Friday 19 May 2023

WWE NxT Level Up Full Show HD 19 May 2023


WWE NxT Level Up Live 5/19/23 May 19th 2023

Watch WWE NxT Level Up Live 5/19/23 May 19th 2023 Online Full Show Free

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WWE NxT Level Up Live 5/19/23 May 19th 2023 Preview

– Show Timing & Infos.

# 10PM ET – WWE NxT Level Up Live 5/19/23 May 19th 2023.
Fullshow Replay – 10Min After Live Over.

– WWE NxT Level Up Live 5/19/23 May 19th 2023 Match Card.

Singles Match
Eddy Thorpe vs Kale Dixon

Tag Team Match
Kelani Jordan & Wendy Choo vs Elektra Lopez & Lola Vice

Singles Match
Luca Crusifino vs Dante Chen

More Cards

Watch WWE NxT Level Up Live 5/19/23 May 19th 2023 Online Full Show Free 720p HD Live stream, 19th May 2023 Dailymotion Live 10 Parts Stream during live broadcast, WWE NxT Level Up Live 19th May 2023 5/19/23 3 Parts Full HD after show is over

AEW Rampage Full Show HD 19 May 2023


AEW Rampage Live 5/19/23 May 19th 2023

Watch AEW Rampage Live 5/19/23 May 19th 2023 Online 6.30PM Special Full Show Free

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6.30PM ET Special Start Time


Watch AEW Rampage Full Show HD 
AEW Rampage Full Show HD

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AEW Rampage Full Show HD

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AEW Rampage Live 5/19/23 May 19th 2023 Preview

– Show Timing & Infos.

# 10PM ET – AEW Rampage Live 5/19/23 May 19th 2023.
2 Parts Live – Halfway into Live.
Fullshow Replay – 10Min After Live Over.

– AEW Rampage Live 5/19/23 May 19th 2023 Match Card.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Billy Gunn & The Acclaimed vs Varsity Athletes

AEW TBS Title Match
Jade Cargill vs Danni Bee

Six Man Tag Team Match
Blackpool Combat Club vs Best Friends & Bandido

Singles Match
Dustin Rhodes vs Bishop Kaun

Promo from The Hardy brothers.

WWE Smackdown Highlights Full Show and Live Streaming HD 19 May 2023


WWE Smackdown Live 5/19/23 May 19th 2023

Matchcard / Timing / Channels / Infos


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Watch WWE SmackDown Full Show HD | 6 Parts

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WWE SmackDown Full Show HD

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WWE SmackDown Full Show HD

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WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from May 19

Sana Khan

    Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa confronted Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens Friday night.
    Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa confronted Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens Friday night.Credit:

    Ahead of the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match at Night of Champions, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn came face to face with Solo Sikoa and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in the marquee segment of Friday's SmackDown.

    Elsewhere on the show, The Usos sought to turn momentum back in their favor as they battled the LWO's Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar, Asuka returned to the squared circle, and LA Knight partnered with Rick Boogs for the very first time.

    What went down, how did it affect the company's build to the May 27 Jeddah extravaganza, and how did each segment grade out?

    Find out with this recap of the May 19 Fox broadcast.

Match Card

1 OF 10

    Announced in advance for the May 19 episode were:

    • Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens face to face with Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa
    • Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar vs. The Usos
    • The Brawling Brutes vs. Pretty Deadly
    • The debut episode of The Grayson Waller Effect
    • The Street Profits vs. LA Knight and Rick Boogs
    • Zelina Vega vs. Asuka

Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Roman Reigns, and Solo Sikoa Face to Face

2 OF 10


    Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa hit the ring, accompanied by Paul Heyman, but were quickly interrupted by Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, who wasted little time doing everything but acknowledging The Head of the Table.

    Zayn continued to plant seeds of dissension within The Bloodline by telling Reigns that he is not as good as The Usos, only to be jumped alongside Owens by Jimmy and Jey. The heels laid out the tag team champions.

    Reigns walked off, pissed off at his cousins for ruining his moment. Following a break, in the backstage area, The Tribal Chief berated The Usos for interrupting what he had to say to Zayn and daring to make the sort of decisions that he does.

    This whole thing was more great stuff for Reigns, who seems content to take out the frustration on his cousins, who are growing more visibly angry themselves with every passing tongue-lashing.

    Things are about to boil over in The Bloodline, with Jimmy and Jey destined to stand up for themselves against their megalomaniacal cousin. Whether it comes at Night of Champions or later remains to be seen, but it is growing more and more apparent that the self-proclaimed "Ones" are maybe more responsible for the downfall of Reigns' dominance than any challenger that has ever stepped up to The Tribal Chief.



    Top Moments

    • Reigns does the small things so well. The annoyed look on his face, when Zayn and Owens made their way into the arena, reflected just how tired of dealing with the two of them he actually is at this point. So good and so relatable.
    • "I only have one regret and that one regret is wasting my life on you," Reigns told Zayn.
    • "I have one regret, too, and that's not blasting you with that chair sooner," Zayn responded.
    • "You're just not as good as us. And for that matter, you're not as good as The Usos, either," Zayn taunted The Tribal Chief.
    • The Usos attacked Zayn and Owens, leaving them lying on the floor outside of the ring. 

The Brawling Brutes vs. Pretty Deadly

3 OF 10


    Pretty Deadly's Elton Prince and Kit Wilson were weekly highlights on NXT and now that they are members of the SmackDown roster, will look to connect with an audience, beginning with Friday night's victory over The Brawling Brute's Butch and Ridge Holland.

    The win was not without trickery, including a quality fake-out by Prince, but it was a great introduction to a tag team that has proven an ability to back up their superb character work with quality in-ring performance.

    There are not many better options to put them in the ring with than Butch and Holland, who have become workhorses for WWE as part of The Brawling Brutes. Booking them to feud with that faction, polar opposites of the taunting pretty boys, was the right call.


    Pretty Deadly defeated The Brawling Brutes



    Top Moments

    • Chef Elton and Chef Kit introduced the ingredients that go into Pretty Deadly, concluding with themselves, obviously.
    • Sheamus joined Michael Cole and Wade Barrett at the commentary position.
    • Butch exploded into the match off a hot tag and took out both Prince and Wilson en route to a nice near-fall.
    • Prince pretended to be tied up in the ropes, waited for the referee to be distracted by Butch, then joined Wilson in delivering Spilt Milk to secure the chicanery-filled win.

Zelina Vega vs. Asuka

4 OF 10


    Asuka continued her path to Night of Champions and her showdown with Bianca Belair with a win over a determined Zelina Vega, submitting her despite a late-match comeback.

    The Empress of Tomorrow, perhaps looking to send a message to The EST ahead of their clash in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, refused to release the hold until Belair made the save. Asuka failed to blind Belair for the second week in a row but reminded her she could spray her trademark mist at any time, just barely missing.

    The match was a nice showcase for Vega and a reminder of how dangerous Asuka is, with a move set that is seemingly endless. Belair looked more serious and on edge than at any point in her title reign, putting over how Asuka's mind games have affected her.

    Their match at Night of Champions should be one of the more interesting, harder-hitting and better on the card, if all goes right.


    Asuka submitted Vega



    Top Moments

    • Vega cut a prematch promo in which she said she was ready for Asuka and wanted to prove she could hang with the top competitors in the women's division.
    • The babyface fought back and delivered a Meteora for a close two-count. 
    • A series of pin attempt reversals gave way to Asuka trapping Vega and forcing a submission .
    • Belair made the save and just barely dodged the blue mist, a near-miss for The Empress of Tomorrow as she prepares to dethrone The EST in Jeddah.

The Grayson Waller Effect with AJ Styles

5 OF 10


    Grayson Waller made his in-ring debut Friday night, hosting his Grayson Waller Effect talk show, but one would be hard-pressed to recognize the Aussie. He was less loud, less arrogant and more subdued than the obnoxious heel that rose to prominence during his days in NXT.

    Instead, he conducted an interview with AJ Styles ahead of Night of Champions and the World Heavyweight Championship match with Seth Rollins, the heel persona only rearing its head in the closing moments.

    A tense staredown resulted, teasing a future program between the two and if that is the case, it is absolutely the right call. Waller can benefit from working with Styles in ways he never could in an extended stint in developmental.

    Put them in the ring, let him learn alongside one of the greatest to ever do it and reap the rewards. It is a simple formula for success and it would behoove WWE to follow it.



    Top Moments

    • Waller was rather subdued, all things considered, as he introduced the audience and guest, Styles, to the show.
    • "It was the longest time I've ever been out of the ring," Styles said of the hiatus he was forced into when he broke his ankle last December.
    • "I want it more than the air that I breathe," Styles said of his desire to win the World Heavyweight Championship.
    • Styles called out Rollins for being on a movie set and questioned whether he was staying ready, because he is.
    • Waller taunted The Phenomenal One to close out the segment, saying he cannot wait until Mike Rome announces Rollins as the winner and new champion.

The Street Profits vs. LA Knight and Rick Boogs

6 OF 10


    LA Knight boldly claimed he could win tag team gold with anyone and he would begin proving it Friday night by teaming with anyone, including Rick Boogs, to defeat The Street Profits.

    It did not go well.

    Ego and dissension proved Knight's downfall as he found himself wiped out on the floor with Angelo Dawkins while Montez Ford delivered a frog splash for the win.

    It remains a mystery as to what the endgame is with Knight but he has defied logic and remained over despite his booking. Another week, another loss, but it currently appears as though the silver-tongued villain is essentially bulletproof at this point.


    Street Profits defeated Knight and Boogs



    Top Moments

    • "I thought to myself, 'I can beat them with anybody,' and that's exactly what I'm gonna do," Knight said of his first reaction to the arrival of The Street Profits on SmackDown. Enter, Rick Boogs.
    • "You know management must have big plans with that draft pick," Barrett said on commentary in a bit of a wink-and-nudge moment regarding Ford.
    • Knight delivered the BFT to Boogs after the match.

Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz vs. Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre; Big Tag Team Title News

7 OF 10


    There was not much in the way of competition for the debuting NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn Friday night on SmackDown as they battled Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon.

    The match, a squash, highlighted the danger the champions present and served as what is, hopefully, the start of a successful run on the main roster.

    After the match, Michael Cole announced that due to an undisclosed injury suffered by Liv Morgan on last week's show, she and Raquel Rodriguez will be forced to vacate the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship, with new titleholders being determined in two weeks on Raw.

    The announcement is a major disappointment for Morgan, who earned that title and a quality run with it, but will hopefully have the opportunity to make a momentous return when she is cleared.

    Until then, Rodriguez will have to find a partner to battle alongside her in the aforementioned title match against the teams of Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler, Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville, and Bayley and Dakota Kai.


    Dawn and Fyre defeated Feroz and Leon



    Top Moments

    • Cole oddly did not name Leon and Feroz, treating them like they were enhancement talent instead of NXT competitors that fans may see on Tuesday nights. It was a rare misfire from the best in the business.
    • Bayley and Kai interrupted Rodriguez backstage and challenged her to find a partner for a match next week.

Austin Theory Promo

8 OF 10


    Austin Theory has found the next challenger to his United States Championship in the form of Sheamus, who interrupted a promo with a Brogue Kick, silencing the arrogant heel.

    This felt like an in-ring promo that could have been a backstage segment, kind of like a work meeting that could have been an email. It was a lot of time for nothing of substance, though the mic drop from The Celtic Warrior was fun.

    The matches will likely be bangers but this was hardly the most inspired start to a feud.



    Top Moments

    • Accidentally or not, Theory dropping, "that's not a theory, it's a fact," might lead to a catchphrase.
    • Theory insulted Sheamus, reminding the world it had been 12 years since he beat John Cena last.
    • Sheamus literally dropping the mic after the Brogue Kick was fun stuff.

Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar vs. The Usos

9 OF 10

    Credit: WWE

    With their place at the table disintegrating before their very eyes, The Usos looked to remain a part of The Bloodline with a win over the LWO's Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar in the night's main event.

    They were not successful, through no fault of their own.

    Jimmy and Jey turned in a great performance, working a fast-paced, fantastic wrestling match with Escobar and Mysterio that had fans biting on near-falls all the way through to the finish.

    A finish that saw Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens interfere, leading to the babyface victory.

    Backstage, a disgusted Roman Reigns said something to Solo Sikoa, likely teasing punishment of some sort for the twins and advancing the story of dissension within the ranks. In reality, there is a real question to be asked as to why The Usos are always there to ensure Reigns is victorious but The Tribal Chief cannot afford his cousins the same luxury.

    It may be raised in the coming weeks as tensions mount and The Bloodline becomes closer to full on dysfunction.


    Mysterio and Escobar defeated The Usos



    Top Moments

    • "This is the first time I've ever heard you admit that, and this is a quote, that Roman Reigns may be 'abusing a member of his family'," Cole told Barrett, who tried to backtrack.
    • Cole also called out Reigns for watching from the comfort of his locker room, despite Paul Heyman telling The Usos he was busy doing all of the work he had to do for next week.
    • Jey just narrowly saved Jimmy during a near-fall, keeping the hopes of a victory alive.
    • Jimmy cut off a 619 with a superkick and Jey added the top rope splash, but Mysterio kicked out at two in a great near-fall.
    • Owens provided the distraction, Zayn shoved Jey from the top rope, and the babyfaces scored the win.

Overall Grade

10 OF 10

    There was a ton to like in regard to the Bloodline storyline and the mounting issues that exist between its members, and with that particular program bookending the broadcast, it would be easy to issue a grade heavily influenced by that particular story.

    There was more to this broadcast than that, though.

    We saw AJ Styles treated like a major star as two potential new programs were introduced in the form of Grayson Waller and Karrion Kross. Speaking of the loudmouthed Aussie, he was just one of several NXT stars to make their presence felt, joined by Pretty Deadly, Cameron Grimes and women's tag champs Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn.

    Throw in Sheamus emerging as an opponent for Austin Theory, giving us a break from the tiresome paring of the United States Champion and Bobby Lashley, and you have a show that did more to lay the foundation for what is to come.

    That has been a theme of WWE programming over the last month, particularly since the draft. That is not a bad thing, especially when introducing new talent from NXT. There is a fine line, though, between patience and demanding the audience to hang in there for too long. Recognizing that line and making sure not to venture too far over it will be key for Triple H and the creative team.

    For now, though, there is plenty to like about what he is setting up.

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