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WWE SmackDown Live 11/6/20

WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from November 6

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    One of the hottest rivalries in WWE wrote its latest chapter Friday on Fox as Sasha Banks defended her newly won SmackDown Women's Championship against the longest-reigning champion in brand history, Bayley.

    The match headlined a broadcast that continued the steady build to Survivor Series at the end of the month.

    Which woman emerged victoriously, and which Superstars jockeyed for position ahead of the annual extravaganza? Find out with this recap of the November 6 broadcast.     

Match Card

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    Announced for Friday's show are:


    • Sasha Banks vs. Bayley for the SmackDown Women's Championship


    Coverage begins at 8 p.m. ET.  

SmackDown Women's Championship Match: Sasha Banks vs. Bayley

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    Credit: WWE

    The SmackDown Women’s Championship Match kicked off Friday’s show as Sasha Banks defended against Bayley in a rematch of their intensely physical, highly emotional showdown inside Hell in a Cell.

    After a brazen promo in which she vowed to win back the title she lost 13 nights earlier, Bayley headed to the ring for her rematch against her former best friend.

    Bayley controlled the match coming out of the break, hanging Banks up on the bottom rope and scoring a near-fall off of it. A headlock followed as the challenger sought to drive the wind out of her opponent.

    Banks fought out and delivered a Meteora, then followed with a crossbody on the floor as the show headed to commercial. 

    Back from the timeout, Bayley countered a powerbomb into a headscissors, driving The Boss into the announce table. The champion recovered, pulled her opponent off the top rope and followed with a running knee to the face. A running elbow on the ring apron followed as Banks neared victory. A frog splash scored her two. 

    Bayley introduced a kendo stick but it was misdirection as she really intended to use a chair. Banks kicked it away but the challenger delivered a backstabber, followed by a Bayley-to-Belly for a heated near-fall. A top-rope elbow earned another two-count.

    Bayley applied the Bank Statement, looking to use the champion’s own finisher against her.

    Banks fought back and answered with her own backstabber and Bank Statement for the win.

    After the match, as Banks celebrated, Carmella blasted her with a superkick. An X-Factor left Banks lying on the entrance ramp.



    Banks defeated Bayley to retain






    This was all about Banks successfully retaining her title. To do that, she would have to overcome the challenge of a very game Bayley, not to mention attempts at cheating and the potential humiliation of succumbing to her own finisher.

    She did, proving gritty and resilient as she fought from underneath and pulled off the victory.

    The interjection of Carmella into the title picture is certainly an interesting choice because it feels like there is still some mileage left in the Banks-Bayley feud. Perhaps, though, WWE will hold off on any further chapters as not to overexpose the program. Given its tendency to beat certain feuds into the ground, it is a sound choice.

    If nothing else, it provides a fresh match that fans have not seen before while showcasing this new incarnation of Carmella.

Kayla Braxton Interviews Jey Uso; Rey Mysterio vs. King Corbin

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    Credit: WWE

    Kayla Braxton caught up with Jey Uso for an exclusive interview. 

    He chalked up his attack on Daniel Bryan to the fact that they are not blood and that he was merely doing what he had to do. Paul Heyman interrupted the proceedings, revealed Roman Reigns had not authorized the interview and told the former tag team champion that his cousin needed to talk to him.

    Elsewhere, a frantic Rey Mysterio tried to get in touch with daughter Aalyah while Dominik urged him to get ready for his match with King Corbin. The aforementioned King of the Ring attacked, leaving the future Hall of Famer reeling heading into the break. They meet for the right to join Team SmackDown at Survivor Series next.

    Backstage, an angry Reigns corrected Uso for taking on an interview (“You trying to tell your story?”), then ordered Heyman to get Adam Pearce because they were going to handle the KO problem, referring to Owens’ back-and-forth with Uso earlier.

    In the ThunderDome, Corbin looked to capitalize on his sneak attack from moments earlier, dropping Mysterio at the bell with a spinebuster for a count of two. The 2019 King of the Ring dominated the fight until a bling charge into the steel stairs created an opening for the all-time great.

    As Mysterio built momentum, Seth Rollins appeared on the scene and provided a distraction in time for the commercial break. Back from the timeout, Mysterio sent his opponent into the ring post. A big splash followed as Rey looked to build even a modicum of momentum. 

    Corbin answered with a World’s Strongest Slam, right out of the playbook of Hall of Famer Mark Henry, for two. He worked the lower back of Mysterio. The Master of the 619 recovered, and delivered his trademark maneuver, before having his momentum as Rollins attacked Dominik at ringside.

    As Aalyah and Murphy appeared, Mysterio became distracted, allowing Corbin to deliver End of Days and cash his ticket to Survivor Series.



    Corbin defeated Mysterio



    C (Mysterio vs. Corbin), A (Reigns and Uso interaction)



    The Uso-Reigns stuff was fantastic. The Tribal Chief as the oppressive, even demeaning superior is such a great heel character and the complete opposite of what you would expect from The Big Dog of years past. It is a complete departure and Reigns is relishing the opportunity to portray that persona. Uso is so damn sympathetic that you want to see him freed from his position, but can also start to see the darker side of him with every passing week.

    Not nearly as awesome is the never-ending nonsense between the Mysterios, Murphy and Rollins. This is really a program that needs to go the way of the dinosaurs. It should have three months ago but here we are, begging for WWE to make like Ol’ Yeller and put it out of its misery.

    Until that happens, none of the performers involved will be utilized to their fullest extent.

    That Mysterio vs. Corbin was not nearly as good as one would have thought, primarily due to the booking of the match, did not help matters.

Triple Threat Match: Ruby Riott vs. Zelina Vega vs. Natalya

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    Credit: WWE

    For the second week in a row, Natalya tried to earn her way onto the women’s SmackDown team as she battled Ruby Riott and Zelina Vega in a Triple Threat Match. The winner would receive a spot on Team SmackDown at the Survivor Series.

    The action was fast and furious, none of the three gaining a sustainable advantage.

    Vega saved Riott from the Sharpshooter at one point before finding herself trapped in the same hold. Like a tenacious pitbull, Vega fought through the pain. Riott rolled in, applied a modified chicken wing and scored the win via submission, much to Natalya’s dismay.



    Riott defeated Natalya and Vega






    This was far too rushed to be any good, to feature any sort of story or to properly showcase any of the three women involved.

    It is a shame, too, because Riott and Vega could have benefited from some extended in-ring time on their new home.

    Instead, it was the victim of time constraints and did little to help anyone involved.

Survivor Series Qualifier: Otis vs. Seth Rollins

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    Credit: WWE

    A more dangerous, focused and serious Otis than we had seen to this point battled Seth Rollins in a match to determine the latest member of Team SmackDown at the Survivor Series PPV.

    Otis controlled early as Murphy to make his way to the ringside are and stand menacingly over The SmackDown Savior. Otis continued to bump Rollins around the squared circle, seemingly immune to the former WWE and Universal Champion’s onslaught.

    The lovable babyface delivered a spinning slam, then followed up with a fallaway slam ala John Bradshaw Layfield. A big splash followed and Otis set up for the Caterpillar. Murphy hopped up on to the apron, though, providing a distraction that allowed Rollins to catch him with a superkick and stomp for the win.

    Rollins looked confused as Murphy made his way to the back, the Mysterios watching via monitor as the commentary team questioned the Aussie’s motives.



    Rollins defeated Otis






    The Rollins-Murphy-Mysterio storyline has become so unfocused, messy and uninteresting at this point that WWE Creative really needs to bring it to an end before it risks the overness of everyone involved.

    It is not working, it ran its course a quarter of a year ago and the one silver lining, Dominik’s in-ring introduction, has been watered down by WWE’s unflinching overexposure of the storyline.

    And now, Otis has gotten himself all caught up in things as he dropped the match here and appears directionless after a hot start to 2020.

Kevin Owens vs. Jey Uso

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    Credit: WWE

    Michael Cole caught up with Lars Sullivan for an exclusive sit-down interview.

    Sullivan relived his journey from bullied to bully, with uncomfortable grunts and heavy breathing in between.

    Jey Uso made his way to the ring for his advertised main event against Kevin Owens, the result of a tense showdown between them earlier in the night. Owens told Kayla Braxton he is 100-percent his own man so Uso can rest assured the beating he is about to catch is from him. 

    Uso pounded away at Owens but KO answered with a neckbreaker for two. Jey recovered and blasted Owens with a superkick as Heyman made his way to the ring, watching from ringside as the aggressor pounded away at his opponent.

    Owens fought back into the match and delivered a senton bomb as Heyman watching, distressed by the babyface’s sudden comeback. 

    The music of Roman Reigns played, allowing Jey to blast him with a superkick and splash for the win.

    Uso made his way up the ramp, where Reigns put his hand on his shoulder in approval and raised the Universal Championship high overhead.



    Uso defeated Owens






    The best storyline in WWE continues to get better, thanks in part to Uso’s willingness to embrace the dark side by becoming everything he fought his cousin to avoid. He is becoming more ruthless, more aggressive and more willing to break any and all rules if it means winning a match and propping up the family.

    Reigns’ sign of acceptance, the hand on Uso’s shoulder, was evidence of a leader becoming more and more impressed by his follower’s willingness to embrace his ways.

    A great way to cap off a mostly good show and the latest chapter in one of the company’s best stories in years

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