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WWE Raw 3/8/21 March 8th 2021

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WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from March 8

Sana Ejaz Khan


    One week after defeating The Miz to win his first WWE Championship, Bobby Lashley defended his title against The Hollywood A-Lister in the main event of Monday's Raw.

    The title match headlined a show that featured Lashley's championship celebration and a face-to-face between an irate Braun Strowman and Shane McMahon.

    Was Lashley able to defeat Miz and head into Fastlane with his title reign intact? What awaited Shane-O-Mac when The Strowman Express rolled through?

    Find out with this recap of the March 8 broadcast.

WWE Championship Match: Bobby Lashley vs. The Miz

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    The Miz sulked to the squared circle for the night's opening contest, a rematch with Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship that he lost just a week ago.

    Before the match, The Hollywood A-Lister complained about the way things went down last week, touting his willingness to do whatever is asked of him only to be forced into a title defense despite feeling under the weather. He suggested he fairly defended his title, exploited the championship advantage and was yet again screwed over.

    Lashley entered the arena with a new entrance celebrating his monumental victory.

    The champion dominated early, dropping Miz with a big vertical suplex and then shaking off a collision with the ring post to flatten the heel heading into the break.

    The All Mighty continued to overwhelm his opponent coming out of the commercial, overpowering the loudmouth and tossing him around like a rag doll, all while Drew McIntyre watched intently from the backstage area.

    Lashley caught Miz on the arena floor and sent him face-first into the ring post, seemingly toying with his opponent. Moments later, the champion tapped Miz out to the Hurt Lock for the successful title retention.

    Backstage, Sarah Schreiber caught up with McIntyre, who cut a passionate promo on the champion until Sheamus attacked from out of nowhere and left his former friend lying.



    Lashley defeated Miz to retain






    The show started with a great promo by The Miz, a consummate heel who will always look to justify his actions and fit them into a story that favors him. From there, it segued into a high-profile title match that saw Lashley dominate.

    From the special entrance that accompanied Lashley to the commentary team's efforts to establish him as the top star on the red brand, this felt like the coronation of The All Mighty rather than the start of another transitional title reign.

    It will be interesting to see if WWE goes the predictable route and puts McIntyre over Lashley at WrestleMania or rides the hot star, allowing Lashley to retain his title and continue The Hurt Business' considerable momentum into the spring.

    The fact that it is not readily obvious bodes well for a company looking to make a major impact on April 10 and 11 with its first in-person attendance since last March.

Braun Strowman Demands an Apology from Shane McMahon

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    Braun Strowman hit the ring next, demanding an apology from Shane McMahon after last week's show.

    The Monster Among Men suggested McMahon was laughing at him but said that can't be the case because he would snap him like a twig. He said he also understood McMahon could fire him at any time. Still, he was demanding a "damn apology."

    McMahon arrived, came face-to-face with Strowman and apologized. He then made his exit, leaving Strowman and the WWE Universe confused in the process.

    Shane looked back, as if he had something else to say, but continued making his way out of the arena.






    Nothing about this is at all interesting, and on top of that, this was an incoherent segment that did not create nearly the intrigue those in the creative team probably think it did.

    First, Strowman's promo made no sense. He backtracked at least once, recognizing Shane could fire him and then demanding he got out there and gave him a damn apology anyway. Then, he insisted McMahon was making fun of him, something that was very briefly hinted at in the form of a joke on last week's show.

    Maybe that is the case and this whole storyline will become about underestimating Strowman's intelligence.

    Even then, there is nothing fans can really sink their teeth into, and that is largely due to WWE's inconsistent and underwhelming use of Strowman over the last year. It has devalued the Monster Among Men. He's merely a big guy with a one-trick personality, and no convoluted storyline with McMahon is going to erase the creative team's shortcomings with that particular character.

No Disqualification Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus

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    A vengeful Drew McIntyre attacked Sheamus during The Celtic Warrior's entrance, jump-starting a No Disqualification match that served as the latest chapter in their rivalry.

    The Scottish Psychopath drove Sheamus into the ring steps and teased using a kendo stick on the Celtic Warrior. Instead, Sheamus used the middle rope to deliver a low blow and seized control of the match.

    McIntyre cut off his opponent's momentum and unloaded with a barrage of kendo stick shots about the body of the Irishman.

    Back from the break, the combatants traded blows in the corner, Sheamus getting the upper hand. He scaled the ropes, but McIntyre cut him off and added a big chop to the chest. McIntyre brought his opponent off the top with a big superplex, but Sheamus responded with White Noise moments later for a near-fall.

    McIntyre blocked a steel chair shot and then added one of his own. He added a Future Shock DDT for a two-count. The former WWE champion teased Claymore, but Sheamus caught him with a chair and then added a jumping knee strike.

    Outside the ring, both men hoisted the steel stairs overhead and ran at each other, colliding like two rams and crashing to the floor. The referee checked on both men and, upon not getting responses from either, called off the match and requested medical assistance for the competitors.

    The combatants sold the effects of the spot heading into the break.



    McIntyre and Sheamus fought to a referee stoppage






    Sheamus and McIntyre tear down the house every time they share the ring. They have incredible in-ring chemistry and more importantly are unafraid to beat the hell out of each other. This was an incredibly physical match with a really cheesy finish that kept it from achieving a higher grade.

    If the idea is to book the final encounter between the competitors at Fastlane, would it really have hurt to put Sheamus over here to enhance that third and deciding match between them?

    Instead, McIntyre is poised to exorcise the demon that is his former bestie before setting his sights on Lashley and the WWE Championship. That is certainly the more predictable route, and not necessarily the wrong one, but it would have meant a lot more to McIntyre's journey if Sheamus was at least presented as somewhat his equal from a credibility standpoint.

    And yes, Sheamus is a multi-time world champion, but those reigns feel like an eternity ago and aren't exactly mentioned when the commentary team attempts to hype up The Celtic Warrior.

Xavier Woods vs. Shelton Benjamin

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    Next week, The New Day's Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston challenge The Hurt Business' Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander for the Raw Tag Team Championships, but Monday, Woods and Benjamin did battle in singles competition.

    Benjamin grounded Woods, working him over with a rear chin lock. "Sick move set. Sick move set, Shelton," Kingston trolled from the floor.

    Woods overcame a concentrated attack by Benjamin throughout the match, firing off a series of strikes and following up with a sunset flip for two.

    Benjamin survived that pinfall attempt but got caught talking trash to Kingston, allowing Woods to roll him up for the win.



    Woods defeated Benjamin






    First things first: New Day's Mortal Kombat ring gear homages to Scorpion and Sub-Zero were fire.

    The match itself was perfectly acceptable and served as a fine enough preview for next week's title match. Kingston trolled Benjamin from the floor throughout and proved to be just enough of a distraction for Woods to score the win.

    There's no chance Kingston and Woods win the titles next week, not with the roll The Hurt Business is on, but the match should be damn good given the talent involved. Whether it is the emphasis for a pay-per-view match between the teams remains to be seen.

Riddle vs. Slapjack

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    Ahead of his United States Championship defense against Mustafa Ali on next week's show, Riddle battled Retribution's Slapjack.

    The Original Bro was more motivated and determined than ever, attacking from the opening bell and punishing his opponent with harsh strikes and powerful suplexes.

    Slapjack momentarily recovered and turned the tide in his favor, but Riddle answered with a Final Flash knee, rocking the masked man. Slapjack recovered and delivered his own jarring strike for a near-fall as Ali barked orders from the floor.

    Riddle fought back, delivered another big knee and added Bro Derek for the win.



    Riddle defeated Slapjack






    For what was essentially a glorified squash, this was a fun sprint.

    Riddle looked great, Slapjack was allowed to shine and Ali thrived as the desperate, loudmouthed heel who did not want to see his upcoming opponent build any momentum for himself.

    Their match next week will be a show-stealer for sure and a great opportunity for WWE to really put Ali over as a centerpiece heel. That is unlikely to be the case as management is clearly "in like" with Riddle right now and more focused on building his character.

    For better or worse.

Strowman and McMahon, Part Deux

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    Braun Strowman joined Shane McMahon in the ring for the second time tonight as the elder of the McMahon kids looked to get something off his chest.

    He left the ring and admitted that he does have fun at the expense of others. Everyone does.

    After stuttering and stammering, stalling and biding time, McMahon again commented on Strowman's intelligence or lack thereof.

    "Never, would I ever explicitly call you stupid," he said, despite spending the entire time insinuating as much.

    An enraged Strowman took off, chasing after Shane-O-Mac but failing to catch him before the prodigal son hopped in an SUV and sped off.

    Or so it appeared. As Strowman left, McMahon reappeared. "So stupid."






    This was somehow worse than the segment from earlier in the night as it appeared McMahon either forgot his lines or was simply stalling for time. Either way, it was a substanceless segment that could have been more effective if it had been written by a seventh-grader than the grown-ass person(s) who actually penned it.

    This did nothing to make Strowman vs. McMahon any more appealing or the supposed babyface any more likable.

    If anything, it created dread for what is likely to be a marquee WrestleMania match, hardly the intention at such a significant time on the WWE calendar.

Women's Tag Team Title Match: Naomi and Lana vs. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

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    Women's tag team champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler defended their titles against Naomi and Lana on Monday, but all eyes were on Jax's "friend" Reginald, Carmella's former sommelier over on SmackDown, who accompanied the heels to the ring.

    The challengers found success early and often, culminating with Naomi wiping out both Jax and Baszler with a dive heading into the commercial break.

    Back from the break, Baszler blasted Lana with a clothesline. The heels gained the advantage during the timeout, The Queen of Spades targeting the arm of The Ravishing Russian.

    A hot tag to Naomi sparked the comeback, during which Naomi drove Jax face-first into the mat. Interference from Reginald provided a distraction, Jax bowled over Lana and The Irresistible Force scored the win following a powerbomb on her longtime foe.

    After the match, Jax hoisted Reginald over her shoulder and carried him up the ramp.



    Jax and Baszler defeated Naomi and Lana to retain






    Naomi was red-hot late in the match, but the motivated performer was overshadowed by WWE Creative's undying desire to spotlight Reginald at the expense of its female talent.

    We saw it week after week on SmackDown, where he threatened to become the centerpiece of Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair's feud over the blue brand women's title.

    Now, he figures to be at the forefront of the women's tag title storyline, seconding Jax and Baszler as WWE Creative finds new, equally annoying ways to keep him on television and steal the thunder of a women's division that simply does not need him or the silly antics he finds himself involved in.

    Let's move on from the nonsense so strong, dynamic and exciting women like Naomi can star without having to worry about making sure Reginald is properly highlighted.

AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton

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    Born of a backstage segment earlier in the show in which AJ Styles openly mocked Randy Orton's recent issues with Alexa Bliss, including an apparent curse causing him to cough black ooze, The Viper battled The Phenomenal One in the night's blockbuster, WrestleMania-caliber main event.

    An incensed Orton, fueled by Styles' suggestions that he is weak for allowing Bliss and Bray Wyatt to get in his head, attacked his opponent from the opening bell and punished him for several minutes. Heading into the break, though, Omos made his presence felt and turned the tide in the favor of his charge.

    Styles worked Orton over, dominating the action after the final commercial of the night. He grounded The Viper, trapping him in a headlock, looking to cut the air off from the third-generation star. Orton fought back and jarred Styles with a backbreaker.

    Styles rebounded and tried for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Orton shook the ropes, knocking him down. The Phenomenal One again recovered, applying the Calf Crusher. Orton barely kicked his way out of the submission and then delivered the draping DDT.

    Orton rose to his feet and teased the RKO, but Omos pulled him out of the ring. The arena became engulfed in pink and Bliss appeared on the video screen. She lit a match, igniting flames from the ring post and causing Orton to vomit black again.

    Styles blasted Orton with the Phenomenal Forearm for the pinfall victory.



    Styles defeated Orton






    Orton and Styles are never going to have a bad match. They're too good for that. What this was, though, was a dull main event that lacked a spark. The heel vs. heel dynamic certainly did not help.

    Nor did the fact that everyone watching was absolutely certain Bliss was going to make her presence felt at some point.

    We know The Fiend is on his way back to WWE in time for a showdown with Orton at WrestleMania, but the question is how many people will actually care when he does return?

    The story has been months in the making, creating questions about its ability to maintain momentum heading into WrestleMania, still five weeks away.

    Over-the-top stuff like Orton puking black will not a suitable 'Mania program make.

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