentor and NXT dad, Johnny Gargano.

    Bobby Lashley also continued to be the most active champion on the roster when he put the United States title on the line against Seth Rollins.

    Let's look at what went down during Monday's post-Extreme Rules episode of Raw.

The Bloodline Handle Some Business

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    The show opened with DX backstage having some fun with Triple H as the new head of the show instead of the rebel he used to be. This was the definition of immature humor, but they pulled a lot of it off.

    When we went live to the arena, The Bloodline made their way to the ring. The Usos, Solo Sikoa, Sami Zayn, Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns were all in attendance for the season premiere of Raw.

    The Tribal Chief talked about how he doesn't like to dwell on the past, but he is having a hard time moving beyond what happened on Friday. He asked Jey Uso if he was a fool and seemed like he was about to rip into him, but Zayn interrupted. He offered to handle the situation for Reigns, so the champ decided to let him.

    The Honorary Uce tried to explain that Jey's behavior lately hasn't been very "Ucey" as he put it. He said Jey should be more like Jimmy and asked if he could be cool like the rest of them. Jey was about to freak out when Matt Riddle made an appearance.

    The Original Bro and The Honorary Uce agreed to a match to end the segment.

    This was tons of fun and really highlighted how popular Zayn has become. Everyone did a great job on their part.

    Grade: A

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Corey Graves made a big deal out of this being the season premiere of the show before he introduced Kevin Patrick as his new partner on Raw commentary. 
    • Zayn is so over with the crowd. The chant when he started talking was so loud. 
    • Jey is so good at looking angry, which is hilarious when you consider that his twin brother is great at looking happy. Zayn even pointed out Jimmy's smile when he was talking about each member of the group. 

Johnny Gargano vs. Austin Theory

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    The first match of the night saw Gargano and Theory finally take their father-son-relationship-turned-feud into the ring.

    Neither man hesitated to engage when the bell rang. Theory grabbed Gargano onto his shoulders right away, but Johnny Wrestling escaped and faked a superkick to make him fall down. From that moment forward, they were scrapping like bitter enemies.

    Theory used his power advantage to control the more physical exchanges, but Gargano's veteran experience and speed allowed him to make it an even fight for the most part.

    The student used a couple of the master's moves on him in an attempt to embarrass him, but he was never quite as effective at using them as Gargano.

    The finish was surprisingly clean-cut. Gargano hit his signature slingshot DDT for the pin.

    This was a fun match, but it left room for them to improve in future encounters.

    Winner: Johnny Gargano

    Grade: B

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Theory is obviously strong just from his physique, but he has a certain type of explosive power that some people just don't have. He made scooping Gargano up look like it was nothing. 
    • The whole selfie thing is such an unnecessary part of Theory's character now. He should start phasing it out. 
    • Some wrestlers just have a certain level of smoothness to their work that makes them easy to watch. Gargano is one of them. He moves with so much confidence. 
    • Gargano's suicide dive into a DDT looked awesome. 

Chad Gable vs. Rey Mysterio

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    Chad Gable has had an interesting seven days. Last Monday saw him face one of the largest men in WWE, Braun Strowman; and this week, he faced one of the smallest when he battled Rey Mysterio.

    They started with a nice sequence to show off their quickness and technical prowess. Gable seemed to be a step ahead of Mysterio at first, but The Master of the 619 didn't let him control the pace for too long.

    Dominik and Rhea Ripley showed up to distract Rey as the show went to a break. Dom, Ripley and Otis stood outside the ring while Gable and Rey continued to have a competitive match. The elder Mysterio scored the win, but his son immediately approached him and tried to instigate a fight.

    He slapped Rey and kept yelling at him to take a shot. Rey ended up seeing Finn Bálor and Damian Priest coming, so he fought them until Dom laid him out.

    It looked like Rey might finally take a swing, but when he turned around to walk away, Dominik attacked him from behind and hit the 619 while Ripley held him in place.

    The match was good, but what came after was even better. This was easily the best segment in the ongoing Mysterio family saga that we have seen in weeks. It's still dragging on without much advancement, but this encounter pushed it forward in an interesting way.

    Winner: Rey Mysterio

    Grade: B+

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Uli Latukefu from Young Rock was shown sitting in the audience. 
    • The sunset flip Mysterio used to send Gable into the barricade was executed perfectly. 
    • Ripley was wearing what looked like a memorial armband that said Beth Phoenix's name. It was a savage move after what she did at Extreme Rules. 
    • Gable's German suplex is a thing of beauty. 
    • The Judgment Day delivered a group promo after a commercial break. They bragged about Bálor's victory over Edge.

The OC Return, Bayley vs. Candice LeRae

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    During the Judgment Day promo, AJ Styles came out and said Bálor was right all along. He said he has had his back against the wall for too long and needs some friends.

    He and Balor hugged, but then Styles revealed he wasn't talking about them as his friends. Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows made their way down and stood with The Phenomenal One.

    Ripley exited the ring while the remaining six men brawled. Gallows and Priest paired up, Anderson went after Dom, and Styles fought with Bálor. The Nightmare grabbed Dom and left through the crowd while Styles and his buddies drove the rest of the group away.

    The crowd popped huge for the return of The O.C., and it definitely injected some new energy into this feud.

    The promo leading up to Styles' appearance was alright, but everything that came after saved the segment.

    Grade: B+

    The next match was between Bayley and Candice LeRae.

    The Role Model was looking to regain some momentum following her loss to Bianca Belair on Saturday, but LeRae was looking to continue her winning ways since she returned a few weeks ago.

    While Bayley had a slight power and height advantage, The Poison Pixie did not let her dominate the entire match. They each did some damage, but The Role Model definitely did more during the commercial break when she focused some of her attention on LeRae's knee.

    Shortly after we returned, LeRae was able to steal the win with an inside cradle. Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky immediately attacked her as she tried to make a quick exit up the ramp. Damage CTRL proceeded to decimate her. Belair tried to make the save, but she was taken out, too.

    There was more that could have been done in both the match and what we saw after, but it was entertaining and showed some real chemistry between LeRae and Bayley. This is a pairing WWE should make sure to revisit for a bigger encounter.

    Winner: Candice LeRae

    Grade: C+

    Notable Moments and Observations:

    • The pop for Gallows and Anderson was wild. Let's hope WWE does more with The O.C. than during their first run. 
    • Bayley did a great job of not making it look like she was 100 percent. She went through a ladder match two days ago, so selling the effects of that adds some consistency. 
    • Why doesn't anyone ever try to use the pointless suspenders Bayley had hanging down from her pants? It would be such an easy thing to exploit. 

The Miz's Birthday, Omos Squash Match

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    The Miz's birthday celebration was up next. The ring was decked out in decorations and had a table covered with gifts. Before they came out, Maryse gave her husband a bat as a gift, so he carried it to the ring.

    One of the gifts was hiding Dexter Lumis' head, but when The Miz hit it with a bat, he disappeared. Lumis came up behind him and grabbed him in a chokehold. The A-Lister ran away and left his wife alone in the ring with his nemesis.

    Maryse eventually ran away, leaving Lumis to pop the giant yoga balls she got him as a gift.

    This segment did not move the story forward and ultimately felt kind of pointless. Most of the jokes did not land, and it was over quicker than usual for this kind of segment. We need to know the motivation behind why Lumis is doing this.

    Grade: C

    DX were shown trying to fire up the two jobbers who would end up getting squashed by Omos in the next bout. This was the usual easy win for Omos.

    While it was nothing special, it was probably the best of these quick bouts we have seen from The Nigerian Giant. The suplex throw he hit on one guy was particularly impressive.

    Winner: Omos

    Grade: C-

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • The Miz is so great at using sports references to get cheap heat. Some people just mock the home team, but he goes into detail. 
    • Maryse was supposed to crash into the cake, but she missed most of it. 
    • WWE needs to let MVP talk more again. He is only going to help Omos get over if he can use his mic skills every week. 
    • One of the jobbers trying to bail was pretty funny. 

Bobby Lashley vs. Seth Rollins

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    We got a recap of Bray Wyatt's return at Extreme Rules before Rollins got another shot at the U.S. title against Lashley. He gave a quick promo but was soon interrupted by Brock Lesnar.

    After entering the ring, The Beast Incarnate quickly scooped Lashley up and hit him with the F-5. The All Mighty did not stay down for long, so Lesnar grabbed him for a German suplex and another F-5. He applied the Kimura Lock and held it on until he felt like enough damage had been done.

    Rollins came out after the break and mocked Lashley, as officials tried to help him to the back. He questioned The All Mighty's resolve and called him a disgrace to his country.

    Lashley came back and tried to hit a Spear, but Rollins turned it into a Pedigree for a two-count. He also hit a frog splash, but the champ still kicked out.

    The Visionary ended up being able to win with the Stomp to become the new United States champion.

    While there will be debate over how this was all booked, it was a decent way to get the title on Rollins and still allow Lashley to look like a valiant fighter.

    Winner: Seth Rollins

    Grade: B-

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Lashley has turned into such a great babyface because WWE finally figured out how to use him. He does not need to give 10-minute promos every week. All he needs is go out there and put on great matches, and that is exactly what he has been doing. 
    • Once Lesnar began to attack Lashley, the crowd seemed mixed on how to respond. You could tell a lot of the people who cheered for him during his entrance were upset to see The All Mighty taken out this way. 
    • Having Rollins take cheap shots about Lashley being a soldier was effective heel work. It was believable that Lashley would be too offended by that to walk away. 

Matt Riddle vs. Sami Zayn

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    The final match of the night saw The Bro take on The Honorary Uce. The Usos were by Zayn's side, but only Jimmy seemed to want to encourage him.

    Riddle took control almost immediately and put Zayn on defense. The Usos watched as Zayn was able to make a comeback, and Jey even helped by hitting Riddle with a kick while the ref was distracted. Zayn actually told him he did not need his help.

    This was a competitive fight until Jey tried to interfere again. Zayn stopped him, and it allowed Riddle to take over once again. The longer they went, the better this got.

    After some more shenanigans with The Usos, Riddle was able to win with the RKO.

    Winner: Matt Riddle

    Grade: B+

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • We saw a quick teaser for the return of Elias next week before this match took place. 
    • Zayn's slingshot moonsault to the floor is a great spot. He has used it sparingly in recent years, so it's fun whenever he breaks it out again. 
    • For a guy with MMA experience, Riddle has a few signature strikes that don't always look great. There is a big difference between punches that work and punches that look good on screen. 

DX Reunion

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    The final segment of the evening was the big 25th-anniversary reunion of DX. Triple H, HBK, Road Dogg and X-Pac were present.

    Each got a chance to speak. They joked around about being old but still had the crowd in the palms of their hands.

    This was a pretty basic segment. There was no physicality with any younger stars, no big stunts and no special cameos. It was alright but might have fallen short for some fans.

    Grade: C

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • It was nice of Triple H to change out of his suit because everyone knows you have to wear a leather jacket to qualify as a degenerate. 
    • X-Pac giving Chyna a shoutout was a nice moment. She has been ignored in many of these segments over the years, and she should be honored for her contributions to the group.
    • It was cool how the crowd filled in the blank for Road Dogg by saying "Badass Billy Gunn" during his usual intro.

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