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Part I: English

Because of fire, many more buildings, were destroyed than the earthquake itself bad damaged: 

(A) consequence
(B)     consequently
(C)      consequences
(D)_As a consequence

All right, Johnny, it's time you to bed.
(A)     Went 
(B)     Would go
(C).    Will be going 
(D)     Going to go

Ivan hasn't repaired his bicycle tire:
(A)     Yet 
(B)    Soon
(B)     Still 
(D)     Already

A chemist prepares his experiments carefully before trying to carry in his laboratory:
(A)     It out 
(B)     Outit
(B)     Them out 
(D)    Out them

Here in today's paper it says that zoo has just
obtained animal no one has ever heard of before:
(B)     The
(B)     Any 
(D)     Some

that lend was known as Siam but its modern name is Thailand: 
(A) Origin 
(B) Original 
(C) Originates 
(D) Originally

That book looks like an advanced text to me.
(A)     Economic 
(B)     Economics
(B)      Economist 
(D)     Economical

It's probable both that there were many severe storms in this area ships sank.
(A)     So many
(B)     And many
(C)      That many
(D)     And that many

Does this package taal to or is it years ?
 (A) We 
 (B) Us 
 (C) Our 
(D) Ours 

10. If you don’t want to get wet, then you had better this umbrella with you. 
(A) Take 
(B) For taking 
(C) To take 
(D) Taken

My friend would not tell me new car.
(A)     How much he paid
(B)     How he paid much
(C)      How much did he pay
(D)     How he'd pay very much

The sign said that no authorized parents were prohibited that restricted are:
(A)     Entering 
(B)     To enter
(C)      Fromentering 
(D)      Not to enter

The reason for the traffic accident was one of the drivers had lost control of his car.
(A)     Why 
(B)      When
(B)      That 
(D)      How

The Eiffel Tower is still man-made structures in the world: 
(A)    Avery high one
(B)     Highest one
(C)      One of the highest
(D)     The higher one

The Passive Voice of the sentence, ‘Who caught the snake?’ is
(A)     By whom is the snake caught?
(B)     By whom has the snake been caught?
(C)      By whom were the snake caught?
(D)     None of these

The Indirect Form of the sentence, ‘The teacher said to him, “Never be late for school"
(A)     The teacher said to him-that never be late for school.
(B)     The teacher urged him never to be late for school.
(C)      The teacher told him never to be late for school.
(D)     None of these

Problems common in most countries include the social, economic and :
(A)     Politics 
(B)     Political
(B)     Government 
(D)    of government

The corner market is only untill 8:30 pm.
(A)     Opening 
(B)     Opens
(B)     Opened 
(D)     Open

Carperal Jackson, you will obey this order now! ,
(A)     As 
(B)     Just
(B)     Only 
(D)     Right

My friend said she is very eager a real Hollywood star.
(A)     To meet
(B)     For meeting
(C)      In meeting
(D)     That she can meet

PART-II (General Intelligence Test)

10 workers can cut the grass of sports complex in 40 days. How long will it take 20 workers to do this job? 
(A) 50 days 
(B) 40 days 
(C) 15 days 
(D) 20 days

Salma purchased a hair band at a cost of Rs. 32 instead of Rs. 40 which was the original price. What is the rate of discount?
(A) 14% 
(B) 16%
C)  18% 
(D) 20%

A bus is moving on motorway at speed of 90 km/hr, What is the distance travelled py the bus after 3 hours and 30 minutes? 
(A) 375 km 
(B) 360 km 
(C) 285 km 
(D) 315km

If 100 students write 100 pages in 100 days, then 4 students would wnte 4 pages in how many days? 
(A) 1 day 
(B) 4 days 
(C) 40 days 
(D) 100 days

After having Bar B.Q in a restaurant, three friends paid the bill. Afzal paid 2/3 as much as Danial paid and Danial paid 1/2 as much as Tariq paid. What faction of the bill did Danial

(B) 1/3 
(C) 12/13 
(D) 5/8

There are four numbers. Average of the first three is 20 and that of the last three is 19. If the last number is 22 find the first number.
A)        18 
B)        19
C)        20 
D)        21

What is the average of all prime numbers between 30 to 40?
(A) 34 
(B) 35
C)   37 
(D) 43

A Bus has an average of 30 passengers on Sundays and 40 on other days. The average number of passengers who travel in this buts in a month of 30 days starting with Sunday is: 

(A) 1150 
(B) 900
(C) 1200 
(D) 1160

Mr Atiq-ur-Rehman deposited Res. 7500 at the compound interest rate of 4% of per annum. How much money as interest he will
et after 2 years. 
A)  Rs. 610 
(B) Rs. 612
(C) Rs. 614 
(D) Rs. 616

If 16 books cost 240, then what do 40 books cost?
(A)    Rs. 600 
(B)    Rs. 620
C)     Rs. 640 
D)     Rs. 660

Rs. 7000 is divided among Asghar, Bilawal
and Kamran so that Asghar receives half as much as Bilawal and Bilawal half as much as Kamran. Than Kamran's share is?
(A)   Rs. 2000 
(B)   Rs. 1000
C)    Rs. 4000 
D)    Rs. 5000

Khalid covere da distance of 750 meter in 2
minutes 30 seconds by his bike. He covered the distance at a speed of:
(A)16 km/hr 
(B) 17 km/hr 
C) 18 km/hr 
D) 19 km/hr

Amir does a work in 10 days and Babar does the same work in 15 days. In how many days the together wiil do the same work?
A)   5 days 
B)   6 days 
(C)  7 days

If Lubna is 6 years older than her sister,
Saima and Jaweria is 5 years older than Lubna and the total of their ages is 41. Then how old is Saima? .
C)3 8

The Least Common Multiple (LCM) of 8, 12, 18 and 36 is:
(C) 216 
(D) 432

PART-II (General Knowledge)

The 2014 FIFA World Cup was hosted by: 
(A) Brazil 
(B Russia 
C) Qatar 
D) France 

Who Is Angela Merkel? 
A) Prime Minister of UK 
B) Chancellor of Germany 
C) Prime Minister of France 
D) Prime Minister of Switzerland

The Defence Minlster of Pakistan is: 
(A) Khawaja Asif
(B) Ishaq Dar 
(C) Raheel Sharif 
(D) Pervaiz Rashid

Which of the following countries has the worid’s largest oil reserves.
(A)Saudi Arabia 
(B) iran
(C) Venezuela 
(D) Canada

Initially Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) demanded a probe into electoral rigging in:
A)        50 constituencies
B)        4 constituencies
C)         10 constituencies
D)        20 constituencies

Baglinar Dam was constructed on the River: 
(A) Chenab 
(B) Ravi 
(C) Sindh 
(D) Sutluj

Baan Ki Meon is:
(A)      Prime Minister of Japan
B)        President of Canada
C)         Prime Minlster of Indonesia
D)        Secretary General of UNO

Who built Taj Mahai? 
(A) Aurangzeb 
(B) Shah Jahan 
(C) Akbar 
(D) Humayun

NATO is a name of: 
(A)      an economic organization
B)        military alliance
C)         political party of USA
D)        cultural alliance

BBC is a news agency of: 
(A) USA 
(B) UK 
(C) France 
(D) Germany

The Suez Canal is situated in:
(A)      Egypt 
(B)       Libya
C)         Nigeria 
D)        Pailstine 

The No. 1 Tennis Player is:
A)        Victoria Azarenka
B)         Maria Sharapova
C)         Serena Williams
D)        Venus Williams

Who is the President of Iran?
B}       Ali Knamenei
B)        Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
C)         Mohammad Javed Zarif
D)        Hassan Rouhani

RAW is an intelligence agency of: 
(A) Afghanistan 
(B) Iran 
(C) india 
(D) Bhutan

Which of the following country is not a member of SAARC?  (A)Bhutan 
(C)Iran B
(D) Maidives 

The largest wheat producing country of the world is: 
(A) USA 
(B) Canada 
(C) India 
(D) China

Which of the following year witnessed massive flood in Pakistan?
(A) 2007 
(B) 2008
C)  2009 
(D) 2010.

The highly populous city of the world is: 
(A) Shanghal 
(B) Beijin
(C) Tokyo 
(D) Karachi

Third Part (Everyday science)

Which of the following helps in clotting of blood?
(A)     Vitamin B, 
(B)     Vitamin Ba
(B)     Vitamin D 
(D)    Vitamin K 

The main constituent of hemoglobin is: 
(A) Protein 
(B) lron
(C) Calcium 
(D) Chlorine

Which of the following vitamins promote healthy functioning of eyes in human beings? 
(A) Vitamin B 
(B) Vitamin C 
(C) Vitamin A 
(D) Vitamin D

Which of the following diseases is caused by virus?
(A)     Cholera e Tuberculosis
(B)     Malaria  
(C)      Venus  
(D)     Jupiter 

The primary colors are: 
A) Red, Green, Blue 
B) White, Black, Blue 
(C) Red, Yellow, Blue 
(D) Red, Orange, Blue

Which of the following vegetable is rich in Vitamin A:
(A) Carrot 
(B) Radish
(C) Potato 
D)  Iron

Which of the following is essential for proper formation of teeth?
(A)     lodine 
(B)     copper
(B)     fluorine 
(D)     iron

Wind energy is an excellent example of: 
(A)    Potential energy
(B)     Transverse energy
(C)      Kinetic energy
(D)     Mechanical energy

Battery was invented by: 
(A) Volta 
(B) Excide 
(C) Fermi 
(D) Maiman

A gas heater gives us heat by: 
(A)     Conduction
(B)     Convection
(C)      Radiation
(D)     None of these

Deficiency of Vitamin A results in? 
(A) night blindness 
(B) rickets
(C) diabetes 
(D) throat infection

Trachoma is the disease of: 
(A) Liver 
(B) Brain 
(C) Eye 
(D) Heart

Pneumonia directly affected which part of the body?
A)        Nervous system
B)        Heart
C)         Respiratory system
(D)     Digestive system

Gas used in balloons is:
(A)     Helium 
(B)     Nitrogen
(B)     Oxygen 
(D)    Carbon dioxide 

The stimulant which present in tea leaves is called:
(A)      bromine 
(B)      Caffeine i
(C)      theine 
(D)     phosphorous); 

When water is cooled below 4°C, it:
(A) Contracts 
(B) Expands 
(C) Retains density 
(D) None of these

When a steam engine has.used steam_by converting heat into mechanical energy, the used steam is:
(A)     Warmer
(B)      At the same temperature
(C)      Cooler
D)        None of these

Solar energy is converted into electricity throughs
(A)      hemical action
B)        Biological 
(C)      None of these

The jet engine on an aeroplane generates thrust by allowing hot gases to: 
(A)Condensate in the annular condenser 
(B) Escape through a tight opening 
(C) Produce magnetism through a compression chamber 
(D) None of these

PART-IV: Islamic Studies

Ka'bah is situated in the valley of 
(A) Karan 
(B) Batha 
(C) Makka 
(D) None

Treaty, of Hudaibiyah was observed in 
(A) 5 Hijri 
(B) 6th Hijri 
(C) 7th Hijri 
(D) 8th Hijri 

Who did accompany the Holy Prophet (SAW) in the migration to Madina? " 
(A)Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) 
(B)  Hazrat Ali (RA) 
(C) Hazrat Usman (RA) 
(D) Hazrat Umar (RA)

When did the Holy Prophet (PBUH) offer Haj? 
(A) 6A.H
(B) 4A.H 
(C) 8AH 
(D) 10A.H

Which Surah does not start with Bismillah?

 (A) Al Asr 
(B) Al Nisa 
(C) Al Mulk
(D) None of above

What is the shortest surah? 
(A) Al Tauba 
(B) Al Nasr 
(C) Kausar
 (D) Kahf 

What is the total number of Ghazwas? 
(D) none of the above

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