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A sentence that expresses a command or an order is called an
(A)    Imperative sentence
(B)    Exclamatory sentence
(C)     Assertive sentence
(D)    All of them

A group of words which forms part of sentence and contains a subject and a predicate, is called a
(A)    Phrase
(B)    Sentence
(C)     Clause
(D)    Declarative sentence

A word used to add something to the meaning of a verb, an adjective, or an adverb, is called:
(A) Clause
(B) Adverb
(C) Noun
(D) Adjective

A word used with a noun or a pronoun to show how the person or thing denoted by the noun or pronoun stands in relation to something else is called
(A)    Adverb
(B)    (B) Adjective
(C)     Determiners
(D)    Preposition

A word which expresses some sudden feeling is called
(A)    Conjunction
(B)    (B) Interjection
(C)     Determiner
(D)    Preposition

A word used with a noun to describe or point out, the person, animal, place or thing which the noun names, or to tell the number or quantity, is called an
(A)    Adverb
(B)    Apposition
(C)     Adjective
(D)    All of them

When the article is used before proper noun, it becomes:
(A)    Mutual noun
(B)    Pronoun
(C)     Abstractnoun
(D)    Common noun

When a verb in a sentence shows that the person or thing denoted by the subject does something, the sentence will be called as:
(A)    Passive
(B)     Active
(C)     Simple
(D)    Compound

A form of a verb which shows whether what is
denoted by the subject. Does something or has something done to it is called
(A)    Participle
(B)    Gerund
(C)     Infinitive
(D)    Voice

The mode or manner in which the action denoted by the verb is called
(A)    Infinitive
(B)    Voice
(C)     Command
(D)     Mood

In exclamatory sentences beginning with here and there to express what is actually taking place in the present, the tense used is:
(A)    Future
(B)    Present and past
(C)     Present
(D)    Past

Which tense is used for an -action which began at some time in the past and is still continuing?
(A)    Present indefinite
(B)    Present continuous
(C)     Present perfect
(D)    Present perfect continuous

Which tense is used for an action that began before a certain point in the past and continued up to that time?
(A)    Past continuous
(B)    Past perfect continuous
(C)     Past perfect
(D)    Past indefinite

A form of the verb which partakes of the nature both of a verb and of an adjective is called
(A)    Phrase
(B)    Analogue
(C)     Participle
(D)    Infinitive

Alas! Hello! Hurrah! Ah! Etc are called:
(A) Conjunction
(B) Interjection
(C) Exclamations
(D) All of them

Who heads Pakistan Navy?
(A) Principal sentence
(B)    Complex sentence
(C)     Compound sentence
(D)    All of them

A mode of speech in which the real meaning is exactly the opposite of that which is literally conveyed is called
(A)    ‘Pun
(B)    Metaphor
(C)     Hyperbole
(D)    Irony

When a comparison is made between two objects of different kinds which have however at least one point in common. The figure of Speech used for- this comparison is called
(A)    Simile
(B)    Metaphor
(C)     Apostrophe
(D)    Irony

When inanimate objects and abstract notions
are spoken of as having life and intelligence
the figure of speech used is called
(A)    Metonymy
(B)    Personification
(C)     Euphemism
(D)    Antithesis:

General Knowledge

Which is the longest river of Europe?
(A)    Volga
(B)    Danube
(C)     Amur
(D)    None of these

On June 21, the sun is vertically overhead the
(A)    Tropic of Capricorn
(B)    Equator
(C)     Position of the sun is not definite
(D)    Tropic of Cancer

Altinkaya Dam is located in:
(A)    Turkey
(B)    Argentina
(C)     Iran
(D)    Ghana

Which of the following countries is in the continent of Europe?
(A)' Albania
(B) Algeria
(C)     Libya
(D)    Venezuela

Which is the smallest continent of the world area-wise?
(A)    Antarctica
(B)    Asia
(C)     Australia
(D)    Europe

What is the share of urban population in the total population of Pakistan according to census of 19987
(A)    38.6%
(B)    42.6%
(C)     35
(D)    37

What is “Ikebana”?
(A)    Japanese Art of flower arrangement
(B)    Greek Art of fighting
(C)     Art of dancing and music
(D)    None of the above

In which type of climate are coniferous forests found?
(A)    Savanna
(B)    Mediterranean
(C)     Siberian
(D)    Hot desert

Which of the following is the icy continent?
(A) Greenland
(B) Antarctica
(C) Australia
(D) None of these

The length of the Suez Canal is approximately (A) 110 km (B) 150 km (C) 170 km (D) 125 km
Which.of the following is an example of seasonal winds?
(A)    Thunderstorms
(B)    (B) Monsoon
(C)     Cyclones
(D)    Anticyclones

When the period of Kharif crop “starts and when ends?
(A)    June-September
(B)    October-May
(C)     May-October
(D)    Jan.-October

How many Radio station were working in Pakistan at the time of partition of sub- continent?
(A)    3
(B)    4
(C)     5
(D)    6

 Which country is called Land of rabbits?
(B) Canada
(D) Ireland

Which of the following types of forests account for most of the total forest area in the world?
(A) Deciduorjs
(B) Littoral
(C)     Broad-leaved
(D)    Coniferous

When Pakistan won the Cricket World Cup?
(A) 1992
(B) 1996
(C)     1999
(D)    2003

In the Feb 2010 the share of agriculture in employment is:
(A)    45%
(B)    40%
(C)     42%
(D)    41%

Name the king who fell from the horse while playing Polo and died
(A)    Akbar
(B)    Muhammad Ghori
(C)     Zaheer-ud-Din Babar
(D)    QutbuddinAibak

…………is the largest Island of Pakistan is.
(A)    Kemari
(B)    Kalachl
(C)     Manora
(D)    Astola Island

Which one of the following is the largest sector of Pakistan's economy?
(A)    Agriculture
(B)    Banking
(C)     Industry
(D)    Manufacturing

Which one is the dominant source of foreign exchange eaming?
(A)    Textile
(B)    Foreign remittance
(C)     Agriculture
(D)    Manufacturing

Pakistan’s major seasons for agricultural crops are:
(A)    Kharif and Barani
(B)    Kharif and Rabi
(C)     Barani and Rabi
(D)    Kharir Rabi and Barani

Who is called “Baba-e-Urdu"?
(A) MirzAsadUllah Ghalib
(B)    Mulvi Abd! Haq
(C)     Deputy Nazir Ahmad
(D)    Syed Ahmad Khan

Height of Lahore from sea level
(A)    560 feet
(B)    680 feet
(C)     580 feet
(D)    702 feet

How many radio stations are working in the country under the Pakistan Broadcasting
Corporation ?
(A) 36
(B) 38
(C) 39
(D) 40

Largest radio station found in Pakistan is:
(A) Islamabad
(B) Karachi
(C) Lahore
(D) Multan

Who was the Viceroy of India from 1899 to 1905?
(A)    Lord Curzon
(B)    Lord Mountbatten
(C)     Lord Irwin
(D)    Lord Attlee

The deputation of Muslim leaders to the Viceroy, Lord Minto I! seeking separate electorate was headed by:
(A)    Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
(B)    Agha Khan
(C)     MA. Jinnah
(D)    MaulanaShaukat Ali

Height of Islamabad from sea level
(A) 1700 feet
(B) 2000 feet
(C) 2500 feet
(D) 2400 feet

Which is the OLDEST airline of the Pakistan?
(A)    Orient Airways
(B)    Pakistan Airline
(C)     PIA
(D)     None of these


If a car is sold for Rs.50000 the profit 17%.
what would be profit percentage if sold for Rs.47000/-
(A) 9.98%
(D) 14.50%

Three families P, Q and R, share 480kg of rice, Q received twice as much rice as P and R. receive half as much rice as Q. How much rice does family Q gets,
(A)    220kg
(B)    240kg
(C)     230kg
(D)    250kg

A train having 110 m length runs through a Station at the rate of 36 km per hour. How long will it take to pass a given point?
(A)    15 sec
(B)    20 sec
(C)     22 sec
(D)    11 sec

A student gets 75, 82, 86 marks on three tests
what must be his marks on the next’test so that his average for the 4 test will be 857
(A)    97
(B)    94
(C)     90
(D)    88

In the exam 45% students failed and 550 students were successful The total number of students who appeared in the exam were?
(A) 1000
(B) 900
(C) 1500
(D) 800

When a book is sold for Rs. 76, the gain is 52%. The gain, when it is sold for Rs. 74 is percent?
(A)    44%
(B)    48%
(C)     46%
(D)    50%

Six women or nine girls do a piece of work in 10 days, eight women and.three girls wiil do the same work in:
(A)    9 days
(B)    6 days
(C)     4 days
(D)    2 days

Working 8 hours a day, a work is done in 5
days. For how many hours a day the works is done if it is finished in 4 days?
(A)    8hrs
(B)    10hrs
(C)     12hrs
(D)    16hrs

If 15 men can manufacture 27 baskets in an hour, how many baskets would 45 men manufacture in 40 minutes’?
(A)    27
(B)    35
(C)     40
(D)    54

5448 rounded off to the nearest 1000 is:
(A) 6000
(B) 5400
(C)     5000
(D)    4500

If 3 men or 6 boys can do a piece of work in 20 days, how many days’ will 6 men and 8 boys take to the same work?
(A)    6
(B)    5
(C)     10
(D)    16

A batsman in his 17th inning makes a score of 85 and thereby. increases his average by 3. His average after the 17th inning is?
(A)    36
(B)    37
(C)     34
(D)    35

The perimeter of a rectangle is.24cm find its width if its length is 8cm
(A)    4cm
(B)    12¢m
(C)     16cm
(D)    10cm

How many days are there in w weeks and w days?
(A)    7
(B)    8w
(C)     7w
(D)    14w

By selling goods for Rs. 240 a merchant gains 25%. What percent would he gain by selling it for Rs. 216?
(A) 9% gain
(B) 25% gain
(C) 24% gain
(D) 125% gain

If 4 men or 7 boys can do a work in 29 days then 12 men and 8 boys will do the same work in? .
(A)    9 days (
(B)    8 days
(C)     7 days
(D)    10 days

Which one of the following is not an excretory organ?
(A)    lungs
(B)    liver
(C)     kidney
(D)    adrenal gland

A photoelectric cell converts
(A)    electrical energy into light energy
(B)    light energy into electrical energy
(C)     tight energy into sound energy
(D)    light energy into heat energy

The image formed on the retina of the eye is:
(A) real and inverted
(B) virtual and upright
(C) real and enlarged
(D) real and upright

Which constituent of blood takes food materials to all tissues of the body?
(A)    white corpuscles
(B)    red corpuscles
(C)     plasma
(D)    hemoglobin

What is an instinct?
(A)    animal action not backed by thinking
(B)    a deliberate action
(C)     an action full of pitfalls
(D)    an immature action

How many muscles does a human body have?
(A)    206
(B)    660
(C)     639
(D)    173

Why is rest necessary after good deal of
exercise or work?
(A)    to rest the tired limbs
(B)    to give rest to the brain
(C)     to feel refreshed
(D)    to neutralize poisons that are produced during exercise or work

What is a Whale?
(A)    a mammal
(B)    afish
(C)     a reptile
(D)    a marsupial

The sky over the earth, in fact, looks
(A) Blue
(B) Black
(C) Colorless
(D) White

Lungs are a part of the
(A). respiratory system
(B) excretory system
(C) circulatory system
(D) digestive system

The planet between Earth and Mercury is:
(A) Venus
(B) Mars
(C) Jupiter
(D) Neptune

Can you name the three planets of the Solar system which have no satellites?
(A)    Neptune
(B)    Mars
(C)     Mercury
(D)    Venus
(E)     Both C&D

The velocity of sound is largest in
(A) Air
(B) Water
(C) Steel rod
(D) Kerosene

A sextant is used to measure:
(A) volume of the buildings
(B) area of hill
(C)     height of an object
(D)    breadth of a tower

Liquids are
(A)    poor conductors of heat
(B)    good conductors of heat
(C)     worst conductors of heat
(D)    perfect insulators

If an iron piece remains exposed to air and dampness, it gets rust on it. Scientifically speaking, rust is:
(A)    iron oxide
(B)    akind of moss
(C)     Mode! Papers
(D)    corrosive quality of damp air
(E)     the natural wearing of iron

Which of the following air carries no moisture? (A) dry air
(B)    warm air

(C)     cool air

(D)    icy wind

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