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WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights After WrestleMania 37

Sana Ejaz Khan


    WrestleMania 37 was two nights of wild action in front of the first major live WWE crowd since the start of the pandemic. 

    Three titles changed hands from the red brand this weekend. Rhea Ripley became the Raw women's champion, AJ Styles and Omos won the Raw Tag Team Championships from The New Day, and Sheamus defeated Riddle for the U.S. title.

    Bad Bunny and Damian Priest overcame The Miz and John Morrison in a match many have called one of the greatest celebrity bouts of all time.

    Bobby Lashley, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler left 'Mania with their title reigns intact. We also saw Randy Orton defeat The Fiend in one of the weirdest encounters in WrestleMania history. 

    Monday's Raw was all about dealing with the WrestleMania fallout while planting the seeds for Backlash on May 16. Let's take a look at everything that happened on Monday's show. 

Bobby Lashley vs. Riddle

1 OF 6

    As Lashley arrived at the arena, he had a confrontation with Riddle that led to this match being booked. As the former U.S. champion made his entrance, The All Mighty attacked him.

    He absolutely destroyed Riddle at ringside by throwing him into the ring post, steps and barricade. He finally rolled him back into the ring and for some reason, Riddle told the ref he wanted to continue.

    The bell rang and Lashley went right back to dominating his opponent. Riddle started to get in some offense after the commercial break. He tried to hit the Floating Bro but Lashley moved and grabbed him in the Hurt Lock for the win. 

    Grade: C+



    You have to give credit to Vince McMahon. He knows how much people enjoy watching Riddle get beaten up and he gives us that on a regular basis. 

    This was a one-sided beatdown that was a lot of fun if you are a fan of Lashley. As a match, it was nothing special. The All Mighty got an easy win to keep him looking strong. Basic booking. 

    Riddle, on the other hand, appears to be in a slump. 

The Viking Raiders vs. Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin

2 OF 6

    The Viking Raiders made their return this week to take on Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin. Ivar took control of Alexander immediately and brought him over to his corner for a double-team move.

    Benjamin tagged in and knocked Ivar off the apron so he could get a two-count on Erik. He slammed Erik a few times and hit a textbook suplex for another near-fall.

    Ivar got the hot tag and went to work. He softened both opponents up so Erik could come back in to hit The Viking Experience for the win. 

    Grade: C+



    One would usually expect a returning team to get an easy win, especially if those people are Erik and Ivar. Shockingly, this was no just a one-sided brawl.

    Alexander and Benjamin got in plenty of offense during the middle third of the match before Ivar started going on a rampage. 

    This was fun because we got to see a great tag team return, but the quality of the match was average at best. It was designed to remind us who these guys are and that is what it did. 

Rhea Ripley vs. Asuka (Raw Women's Title)

3 OF 6

    Charlotte Flair came out and complained about not being at WrestleMania and how it wasn't her fault. She said everything was out of her control.

    The Queen talked about how nobody measures up to her and accused the WWE fans of being naive to think she steals opportunities. She said "I am the opportunity.' After she left Asuka came out for her rematch against Ripley. 

    They locked up and Asuka forced the champ to the corner for some strikes. Ripley fired back at her and the ref had to pull them apart. The Aussie tossed The Empress across the ring by her hair before Asuka tried to apply an armbar. 

    After the break, Ripley was slamming Asuka's head into the top turnbuckle and talking a lot of trash. The former champion hit a missile dropkick to take her down and shut her up. A few well-placed kicks scored her a two-count. 

    They messed up a crucifix pin spot but recovered nicely. The Empress hit a brutal DDT on the apron. As they struggled to get to their feet, Charlotte shoved both women into the steel steps. She took out both competitors with bare feet and left them 

    Grade: B+



    The promo from Charlotte before the match is the perfect example of why she shouldn't be a babyface. She is made to be an arrogant heel just like her father. The Queen pulled this off beautifully. 

    The match between Asuka and Ripley was just as good as their fight from this weekend. In fact, it may have been slightly better. Ending with a DQ would normally be lazy booking but in this case, it made sense.

    This prevents Asuka from taking another clean loss while putting Charlotte right back into the title picture with the new champion. This was good from start to finish. 

The Miz and John Morrison vs. Damian Priest

4 OF 6

    The Miz, John Morrison and Maryse were out for an episode of Miz TV. This was just a shameless plug for their returning reality show, but it ended with Damian Priest coming out and agreeing to a handicap match.

    The Archer of Infamy took The Miz down and knocked Morrison off the apron right away. The numbers game eventually caught up to him and JoMo scored a two-count. 

    Priest regained the upper hand and hit The Miz with a big chokeslam for a near-fall. He climbed to the top rope and hit a flying heel kick to Morrison. 

    Maryse caused a distraction that allowed The Miz to roll Priest up. He got the pin with some help from the ring ropes, but he had to do it in his underwear after his pants were torn off in the fight. 

    Grade: C-



    The Miz TV segment was just an extended promo for his show, so it felt forced and did not come off as being as funny as WWE had hoped.

    The match that followed was mediocre and definitely had the wrong result. Why would WWE have Priest lose after his first win at WrestleMania? It makes no sense. The action was good but the booking was too weak to earn a higher grade. 

    At moments, it felt like The Miz was getting tired of Morrison, which could indicate a breakup down the line. 

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax vs. Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose

5 OF 6

    A backstage altercation with Jax led to this tag team bout with the champions taking on Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke in a non-title contest. 

    Shayna Baszler and Jax easily took control of Brooke and kept her isolated to prevent a tag. Rose made a blind tag and hit a missile dropkick to take The Queen of Spades off her feet.

    Jax slipped on the apron while getting back into the ring and Rose started laughing. She chased Rose and Brooke away and they ended up being counted out. 

    Grade: D-



    We all knew Rose's slip would be referenced in some way tonight, but to book the outcome of this match around it was not as clever as whoever came up with the idea thought it was.

    Jax and Baszler dominated most of the action and won by countout. If Rose and Brooke somehow earn a title shot out of this nonsense, it will confirm that WWE has stopped trying to come up with good storylines for the women's tag team division. 

The New Day vs. Elias and Jaxson Ryker

6 OF 6

    The New Day interrupted Elias and Jaxson Ryker's attempt to sing a song before the match. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods mocked them for getting destroyed by Braun Strowman. Elias gave it right back to them when he talked about Omos taking their tag titles.

    Ryker tried to take control but Woods and Kingston sent him and Elias out of the ring for a pair of dives as the show went to a break. 

    We returned to see Ryker hit Woods with a spinebuster for a two-count. It took the game a long time to break away from his opponents so he could make the tag to Kingston.

    The former WWE champion took out Elias and Ryker with a flurry of kicks. The New Day picked up the win

    Grade: B-



    This was a cold match that didn't make a ton of sense right away, but both teams did a decent job convincing us that they hate each other enough to make this a personal fight. 

    The match was fine. They didn't make any big mistakes but they also didn't do anything to make it memorable. It was down the middle. 

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