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WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from November 1

Sana Ejaz Khan

    Toxic Attraction remain the dominant faction in NXT, keeping Mandy Rose NXT women's champion for over a year.
    Credit: WWE.com

    WWE NXT was still picking up the pieces following an exciting NXT Halloween Havoc in its November 1 show.

    Mandy Rose and Toxic Attraction would celebrate the one-year anniversary of the NXT women's champion's title victory. Bron Breakker appeared for the first time since retaining his NXT Championship against Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh.

    R-Truth would compete against the loudmouth Grayson Waller. Odyssey Jones would make his in-ring return after nearly 10 months on the shelf.

    Joe Gacy's Schism agreed to a sit-down interview following the reveal of the latest member, Ava Raine. Thea Hail would look for revenge against Kiana James.

    This show did not have much promised ahead of time, but with both major champions set to appear, there was certainly more to this show than immediately met the eye.

Pretty Deadly Interrupt Bron Breakker and Face a Challenge from Breakker and Wes Lee

1 OF 8

    Pretty Deadly interrupted Bron Breakker right away followed quickly by Wes Lee. The NXT champion and North American champion challenged Elton Prince and Kit Wilson to put the NXT Tag Team Championships on the line.

    The interactions here were fun, as Breakker continued to show he can be an entertainer and Lee continued to challenge himself on the mic. Pretty Deadly held it down and remain the best part of the NXT tag team division.

    The show needed a hook with a card that lacked hype, and luckily, NXT had a plan. Breakker and Lee as a tag team does not make a ton of sense beyond the two both being face champions, but it should make for an engaging match.

    The hope was that challengers would emerge throughout the night to create new stories in NXT while fans get a fun one-off encounter.



    Notable Moments

    • Breakker agreed that Prince and Wilson had great hair then gave them a polite introduction, only to turn the moment into a championship challenge.
    • Pretty Deadly wanted no more interruptions, but instead, R-Truth arrived to party with the face champions ahead of his match with Grayson Waller.

R-Truth vs. Grayson Waller

2 OF 8

    R-Truth dominated Grayson Waller early. However, after Waller headed outside, Truth went for a somersault but got his foot caught on the top rope. His landing was bad, so the referee called off the match.

    Sometimes, injuries happen no matter who is involved. Truth is one of the safer performers in WWE and has stayed healthy much of his career. Unfortunately, he got caught in the ropes and may have injured his knee.

    Hopefully, he will be better than the fall looked. Truth had recently been gaining back a spotlight, and he will be missed if he has to step away for a while.


    Waller def. Truth due to referee stoppage.


    I will not be giving a grade given the unfortunate circumstance.

    Notable Moments

    • After his dubious win, Waller bragged about being the best no matter who he fought from NXT, Raw or SmackDown. This was good improv from Waller.
    • Vic Joseph sat down with Schism. Ava Raine explained how Joe Gacy helped her through tough times. She was also insulted by Cameron Grimes insinuating she had been brainwashed. It was announced Gacy would face Grimes next week. This was very good, especially Raine's promo work.

Kiana James vs. Thea Hail

3 OF 8

    Thea Hail looked motivated in this rematch, but she was still no match for Kiana James, who put her away with a pair of 401Ks. Charlie Dempsey attacked Andre Chase after the bell, and Duke Hudson made the save while making eyes at Hail.

    There was not much of a match here, but the story was interesting. With Bodhi Hayward sadly released today, Chase U is moving forward with Hudson as the unlikely new addition to the stable. He is still a heel and adds an interesting layer to Chase U.

    Dempsey is also back in action. Hopefully, both Hudson and Dempsey can use this new spotlight afforded to them by associating with the entertaining Chase U to prove their own worth to NXT.


    James def. Hail by pinfall.


    C (mostly for the story surrounding the match)

    Notable Moments

    • Before the match, Hail was nervous, missing the flag-bearer of Chase U. Hudson appeared and grabbed the flag, excited to rep the university.
    • Hudson saved Hail by putting her foot on the rope, but Chase sent him to the back for cheating.
    • James' assistant handed an envelope to Fallon Henley during an interview where Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen were trying to focus on dethroning Pretty Deadly.

Odyssey Jones vs. Javier Bernal

4 OF 8

    Javier Bernal went after the surgically repaired patellar tendon of Odyssey Jones, but the big man was completely healthy. He got back to his feet and slammed Big Body Javy to the mat for the win.

    This was a squash match as expected, and the only offense Bernal got in was to show that Jones was completely healthy again. It was what it needed to be.

    It is nice to see the big man back in action. He has a high ceiling as a performer thanks to his charisma and speed for his size. NXT could use another midcard face like Jones to keep things fresh.


    Jones def. Bernal by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

    • Big Body Javy taunted Edris EnofĂ© and Malik Blade for losing last week, only to find out to his surprise that he was fighting Jones tonight.

Alba Fyre Ruins Mandy Rose's Championship Celebration

5 OF 8

    Mandy Rose put herself over during her NXT Women's Championship celebration alongside Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. Smoke suddenly erupted, and Alba Fyre attacked Toxic Attraction. She sent Dolin through a table, then she promised to win the title in two weeks.

    This was one of the best promos Rose has cut in the past year. It was angry and heartfelt, selling how much this reign has meant to her without ever losing the heel sneer.

    It seems that before Rose can look forward, she will have to defeat Fyre one more time. If Dolin and Jayne can be taken out ahead of time, Rose and Fyre can put on an engaging final match in their rivalry.



    Notable Moments

    • Dolin and Jayne showed a video package, highlighting Mandy Rose's 371-day-and-climbing NXT Women's Championship reign.
    • Rose talked about what it meant to her to prove herself among the best women in NXT over the past year.
    • SCRYPTS left another foreboding message for the WWE Performance Center.

Zoey Stark (w/ Nikkita Lyons) vs. Indi Hartwell

6 OF 8

    Zoey Stark was controlled by her frustration, not looking like a veteran for Nikkita Lyons to look up to. She nearly powerbombed Indi Wrestling through the announce table, but Lyons calmed her down. Hartwell hit a big boot and running clothesline to the back to win.

    This was one of the best matches Hartwell has had in a long time. She looked like a veteran playing off Stark, who remains a constant pro. It was a surprising victory that could be helping to right Indi Wrestling's direction in NXT.

    Meanwhile, it looks like Stark is heading a dark path that could lead to her breaking up with Lyons. It is a shame that the rare women's tag team NXT has built up is already falling apart.


    Hartwell def. Stark by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

    • Stark was still moping this week backstage, which got on the nerves of Hartwell. The two argued in the locker room to set up a match.
    • Stark's anger almost got the best of her in this match, nearly getting disqualified for stomping on Hartwell in the corner. Lyons had to calm her down.
    • Stark promised that she would get back in her bag for next week. Katana Chance and Kayden Carter mocked her, which almost set her off again.

Cora Jade vs. Valentina Feroz

7 OF 8

    Cora Jade made fun of Valentina Feroz, who answered back with fast-moving offense. However, Feroz took one too many risks and landed on her face. Jade planted her with a DDT to win.

    There was not much here, but Feroz continues to look solid in short bursts against serious competition. She challenged Jade more than one would have expected, which is a sign NXT is starting to trust her.

    Jade is the featured star in this moment, and it looks like she will be moving on to a feud with Wendy Choo. Both women have the talent to surprise fans while continuing to prove themselves worthy of a main event spot.


    Jade def. Feroz by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

    • Feroz asked Sanga to be in her corner, but Veer Mahaan told him to stay in the back. Choo was seen watching this from behind a couch where she was sleeping.
    • Jade punished Feroz with a running back elbow into the ropes then choked her out on the second rope.
    • Jade tried to do more damage to Feroz, but Choo made the save.
    • Tony D'Angelo and Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo talked about business until Elektra Lopez arrived, who made clear she was ready to be dangerous on her own.

NXT Tag Championships: Pretty Deadly (c) vs. Bron Breakker and Wes Lee

8 OF 8

    As Bron Breakker was brawling with Elton Prince outside, Carmelo Hayes dumped Wes Lee to the floor, allowing Kit Wilson to steal the pinfall. After the surprise finish, Von Wagner caught Breakker with a big boot.

    Pretty Deadly continues to dominate against capable competition. Wilson and Prince may come off as ridiculous heels, but this team has consistently lived up to the legacy of the NXT Tag Team Championships—more than anyone else in the past year.

    This match was less than it could have been. It felt like it could have gone at least another five minutes, but it was still a fun main event. What mattered more was how many new threats were set up for Breakker as the title picture continues to evolve.

    Breakker vs. Wagner is not the most exciting matchup, but NXT is at least not resting and waiting for NXT Deadline to get main event stories moving.


    Pretty Deadly def. Breakker and Lee by pinfall to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships.



    Notable Moments

    • Mr. Stone interrupted Breakker and Lee backstage, warning Breakker that Wagner was coming for his title. Later in the night, Apollo Crews made his claim to an NXT Championship match clear, only to be interrupted by Wagner.
    • Lee got isolated in this match for a while, but he managed to send both heels to the outside then make a mad dash for the hot tag to Breakker, who hit an impressive double suplex on Pretty Deadly before throwing Lee on to both.
    • After Lee lost, he did not hesitate to dive right on to Melo, and the two brawled all the way to the back.
    • Crews was shown watching the ending of the show closely, but JD McDonagh arrived to warn him that The Necessary Evil was also still interested in gold.

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2022 T20 World Cup Fixtures


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