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WWE SmackDown Highlights 6 August 2021


WWE Smackdown Live 8/6/21 August 6th 2021

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WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from August 6

Sana Ejaz Khan


    Sasha Banks brutally assaulted SmackDown women's champion Bianca Belair to close out last week's show and Friday on Fox, The Boss discussed her actions.

    What response would The EST have for the woman she defeated back at WrestleMania 37 and what implications would their interaction have on their SummerSlam plans?

    Find out now with this recap of a show that also featured the latest in the rivalry between Universal champion Roman Reigns and John Cena as they prepare for a titanic clash in Las Vegas.

Match Card

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    Announced for Friday's show:


    • How will Bianca Belair respond to Sasha Banks' attack?
    • Dominik Mysterio vs. Jey Uso
    • Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin


    Coverage begins at 8 p.m.

Sasha Banks, Bianca Belair and Zelina Vega Set Up Championship Showdowns

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    Credit: WWE

    A week after stunning Bianca Belair with a sneak attack that left her tapping out to close out the show, Sasha Banks kicked off this week’s episode of SmackDown. 

    She accused The EST of leaching off her credibility, suggesting Belair could not have headlined WrestleMania and made history without her. Belair interrupted, recalled Banks begging her to choose her so they could main event the show.

    Belair laid down the gauntlet to Banks but Zelina Vega interrupted. After some back and forth between all three women, The EST told Banks she would see her at SummerSlam. As for Vega, they’ve got a match for the women’s title tonight!






    Charisma was off the charts in this one. 

    Banks and Belair each set the stage for their rematch at SummerSlam, explaining why they still have beef. Throw in Vega, who expressed her desire to challenge for the title rather than letting Banks jump her in line, and this actually made sense.

    Best of all was Belair, who looked strong and confident as she not only booked herself a title defense for later in the night but also set up a rematch of her iconic showdown with Banks at WrestleMania.

    This was great, fresh, and came across like three women with issues having a real back-and-forth rather than some of the overproduced and unnatural promos we’ve seen elsewhere on WWE television.

Dominik Mysterio vs. Jey Uso

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    The rivalry between The Mysterios and The Usos will culminate Sunday, August 21 at SummerSlam but Friday, Dominik Mysterio battled Jey Uso in singles competition, their respective tag team partners watching from ringside.

    Dominik rolled early, delivering a sunset flip powerbomb heading into the break. Uso turned the tide in his favor off a cheap shot from Jimmy at ringside, but the resilient rookie fought back into the match. He was poised to win the match late when Rey Mysterio intercepted Jimmy.

    The distraction allowed Jey to recover, deliver the top-rope splash and score the pinfall victory.



    Uso defeated Mysterio






    The mounting frustration Dominik is experiencing at the hands of his father is ultimately going to end with him betraying Rey and igniting a father vs. son rivalry.

    It feels entirely too early for that, especially since the combo just held the tag titles as late as a month ago. WWE, though, has never missed out on the opportunity to rush stories such as this one, getting to the endgame way before it really needed to 

    That Dominik hasn’t even had the opportunity to perform in front of fans for more than a month, let alone develop a character fans can actually get behind outside of his lineage, doesn’t bode well for the feud achieving its fullest potential.

    Until that betrayal comes, expect more in the endless line of matches against the Usos as the teams prepare for a SummerSlam showdown that may be a bit too late to prevent burnout on this program.

Intercontinental Title Contender's Match: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Apollo Crews

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    Credit: WWE

    “The King of All WWE” Shinsuke Nakamura battled Intercontinental champion Apollo Crews with a potential shot at the title at stake in the night’s next contest.

    Nakamura outwrestled Crews early and often in the brief encounter before downing the champion. As he covered and looked for the win, Commander Azeez pulled The Artist off his associate. Nakamura survived the onslaught and sent Crews into the big man to close the segment and celebrate.



    Nakamura defeated Crews via disqualification






    Well, at least they didn’t beat Crews.

    The IC champ feels infinitely less important than he was around WrestleMania, when he had momentum on his side and was enjoying the hottest streak of his entire run on the main roster. A feud with Nakamura, who himself has struggled with start-stop pushes on the part of WWE Creative, isn’t helping.

    The eventual match will be good and probably help elevate Crews in the long-run, but it isn’t a particularly interesting feud.

    You know, outside of Pat McAfee losing it on the announce table every week.

Tegan Nox vs. Tamina

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    Credit: WWE

    One-half of the women’s tag team champions, Tamina, battled Tegan Nox in the night’s next match. Shotzi Blackheart accompanied her teammate on her trademark tank.

    A brief back-and-forth match concluded with Blackheart shooting a foam missile from said tank, distracting Tamina and allowing Nox to score the pinfall victory off a rollup.



    Nox defeated Tamina






    There was nothing to this, due largely to the lack of time afforded it.

    The endgame is clearly Blackheart and Nox taking the titles from Tamina and Natalya but with The Queen of Harts sidelined due to a recent surgery, things are at a standstill.

    Nox winning earns the de facto challengers some momentum and the finish protects the otherwise dominant Tamina. From that perspective only was this a worthwhile segment.

Edge and Seth Rollins Set a Date for SummerSlam

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    Credit: WWE

    Edge made his way to the ring, seething and vengeful following a brutal attack at the hands of Seth Rollins a week ago. The Rated R Superstar said if Rollins was in the arena, he would go to jail. 

    Almost as if it was on cue, Rollins appeared via satellite. He laughed off Edge’s threats and told him he would “think about” his challenge for a match at SummerSlam.

    Then, the Hall of Famer played to Rollins’ ego, calling him “Edge-lite.” An enraged Rollins, playing right into his rival’s hands, accepted the challenge and set up a dream match for August 21.






    This was great stuff as Edge, long considered a master manipulator, suckered Rollins into accepting his challenge by devaluing him. He exploited Rollins’ ego and in the process, reminded The Architect he had the opportunity to put Edge out of his misery and didn’t.

    Now, he suffers the consequences.

    Edge has been superb throughout this program and Rollins appears rejuvenated and motivated to deliver against a guy that has undeniably influenced his career.

    For all the talk of John Cena and Goldberg, it may very well be Edge-Rollins that steals the show in Vegas.

Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin

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    Finn Balor battled Baron Corbin in singles competition, but not before the heel attempted to weasel his way out of the match by retelling his recent downfall. Balor didn’t care and unloaded on the former King of the Ring.

    The two-time NXT champion obliterated Corbin, finishing him off with the Coup de Grace.

    After the match, he called out John Cena, saying he would go through him if it meant getting a shot at the Universal Championship. This brought out Roman Reigns, who stalked toward the ring heading into the commercial break.

    After the break, Reigns refused to acknowledge Balor, to which the inaugural Universal champion responded by shoving him out of the ring. The Usos jumped him but Balor fought back, wiping out the tag team champions and downing Reigns with the Sling Blade.

    The Usos recovered, though, and joined The Tribal Chief for a beatdown that concluded with Reigns applying the guillotine choke and standing tall to close out the show.



    Balor defeated Corbin






    Short, sweet and to the point, this put Balor over as a more serious, refocused and dangerous Balor. 

    Corbin continues to entertain in his downtrodden, down-on-his-luck character. His willingness to look like a fool is refreshing. A great performer who doesn’t get nearly enough credit for it, he has been one of the more fun elements of this blue brand in recent weeks.

    Balor looked like a world beater, taking out The Bloodline by himself before the numbers disadvantage proved too much. Maybe having him tap out, then shifting the focus right back to John Cena’s return next week isn’t the most optimal manner in which to get Balor over as a main event star on the main roster, but there’s reason to believe he will remain in or around the top of the card based on booking trends thus far.

    Reigns continues to be the bright spot at the only legitimate mega star the company has on its full time roster. Whoever eventually beats him for the Universal title is going to be a made man

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