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jobs in international Islamic university

International Islamic University Faculty
Location: Islamabad

The Foundation of the Islamic University, Islamabad was laid on the first day of the fifteenth century Hijrah i.e. Muharram 1, 1401 (November 11,1980). This landmark of the beginning of the new Century symbolizes the aspirations and hopes of the Muslim Ummah for an Islamic renaissance. The university was created to produce scholars and practitioners who are imbued with Islamic ideology, whose character and personality conforms to the teachings of Islam, and who are capable to cater to the economic, social, political, technological and intellectual needs of the Muslim Ummah.
International Islamic University Islamabad
Faculty Required:
Applications are invited from Pakistani Nationals having IIU Prescribed Qualification / Criterion (Available a IIU website:  for the Following Academic Positions in below Mentioned Departments of Male and Female Campus of IIUI:
A. Academic Departments / Units:
Post / Department — Discipline:     Campus:
Professor (BPS-21 / TTS) BPS Pay Scale: (40,000-2,600-76.400) ITS Package: (234,000-11,440-405,600)
? Arabic (Linguistic, Literature):                                                    Male / Female
? English:                                                                              Male / Female
? Urdu:                                                                                  Male / Female
? Shariah / Islamic Law (Leave Vacancy):                                                 Male
? Shariah:                                                                               Female
? Law (Leave Vacancy):                                                                  Female
? Islamic Studies (Usulddin) • Tafseer & Quranic Studies:                                 Male / Female
? Media Communication Studies:                                                         Male / Female
? Sociology:                                                                            Male / Female
? History:                                                                               Male / Female
? Pak Studies:                                                                           Male / Female
? Education:                                                                           Male / Female
? Politics & IR:                                                                         Male / Female
?Psychology:                                                                           Male / Female
? Management Sciences:                                                                                                        Male / Female
? Computer Sciences & Software Engineering:                                                                          Male / Female
? Mathematics:                                                                                                                      Male / Female
? Statistics:                                                                                                                           Male / Female
? Physics:                                                                                                                              Male / Female
? Bio-Informatics & Bio-Technology:                                                                                        Male / Female
? Environmental Sciences:                                                                                                      Female
? Mechanical Engineering:                                                                                                      Male
? Electronics Engineering:                                                                                                      Male / Female
? Civil Engineering:                                                                                                               Male
? Economics (Background of Islamic Economics will be Considered Additional Qualification):        Male / Female
? Islamic Banking & Finance:                                                                                                  Male
? Duran Hadith Fiqh, Comparative Religion (IRI):                                                                      Male
? Islamic Studies & Social Sciences (Dawah Academy):                                                             Male
Associate Professor (BPS-20 / US) BPS Pay Scale: (36,000-2,350.68,900) TTS Package: (156,000-91.00-292,500)
? Arabic (Linguistic. Literature. Translation – English / Arabic):                                                  Male / Female
? English:                                                                                                                              Male / Female
? Urdu:                                                                                                                                  Male
? Shariah / Islamic Law:                                                                                                         Female
? Law:                                                                                                                                   Male / Female
? Islamic Studies (Usulddin) – Tafseer & Durant Sciences. Comparative Religion:                         Male / Female
? Media & Communication Studies:                                                                                          Male / Female
? Sociology:                                                                                                                          Male / Female
? Anthropology:                                                                                                                    Female
? History:                                                                                                                             Male / Female
? Pak Studies:                                                                                                                      Male / Female
? Education:                                                                                                                        Male / Female
? Politics & IR:                                                                                                                     Male / Female
?Management Sciences:                                                                                                       Male / Female
? Computer Sciences & Software Engineering:                                                                       Male / Female
? Physics:                                                                                                                          Male / Female
? Mathematics:                                                                                                                  Male / Female
? Statistics:                                                                                                                       Male / Female
? Environmental Sciences:                                                                                                  Male / Female
? Bio-Informatics & Bio-Technology:                                                                                    Male / Female
? Mechanical Engineering:                                                                                                  Male
? Electronics Engineering:                                                                                                  Male / Female
? Civil Engineering:                                                                                                           Male
? Economics (Background of Islamic Economics will be Considered Additional Qualification):    Male/Female
? Islamic Banking & Finance:                                                                                              Male
? Duran & Hadith / Fiqh / Comparative Religion (IRI):                                                          Male
? Islamic Studies & Social Sciences (Dawah Academy):                                                        Male
? Islamic Law. Islamic Economics / Finance (Shariah Academy):                                           Male
Assistant Professor (BPS-19 / WS) BPS Pay Scale:(31,000-1,600-63.000) TTS Package: (104,000-7,150-211,250) Note: Fresh PhDs will be considered only For TTS.
? Arabic (Linguistic. Literature):                                                                                        Male / Female
? English:                                                                                                                       Male / Female
? Urdu:                                                                                                                           Male / Female
? Shariah:                                                                                                                       Male / Female
? Law:                                                                                                                             Male
? Islamic Studies (Usulddin) – Sirah / Islamic History. Comparative Religion. Dawah / Islamic Culture. Aqeedah & Philosophy:                                                                                                                       Male / Female
? Media & Communication Studies:                                                                                    Female
? Sociology:                                                                                                                    Male / Female
? Education:                                                                                                                    Male / Female
? Politics & IR:                                                                                                                 Male
? Psychology:                                                                                                                  Male / Female
? Islamic Art & Architecture:                                                                                             Male / Female
? Management Sciences:                                                                                                  Male / Female
? Computer Sciences & Software Engineering:                                                                    Male
? Mathematics:                                                                                                                Male / Female
? Statistics:                                                                                                                     Male / Female
? Physics:                                                                                                                        Male
? Bio-Informatics & Bio-Technology:                                                                                  Male / Female
? Applied life Sciences -Negro Sciences / Natural Sciences – Bio-Technology (CIRBS):           Male
? Electronics Engineering:                                                                                                Male / Female
? Mechanical Engineering:                                                                                                Male
? Civil Engineering:                                                                                                          Male
? Economics (Background of Islamic Economic will be considered additional qualification) Her male Includes leave vacancy):                                                                                                                        Male / Female
? Islamic Banking & Finance:                                                                                            Male
? Duran & Hadith / Fiqh / Comparative Religion (IRI):                                                         Male
? Islamic Law. Islamic Economies / Finance(Shariah Academy):                                           Male
? Islamic Studies & Social Sciences (Dawah Academy):                                                       Male / Female
Lecturer (BPS-18) BPS Pay Scale: (20,000-1,500-50,000)
? Arabic (Linguistic, Literature, Translation – English / Arabic):                                            Male / Female
? English:                                                                                                                        Male
? Urdu/ Iqbaliyat:                                                                                                            Male / Female
? Islamic Studies (Usulddin) Tafseer & Quranic Sciences. Comparative Religion. Hadith Sciences. Sarah & Islamic History. Dawah & Islamic Culture:                                                                                                  Male
? Islamic Studies (Usulddin) – Tafseer & Quranic Sciences. Search & Islamic History, Dawah & Islamic Culture: Female
? Mass .Media & Communication:                                                                                     Male / Female
? History! Pak Studies:                                                                                                    Female
? Education:                                                                                                                   Male / Female
? Sociology:                                                                                                                   Male
? Politics & IR:                                                                                                               Male / Female
? Psychology:                                                                                                                Male / Female
? Islamic Art & Architecture:                                                                                           Male / Female
? Management Sciences:                                                                                                Male / Female
? Computer Sciences & Software Engineering:                                                                 Male / Female
? mathematics & Statistics:                                                                                            Male
? Physics:                                                                                                                     Male / Female
? Bio-Informatics & Bio-Technology:                                                                               Female
? Mechanical Engineering:                                                                                             Male
? Electronics Engineering;                                                                                             Male / Female
? Civil Engineering:                                                                                                      Male
? Economics:                                                                                                               Male / Female
? Islamic Banking & Finance:                                                                                        Male
? Islamic Studies (IRI):                                                                                               Male
? Islamic Law, Islamic Economics / Finance (Shariah Academy):                                     Male
? Islamic Studies & Social Sciences (Dawah Academy):                                                  Male
Teaching Research Associate (BPS-17) BPS Pay Scale: (16,000-1,200-40,000)
? Management Sciences:                                                                                            Male / Female
? Electronics Engineering:                                                                                          Female
? Physics:                                                                                                                 Male
? Islamic Banking & Finance:                                                                                      Male
? Islamic Studies (IRI):                                                                                              Male
? Arabic (Linguistic, Literature, Translation – English / Arabic)                                       Male / Female
? Sociology:                                                                                                              Male / Female
? Islamic Art                                                                                                              Female
Lab Engineer (BPS-17) BPS Pay Scale: (16,000-1,200-40.000)
? Mechanical Engineering:                                                                                           Male
? Electronics Engineering:                                                                                           Male / Female
? Civil Engineering:                                                                                                    Male
B. Iqra College of Technology:
Head of Department (BPS- 18) (20.0004.500-50.000)
Civil Technology. Electronics & Electrical Technology
Senior Instructor (BPS-17) (16.000-1.200-40.000)
Physics. Chemistry & Math
Instructor (BPS-16) (10.000-800-34.000)
Civil Technology. Electronics Technology. Auto & Diesel Technology . Mechanical Technology . Physics. Chemistry & Math
Junior Instructor (BPS- 14) (8.000-610-26,300)
Civil Technology. Auto & Diesel Technology and MC Technology
Junior Trade Instructor (BPS-11) (6.600.460.20A00)
Civil Technology & Electronics Technology
General Instructions:
1. The reserves the right to stoniest the candidates and to reject any / au applications without assigning any reason.
2. Number of posts shall be considered according to the available position at the time 01 selection. The University reserves the lignite cancel any advertised post without assigning any reason.
3. For position of Professor and Associate Professor Four (04) sets of application / dossier on prescribed Application Form (available at:, duly Dim, along with all required documents. and a softcopy it dossier in PDF  and MS world format are required.
4. For other teaching positions Two (02) sets of application / dossier on the prescribed Application Form (evadable at:  duly bind along with a required documents. and a softcopy old Dossier in PDF format are required.
To Apply:
1. The reserves the right to stoniest the candidates and to reject any / au applications without assigning any reason.
2. Number of posts shall be considered according to the available position at the time 01 selection. The University reserves the lignite cancel any advertised post without assigning any reason.
3. For position of Professor and Associate Professor Four (04) sets of application / dossier on prescribed Application Form (available at:, duly Dim, along with all required documents. and a softcopy it dossier in PDF  and MS world format are required.
4. For other teaching positions Two (02) sets of application / dossier on the prescribed Application Form (evadable at:  duly bind along with a required documents. and a softcopy old Dossier in PDF format are required.
Eligible Candidates may be required to undergo short listing process (i.e. aptitude. conduct. screening test demonstration/lecture etc.) before interview by the selection board.
5. The candidates applying under both Systems (BPS / ITS) should submit separate applications along with complete documents and required Pay Order. Bank draft etc. for each application.
6. Attested photocopies of degrees / diplomas certificates / testimonial. domicile. CMC and experience certificates etc.  Must be attached.
7. Application duly completed in all respects are required to be submitted before the closing date along with Crossed Postal Order / Pay Order / Bank Oran Worth Rs.1.000./for BPS 178 above). and Rs. 300/-(for  BPS 11-16). In favor of  Director (Finance). IIUI.
8. Candidates steady working in Government. Semi-Government and Autonomous Organizations in Pakistan should apply through proper channel.
9. Applications (with as requirements) must reach before 15-01-2015 (by 03:00 p.m.) in: HR-V Section. Admin Block, International Islamic University. Sector H-10 Campus Islamabad.
10. In-complete applications, and care applications received late will not be entertained.
11. Applicants lacking presented criteria and required qualification on casino date will not be entertained (required terminal degree must be completed on closing date).
Foreign decree holders shall be required to submit equivalence of the degree from HEC. Islamabad.
Company Name & Address:
(Muhammad Jamil) Additional Director: HR-V Section. Admin Block, International Islamic University. Sector H-10 Campus Islamabad.
For further information Pease Contact Num: 051-9019219, 9019193. // Web:

jobs in Islamabad

Multiple Jobs
Multinational Company Required Staff
Location: Islamabad

Staff Required for a Multinational Company at its Head Office Islamabad:
1- Tax Manager:
Qualification: MBA (Finance) /ACCA/CA In tor with minimum 3 years experience in the relevant field.
2- Product Trainer (Pharmacists):
Qualification: Pharmacy Degree with 2- 3 years relevant experience.
3- Administration Officer:
Qualification: University graduate with 2-3 years relevant experience with multinational companies.
4- Customer Relation Officer:
Qualification: University graduate with 2-3 years of relevant experience.
5- Operations Support Assistant:
Qualification: University graduate. 2-3 years relevant experience.
6- HR Assistant:
Qualification: BBA-1-2 year’s relevant experience.
7- Event Organizer:
Qualification: University graduate with relevant experience.
8- Call Center Associates:
Qualification: University graduate with 2-3 years relevant experience.
9- Operation Support Officer / Assistant:
Qualification: University graduate with 2-3 years relevant experience.
10- Data Entry Operators:
Qualification: University graduate 2-3 years relevant experience.
To Apply:
Application along with the detailed resume is to be Emailed at:
Please mention the position name in the subject line. Dead line of receiving application is January 13, 2015.

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