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AEW Dynamite Full Show HD 23 November 2022


AEW Dynamite Live 11/23/22 November 23rd 2022

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AEW Dynamite Live 11/23/22 November 23rd 2022 Preview

– Show Timing & Infos.

# 8PM ET – AEW Dynamite Live 11/23/22 November 23rd 2022.
# 7 Parts HD Every 15 Min During Live.
# Fullshow | 2 Parts, 10Min After Live Over.

– AEW Dynamite Live 11/23/22 November 23rd 2022 Match Card.

AEW Trios Championship – Best of 7 Series : Match 2
Death Triangle Vs The elites

World Title Eliminator Tournamtent Finale
Ethan Page Vs Ricky Starks

AEW All-Atlantic Championship
Orange Cassidy Vs Jake Hager

Rhh World Championship Match
Chris Jericho Vs Tomohiro Ishii

Promo : We’ll hear from william Regal.

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WWE NXT Full Show HD 22 November 2022


WWE NxT Live 11/22/22 November 22nd 2022

Watch WWE NxT Live 11/22/22 November 22nd 2022 Online Full Show Free

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NXT Countdown

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WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from November 22

Sana Ejaz Khan

    Wes Lee and Carmelo Hayes finally fought one-on-one for the NXT North American Championship.

    Carmelo Hayes and Wes Lee have finally reached the climax of their feud. While these two have been fighting for a while, a one-on-one match had not quite come together until the November 22 edition of WWE NXT.

    Cora Jade and Wendy Choo would also clash in the hopes of putting an end to their rivalry.

    Following her recent betrayal of Nikkita Lyons, Zoey Stark was looking to build momentum at the expense of newcomer Sol Ruca.

    Toxic Attaction were also set to appear, opening the show after Mandy Rose's latest successful title defense against Alba Fyre. But no one knew what the group would have to say about the future of the NXT women's division.

    There was more expected for this show, especially as Bron Breakker and Apollo Crews look ready to fight and NXT Deadline is just around the corner.

Toxic Attraction Take Out Kayden Carter and Katana Chance

1 OF 7

    Mandy Rose bragged about her success before Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne turned the focus to the NXT Women's Tag Team Championships. Katana Chance and Kayden Carter interrupted, leading to a brawl in which Toxic Attraction laid them out.

    This was a paint-by-numbers segment for the heel stable, but its purpose was accomplished. Carter and Chance still haven't truly taken down the former champions, and that feud can be one of the highlights of NXT Deadline on December 10.

    It was interesting to have no one step to the NXT women's champion, who should have plenty more potential challengers. This would seem to indicate Rose will not be wrestling at Deadline and will wait for the winner of the Iron Survivor Challenge instead.



    Notable Moments

    • Rose tried to play off her win as being all her own doing, ignoring Isla Dawn's interference. Carter and Chance called her out on that when they interrupted.

Cora Jade vs. Wendy Choo

2 OF 7

    Wendy Choo kept Cora Jade on her toes, but Jade was unafraid to cheat to pull ahead.

    Jade threw Choo's drink in her face and then hit a DDT to win. Afterward, Choo was left in the ring crying.

    This was better than expected. Jade has found her way as a heel in the ring, while Choo remains an underrated in-ring performer. While there was only one possible result to come of this match, the two told a complete story in the ring with solid time.

    The main concern at the moment is whether Choo can translate beyond NXT, and it seems the brand could be evolving that gimmick. There have been some subtle hints that she could bring back some aspect of her old character, Mei Ying.


    Jade def. Choo by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

    • Before heading to the ring, Jade promised to leave her mark on Choo.
    • In a pre-taped segment, Apollo Crews talked about his upcoming match with Bron Breakker, going over the history that led him to the NXT Championship picture.

Kiana James vs. Ivy Nile (w/ Tatum Paxley)

3 OF 7

    Kiana James' confidence was shattered when Ivy Nile sent her outside. Fallon Henley got in her face, leading her back into the ring to walk into a Dragon Sleeper for the submission.

    Henley brawled with James into the crowd. The Creed Brothers celebrated with Nile and then called out Indus Sher for Deadline. Nile was not happy about that challenge.

    Nile remains a capable performer but needs to show what she can do more against serious competition. This was an uneventful match that felt longer than its four-minute run time.

    Some of that is down to James remaining far too green. She is not impressing as an in-ring worker or entertainer. Henley at least seems to be getting some rub by beating her down.


    Nile def. James by submission.



    Notable Moments

    • James told McKenzie Mitchell that she wasn't intimidated by Nile before explaining that her deal to buy Henley's bar only fell through due to stupidity.
    • James walked around the ring with Nile on her shoulder before hitting a backbreaker. Nile connected on an impressive headscissors takedown and gutwrench suplex.
    • Javier Bernal continued to challenge only competitors who were not on the active roster, while Mitchell questioned whether he really wanted to wrestle.

Scrypts vs. Guru Raj

4 OF 7

    Scrypts made quick work of Guru Raj, ending their match with a top rope cannonball. Afterward, he left a note on his fallen opponent with his signature.

    After weeks of outright threats to NXT and the WWE Performance Center, Scrypts came in and wrestled a plain cruiserweight squash. While his athleticism is impressive, nothing about this carried the same weight as the promos that preceded.

    That said, he is clearly talented, and there is an easy story to tell with him as the super-villain to Axiom down the line. Hopefully, the awkward mask stays on in all the wild action between the two.


    Scrypts def. Raj by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

    • Scrypts is clearly the former Reggie under a poorly made mask. His athleticism remains immensely impressive, even if the gimmick is questionable.
    • In a vignette, Ivy Nile warned Alba Fyre that her darkness would overcome her fire.
    • Schism told the world that they were done adding to their group, and Joe Gacy sent a fan through a table after he had been lured into the ring by Ava Raine.
    • Malik Blade and Edris Enofé tried to invite Von Wagner to their night out, but Wagner called them losers, starting a fight in the parking lot.
    • Charlie Dempsey questioned the legitimacy of the NXT locker room, putting over his old-school professional wrestling focus.

Zoey Stark vs. Sol Ruca

5 OF 7

    Zoey Stark looked to back up her words this week by taking out a young star in Sol Ruca.

    Sol Ruca's athleticism had Zoey Stark reeling, but the veteran did not allow her to put it away. She dodged a dive from Ruca and hit a running knee to win.

    Nikkita Lyons came out afterward to fight Stark and sent her reeling.

    This wasn't the type of match Stark should be having right after her big heel turn. She gave Ruca too much and did too little to stand out. While Ruca is clearly improving, this should have been a more condensed squash.

    Lyons' return felt more climactic than it should have been, but the two are doing solid work to build their rivalry. Hopefully, NXT will give their match the right spotlight.


    Stark def. Ruca by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

    • NXT showed Ruca's TikTok message to Stark, in which she refused to accept her negative energy.
    • Ruca nearly got the win off a handstand splash and running powerslam.
    • Bron Breakker talked about the pressure of being NXT champion and the way he found his center with all the pressure: fishing on his favorite lake.

NXT Tag Team Championship: Pretty Deadly (c) vs. Andre Chase and Duke Hudson

6 OF 7

    Andre Chase took a beating in this match, setting up Duke Hudson for the hot tag run. However, after Hudson accidentally big-booted Chase, Kit Wilson and Elton Prince took advantage to hit Spilt Milk on Chase for the win.

    Hudson's angle with Chase U is the most entertaining story in NXT. He continues to show off his acting chops, making it hard to tell whether he is playing Chase or honestly learning to be better.

    This match was never going to end with a shocking result, but this was a fun TV title bout. Hudson was a great hot tag while Chase played his role as talented technician well. Pretty Deadly kept it all grounded to add another quality defense to their run.


    Pretty Deadly def. Chase U by pinfall to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship.



    Notable Moments

    • In the locker room, Grayson Waller questioned Hudson's loyalty to Chase U.
    • Later, Pretty Deadly questioned the same, causing a brawl. Hudson told Chase about the situation and announced they had a tag title match coming up.
    • Chase caught Prince in a headlock and then kicked away the hand of Wilson, who was trying to tag in. When Wilson tried to attack him, The Professor suplexed him followed by a combination arm drag and headscissors to take down Pretty Deadly.
    • Hudson missed a big tag from Chase after Wilson knocked down Thea Hail outside.

NXT North American Championship: Wes Lee (c) vs. Carmelo Hayes

7 OF 7

    Carmelo Hayes brought his best to his match with Wes Lee, but it was not enough.

    The NXT North American champion had an answer to everything, hitting a handspring back kick into a Michinoku Driver for the victory.

    An animation for a jail cell opening showed on the stage screen, and Lee turned around to see the former T-Bar, now returning to his old name Dijak. He planted the champion with Feast Your Eyes.

    This was a fantastic main event, which lived up to its build. Lee and Melo have chemistry to spare, and they left it all in the ring.

    This was one of NXT's best matches of the year. It is almost a disappointment the two did not get to have this bout at a pay-per-view without commercials.

    The NXT North American champion did not just beat The A Champion, though. He looked like the better man, matching him move for move. It was an important statement after over a year of Melo dominating NXT.

    He will move on to bigger and brighter things while Lee proves himself night in and night out. His next challenge will be Dijak, a proven star who needs this fresh start in NXT.


    Lee def. Melo by pinfall to retain the NXT North American Championship.



    Notable Moments

    • Early in the night, Lee tried to convince Trick Williams that he was not needed in The A Champion's corner for the main event. He took it to heart and walked out alone.
    • Melo and Lee exchanged punches in the center of the ring, ending with a corner right hand, a running back uppercut and poisonrana from Lee for a near-fall.
    • Lee almost got the victory off a running double knee smash and then cartwheel-kicked Melo out of the ring. Trick walked out, and Lee somersaulted onto him.

WWE Raw Full Show HD 21 November 2022


WWE Raw 11/21/22 November 11th 2022

Watch WWE Raw 11/21/22 November 11th 2022 Online Full Show Free

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WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from November 21

Sana Ejaz Khan

    Austin Theory.

    Welcome to ProfessionalPK's coverage and recap of WWE Raw on November 21.

    We are in the final stretch before Survivor Series on Saturday, so most of the segments from this week's show were designed to build and hype the pay-per-view.

    Heading into Monday's show, the final member of Bianca Belair's WarGames team had yet to be revealed, but that didn't stop Asuka and Rhea Ripley from engaging in a singles match.

    This weekend's show will be the final PPV of the year for WWE. That means everyone will be looking to go out with a bang so they are in a good position heading into the Royal Rumble on January 28.

    Let's look at what went down during Monday's show.

The Judgment Day vs. The Brawling Brutes

1 OF 6

    Kevin Owens opened the show with a promo talking about why he joined the WarGames match. He said he is specifically focused on taking out Roman Reigns. He eventually brought out The Brawling Brutes and Drew McIntyre.

    The Judgment Day came out to tell the Brutes and McIntyre to head back to SmackDown or show them some respect. This led to the first match of the night.

    Kevin Owens joined commentary while Rhea Ripley and McIntyre stood in their teams' respective corners. We returned from a break to see the contest had been made official.

    Sheamus and Damian Priest traded strikes until The Celtic Warrior tagged in Ridge Holland.

    Holland took a lot of damage as the opposing team traded quick tags to cut him off from his corner. Dunne was put into a similar position through the second commercial break.

    The O.C. stopped Dominik Mysterio from trying to escape the clutches of Sheamus, so The Celtic Warrior was able to take control of the young star and win with a Brogue Kick.

    Most of the people involved in this match can be considered veterans at this point in their careers and that helped the less experienced competitors look better.

    The pace of the match was good because they were given enough time for everybody to have a few minutes in the ring. Even Mysterio looked better than usual.

    Winners: The Brawling Brutes

    Grade: B

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • The Brawling Brutes and McIntyre coming through the crowd felt like an intentional Shield reference since we just passed the 10th anniversary of the group's debut. 
    • "There's a banger cooking on the stove" should be a permanent catchphrase for Sheamus. 
    • The Celtic Warrior and Priest worked well together. That would be a fun singles feud with some stiff matches. 

Omos vs. Johnny Gargano

2 OF 6

    Johnny Gargano was expecting to face The Miz in the next match, but The A-Lister showed up with his hand bandaged in what was clearly another fake injury. He said he had found a worthy opponent for Johnny Wrestling before bringing out Omos and MVP.

    Gargano tried to mount some offense but was quickly overpowered. The Miz tripped him on the apron, but it didn't stop him from beginning to make a comeback.

    The former NXT champion got Omos off his feet and unloaded on him with a series of kicks to the head. The Nigerian Giant caught him jumping off the top rope and hit a huge chokeslam for the win.

    This match wasn't much, but it was probably one of the best bouts Omos has had on Raw because Gargano makes everything entertaining.

    Winner: Omos

    Grade: C

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • There are a lot of people who probably won't understand Miz's line about owning a cactus in California. 
    • The look on Gargano's face when Omos came out was perfect. 

Mustafa Ali vs. Austin Theory

3 OF 6

    Seth Rollins and Austin Theory each gave separate promos and interviews before the former Mr. Money in the Bank took on Mustafa Ali in the next match.

    Ali still had his ribs wrapped up to sell an injury, so Theory was sure to target his midsection right away with some shoulder thrusts in the corner.

    The 25-year-old had the upper hand for a long time, but Ali turned him inside out with a tornado DDT to give himself a little breathing room.

    Ali hit the 450 splash but was unable to make the cover before Theory rolled out of the ring. After he recovered, Theory hit A-Town Down for the win.

    This was a solid match that helped establish Theory as a dangerous talent moving forward.

    Bobby Lashley appeared on the big screen and told Theory not to move because he would be heading to the ring during the break. They traded some insults before getting into a fight. The All Mighty no-sold a chair shot and chased him out of the arena. Lashley ended up taking out his frustrations on Ali.

    Winner: Austin Theory

    Grade: B

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • When Theory is being serious and not acting like an immature idiot, he is easier to handle. The pre-match promo he gave was decent. 
    • Ali's tornado DDT was picture-perfect. Theory did a great job manipulating his body weight to sell the move, too. 
    • The sunset flip powerbomb they performed in the corner looked great. That's a move that is easy to screw up, but they hit it flush. 
    • Lashley got a great reaction and played into it, so maybe he isn't a heel just yet. 

Alpha Academy vs. Elias and Matt Riddle

4 OF 6

    Elias and Matt Riddle teamed up to take on Chad Gable and Otis this week. The crooner and the Olympian started for their teams with a quick exchange of holds and takedowns.

    We returned from a break to see Gable on defense against The Original Bro. Once Otis tagged in and took over, Riddle was the one fighting to stay in the match.

    Predictably, Elias was able to regain control for his team after a hot tag, but Otis ended up catching him for a slam against the barricade at the same time as Gable suplexed Riddle on the apron.

    Both teams had a few close calls, but Elias and Riddle ultimately scored the win by hitting their finishers on Gable.

    All in all, this was a relatively standard WWE-style tag team match. Both teams had time to shine and the combo of Riddle and Elias seemed over with the crowd, so it wouldn't be shocking if they teamed up for a while until WWE figures out plans for each man on his own.

    Winners: Elias and Matt Riddle

    Grade: B

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Elias and Gable had great chemistry. The musician is a better wrestler than a lot of people might think because he doesn't always work a technical style. 
    • Gable's northern lights suplex is always a thing of beauty. 
    • The suplex Gable hit on the apron looked painful. Riddle is gonna be sore in the morning. 
    • The way Riddle took Gable out of the ring with a headscissor looked rough. 

Baron Corbin vs. Drew McIntyre

5 OF 6

    Baron Corbin and JBL were playing cards backstage when Drew McIntyre walked in to see what was going on. He ended up punching Corbin in the face and told him to meet in the ring if he was man enough.

    The one-time WrestleMania opponents clashed after two commercial breaks and some filler, but once they got inside the ring, they went at each other hard.

    McIntyre and Corbin are both known for their power and strikes, so there was no chain wrestling to be seen. It was all about leaving as many bruises as they could on each other.

    This match might not have been unique, but it was kind of fun. These guys know how to work together and made sure to deliver a solid performance.

    Considering McIntyre is on the Survivor Series card and Corbin isn't, it shouldn't surprise anyone that The Scottish Warrior scored the win. However, he did so with a small distraction from Akira Tozawa.

    Winner: Drew McIntyre

    Grade: B-

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • JBL's joke about the World Cup almost made McIntyre laugh. 
    • Corbin's theme would work so much better for a babyface character. 
    • Corbin might not have the biggest arsenal of moves, but everything he does regularly, he does well. He just needs to add some new tricks to his game. 
    • McIntyre has a nice Michinoku driver. 
    • The Future Shock DDT did not look good at all. They mistimed it a bit. 

Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley

6 OF 6

    The Judgment Day and The O.C. ended up getting into a huge brawl backstage that spilled out into the parking lot.

    When we returned from a break, the two teams in the women's WarGames match gave some promos before Asuka and Ripley met for a bout. The winning side would get the advantage with entries during Saturday's contest.

    As expected, Ripley and Asuka had a competitive match that allowed both to play to their strengths. The Empress of Tomorrow was all about the strikes, while The Nightmare kept trying to overpower her.

    After some distractions, Ripley was able to get the win with a Riptide.

    This was a solid main event between two of the toughest women on the roster. WarGames should be a lot of fun if this was a preview.

    The show ended with both teams fighting at ringside.

    Winner: Rhea Ripley

    Grade: B+

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Ripley did not seem to show any damage from fighting Mia Yim backstage. 
    • The Australian has improved so much since joining WWE. Seeing her go from the young girl in the Mae Young Classic to one of the most badass Superstars in the entire company has been so much fun to watch. 
    • The way Ripley had the ankle lock applied looked legitimately painful. She had Asuka's ankle bent in a weird way. 

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