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WWE SummerSlam 2022 PPV 7/30/22 July 30th 2022

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WWE SummerSlam 2022 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

Wrestling Reality Team!

    Welcome to Wrestling Reality's coverage and recap of WWE SummerSlam 2022.

    The Superstars and thousands of members of the WWE Universe descended on Nashville, Tennessee to take in the action at Nissan Stadium on Saturday.

    The biggest attraction on the card was the billed final chapter of the feud between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. This storyline has spanned several years and many matches, but WWE wants us to believe this will be the last encounter.

    We also saw both women's titles on the line when Liv Morgan defended the SmackDown Women's Championship against Ronda Rousey, and Becky Lynch challenged Bianca Belair for the Raw women's title.

    Logan Paul was the big celebrity guest when he took on The Miz, but we also saw Pat McAfee step into the ring again to take on Happy Corbin.

    Let's take a look at everything that happened during The Biggest Party of the Summer.

SummerSlam Card

1 OF 9
    • Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar (Undisputed WWE Universal Championship)
    • The Usos vs. The Street Profits (Undisputed Tag Team Championships)
    • Bobby Lashley vs. Theory (United States Championship)
    • Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch (Raw Women's Championship)
    • Liv Morgan vs. Ronda Rousey (SmackDown Women's Championship)
    • Pat McAfee vs. Happy Corbin
    • The Miz vs. Logan Paul
    • The Mysterios vs. The Judgment Day 

Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch (Raw Women's Title)

2 OF 9

    The first match of the night was the showdown between Belair and Lynch for the Raw women's title.

    This feud has spanned an entire year since Big Time Becks returned last year to defeat The EST of WWE in 26 seconds, so this was Belair's chance for redemption.

    Early on, the champion used her strength to control the challenger, so Lynch had to rely on her technical ability to get the upper hand.

    The match was physical from the first bell and stayed competitive the whole time. Both women were looking to make sure they kicked this show off with one of the best matches of the night.

    They fought in and out of the ring and used almost anything they could to inflict damage without risking a DQ. The steps, ring posts and barricades all came into play. We saw several creative spots that helped make this feel completely different from their other encounters.

    The EST was able to secure the win with a Spanish Fly followed by the KOD for the pin to cap off a fantastic opener. Surprisingly, Lynch offered her hand as a show of respect and they hugged to a nice reaction from the crowd.

    Bayley thenmade a surprising return as Belair celebrated her win in the ring, and this was immediately followed by Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky (formerly Io Shirai) joining her in the aisle. Lynch stood side by side with Belair, but there was no physical altercation. This was all done very well.

    Winner: Bianca Belair wins by pinfall

    Grade: A

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Both women went all-out with their gear for this show. Lynch looked like an anime villain to some degree, while Belair went for a more appropriate look for Nashville. 
    • Lynch's technical ability is not talked about enough. She does so many little things perfectly. Even something like a wristlock looks a little smoother when it's her doing it. 
    • The way Lynch tried to put Belair into position so she could pull her into the ring post by her braid was a bit awkward but not egregiously bad. 
    • Watching Belair catch Lynch coming off the top rope and just stand back up while holding her was an impressive display of power. 
    • The Spanish Fly Belair hit from the middle rope was awesome. 
    • WWE is now calling Io Shirai "Iyo Sky."

The Miz vs. Logan Paul

3 OF 9

    Ciampa and Maryse accompanied The Miz to the ring for his match against his WrestleMania tag team partner, Logan Paul.

    It felt like the YouTuber was trying his best to show off the fact that he has been training for more work in the ring, and to his credit, the work has paid off. Several things he did looked great for somebody with so little experience.

    The story of this match was The Miz trying to use his veteran experience to control his inexperienced opponent, but he also relied on Ciampa to lend a hand when the ref was distracted.

    It is always hard to tell if a stadium crowd is into something because the noise escapes through the open roof, but it seemed like both men got some good reactions at certain spots. The fact that this is only Paul's second actual match proved he has been putting in the work to make sure he exceeded expectations.

    Right after the ref tried to boot Ciampa from ringside, AJ Styles' music hit and he came out of nowhere to beat up The Miz's buddy and send him packing through the crowd. This allowed Paul to hit a springboard forearm for a close two-count.

    The social media star was able to get the win by hitting The Miz with his own Skull-Crushing Finale.

    This was better than anyone expected it to be and likely changed a few opinions about Paul in the process.

    Winner: Logan Paul by pinfall

    Grade: B+

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • The jackets The Miz, Ciampa and Maryse wore were the color of Nickelodeon slime. 
    • The A-Lister big-timing Paul but lightly kicking him as an insult was funny. 
    • Paul leaping over the top rope and hitting a moonsault to the floor was a nice surprise.
    • Seeing Paul dive off the top turnbuckle to put The Miz through the announce table was not something anybody expected when this match began.  

Bobby Lashley vs. Theory (U.S. Title)

4 OF 9

    Bobby Lashley vs. Theory for the United States Championship took place after we got a water commercial from Maximum Male Models and a couple of other video packages.

    As Lashley posed in the corner, Theory attacked him with his Money in the Bank briefcase. The champ said he could continue. Once the bell rang, The All Mighty survived an onslaught of strikes and takedowns before he was able to recover.

    Theory tried to leave the match at one point, but the champion wasn't having it. He threw the 24-year-old into the barricade a few times before getting him back to the ring.

    This was a solid performance from two men who are known for their athleticism, but it didn't feel much different from what we might have seen on any given episode of Raw or SmackDown. Lashley got the win with The Hurt Lock to retain his title.

    Winner: Bobby Lashley by submission

    Grade: B

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Lashley was selling the shots from the briefcase a lot. Maybe a little too much. 
    • It will never get old watching The All Mighty power guys into the air with one arm before slamming them to the mat. 
    • Theory's rolling dropkick is one of his best moves. 

The Mysterios vs. The Judgment Day

5 OF 9

    Rey and Dominik Mysterio took on Finn Balor and Damian Priest in a No Disqualification match. Rhea Ripley was there to support The Judgment Day.

    For some reason, this was still worked with tags in and out instead of being a wild tornado-style match. It made you forget about the No DQ stipulation at times.

    This bout had the kind of spots you would expect with three high-flyers and a powerhouse, so it was a fun romp even if the way it was structured didn't make much sense. Once they stopped caring about tags, they were able to make this more interesting.

    Edge returned in the middle of the match and took out Balor and Priest, helping The Mysterios score the win in the process.

    Most of the match was fine, but it felt like The Judgment Day needed this win more than their opponents. The feud with Edge could have been set up after it was over.

    Winners: The Mysterios by pinfall

    Grade: B-

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Dom and Rey had gear with the colors of a beer brand they are being sponsored by, but it just made them look like shills for McDonald's. 
    • Rey's wheelbarrow bulldog is almost always great. 
    • The sliding splash with a chair from The Master of the 619 was a cool spot. 

Happy Corbin vs. Pat McAfee

6 OF 9

    The grudge match between Pat McAfee and Happy Corbin was up next. Michael Cole and Corey Graves each had their favorite and made no attempt to hide their bias.

    McAfee had a choir sing "Bum Ass Corbin" over and over before his actual entrance music started up.

    After Corbin shoved him, McAfee uncorked a superkick out of nowhere to get the action going. The bout was taken out of the ring within a minute, so they were not going for a typical match. They were trying to make this look like a fight.

    While this didn't reach the level of excitement of McAfee's match with Theory at WrestleMania 38, it was another solid entry into the former NFL kicker's lineup of performances thus far. Corbin also did a great job taking care of his opponent while also making him look good.

    After the ref was taken out for a moment, McAfee hit a low blow followed by a sunset flip for the win.

    Winner: Pat McAfee by pinfall

    Grade: B

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • You don't have to like Corbin to admit he is great at his job. He does whatever WWE asks of him and puts his full effort into it. That is why he keeps being featured so heavily. 
    • McAfee's hurricanrana looked way better than expected. 
    • McAfee backflipping off the top rope only to take a dropkick from Corbin was a nice sequence. 
    • The senton bomb McAfee hit from the top rope to the floor could have ended in disaster, but he and Corbin saved it. 

The Usos vs. The Street Profits (Undisputed Tag Titles)

7 OF 9

    Jeff Jarrett came out first to serve as the special guest referee for the Undisputed Tag Team Championship match between The Usos and The Street Profits.

    Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins got a special entrance with the Tennessee Titans' cheerleaders.

    The match started off with The Usos taking control of Dawkins, but Jarrett was doing a good job making sure the champ didn't double-team him too much.

    The first several minutes had a much slower pace than expected. The Usos spent a lot of time showboating, but you could tell they were saving their energy for what was to come.

    Once Ford tagged in, business started to pick up. We saw bigger spots from both teams as the energy continued to rise. All four guys delivered another fantastic match. We may have seen this bout too many times, but it's hard to be bored when they keep producing memorable moments together.

    The Usos were able to take out Ford by throwing him into the crowd, and then they finished off Dawkins with their finisher for the pin and the win.

    A lot of people wanted the Profits to win here, but the overall performance was strong.

    Winners: The Usos

    Grade: B+

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • The entrance for the Profits was awesome. It made them feel like a big deal. 
    • WWE really needs to sell the special jerseys it has been making for Ford and Dawkins. It's money being left on the table. 
    • Dawkins' jumping enziguiri was great.
    • Ford is so agile that he has to try not to jump too high sometimes. He almost went right over Jey when he hit a flying crossbody. 
    • Dawkins hitting Jimmy with a pounce that sent him flying back into Ford's arms for a suplex was awesome. 

Liv Morgan vs. Ronda Rousey (SmackDown Women's Title)

8 OF 9

    Liv Morgan vs. Ronda Rousey was the penultimate match of the night, but WWE made sure to give us a quick fight between Seth Rollins and Riddle before this took place.

    Morgan tried to be aggressive right away, but a running knee and a quick throw from Rousey put her in the driver's seat. The champ hit a series of punches and kicks, but one kick from the former UFC star was enough to take her down again.

    Every time Rousey tried to apply the armbar, Morgan seemed to have a counter or escape plan in place. The challenger did a great job looking more frustrated every time she did not succeed.

    Morgan ended up pinning Rousey while tapping out at the same time, but since the ref only saw the pin, the champion was declared the winner. Rowdy Ronda lost it and attacked both her rival and the ref.

    The match itself had some interesting moments, but that was it. This was a little on the short side and didn't reach the same level of excitement most of the other bouts did.

    Winner: Liv Morgan by pinfall

    Grade: C

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Morgan did a good job selling her fear of Rousey when she got into the ring. 
    • Seeing Morgan reverse an armbar into the Rings of Saturn was kind of fun. 
    • Rousey finally turning heel is the right call. 

Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar (Undisputed Championship)

9 OF 9

    The main event of the night was the Last Man Standing match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

    Lesnar drove a tractor with a front-end loader on it to the ring, and he posed in the scoop as he gave his own introduction. As Reigns waited, The Beast Incarnate jumped onto him to get the match going.

    They immediately went out of the ring and began using whatever they could find to do more damage. They went into the crowd, used parts of the set, employed weapons and did anything else they could think of to inflict more punishment.

    These two always do a great job putting each other through hell, but this might have been their most chaotic encounter to date. The crowd was on its feet the whole time.

    Lesnar used the tractor to lift up one side of the ring to send Reigns tumbling out of it onto the floor. The Usos came out to attack The Beast, but he took out both brothers with ease before hitting Paul Heyman with an F-5 through the announce table.

    Theory then made an appearance but was taken out by Lesnar almost immediately.

    Reigns and The Usos had to bury Lesnar under everything they could find to keep him down for the 10-count.

    This match was almost impossible to grade because it was so random and weird, but from a pure entertainment perspective, it delivered in a big way.

    Winner: Roman Reigns was the last man standing

    Grade: A+

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Lesnar jumping off the tractor was hilarious even though we all saw it coming. 
    • The Beast tried to hop onto the barricade and slipped a little, but he didn't fall down. He just hopped over it instead. 
    • One side of the area around the ring was eventually just covered in pieces of broken tables. 
    • Lesnar using the tractor to pick up Reigns and dump him in the ring was oddly entertaining. 
    • Reigns had one of the best "Beat the 10-count" moments we have seen in years. 

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