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WWE SmackDown Live 11/13/20

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WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Highlights and Analysis from November 13

Sana Ejaz Khan


    Just nine days until the Survivor Series pay-per-view, SmackDown hit the Fox airwaves seeking to write the latest chapter in the build to the battle for brand supremacy while simultaneously furthering its own exclusive rivalries.

    What did Universal champion Roman Reigns have in store for cousin Jey Uso as he continued to pull him down to his level? What retribution awaits Carmella after her sneak attack on Sasha Banks last week? Who will be the fifth and final participant on Team SmackDown come November 22?

    Find out the answers to those questions with this recap of Friday's broadcast. 

Match Card

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    Announced for Friday's show:


    • Roman Reigns continues his rule over the SmackDown roster


    Whatever that means.

    Coverage begins at 8:00 PM.

Drew McIntyre Interrupts Roman Reigns

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    Credit: WWE

    The Tribal Chief, The Head of the Table and Universal Champion Roman Reigns kicked off this week’s show, just nine days before a showdown with WWE Champion Randy Orton at the Survivor Series pay-per-view.

    “The numbers, the analytics...they don’t lie,” Reigns said after referring to the blue brand as “The Island of Relevancy” and chalking it up to himself. He said Jey Uso will lead his team to victory, then he will further establish his reign of dominance over Orton.

    This brought out Drew McIntyre, who will challenge The Viper for the WWE Championship on Raw. Big Daddy Claymore claimed he will defeat Orton and it will be the two of them squaring off at Survivor Series for the first time since McIntyre eliminated Reigns to win the Royal Rumble.

    McIntyre reminded Heyman that he made Brock Leshnar his bitch at WrestleMania and said he stepped up at WrestleMania when The Big Dog left them high and dry.

    McIntyre called himself “the man,” to which Reigns responded, saying he’s back now and no one knows who he is. 

    A tense exchange of words gave way to Uso making the save, cutting a promo while Reigns looked on. He challenged McIntyre to a match and The Scottish Psychopath answered with an insulting shove. Reigns and his cousin left the ring, leaving McIntyre to watch on as they made their exit.






    Take away the complete disregard for the brand split and you had a hell of a segment to kick off this week’s show.

    McIntyre bringing up Reigns’ absence from WrestleMania and insinuating that he stepped up to become the top dog in WWE during his extended leave was a nice touch, as was The Tribal Chief’s arrogant rebuttal in which he claimed no one knew McIntyre now that he is back.

    Jey thinking he is doing the right thing by stepping up and confronting McIntyre, only for Reigns to look on with an almost dismayed expression on his face, fit the ongoing story of the former tag champ looking for approval from the head of the table.

    Reigns exploding after the break, taking exception to Uso and berating him only supported what we saw moments early and further put Uso in the proverbial doghouse.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Apollo Crews vs. Sami Zayn

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    Denouncing the idea that he just found out about his Intercontinental Championship defense an hour before the start of the show, Sami Zayn cut a scathing promo on WWE officials for booking him against Apollo Crews.

    Crews attacked early and often, overpowering and punishing the loudmouth heel.

    As the action spilled to the floor, Zayn pulled the apron from the ring and proceeded to tie his opponent’s foot to the ring. The referee counted to 10 and awarded the victory to Zayn as Michael Cole protested the “win.”



    Zayn defeated Crews to retain






    This was an excellent way to put over the resourcefulness of the champion.

    Wholly overpowered and outmatched, he used his brain to pick up a win, no matter how tainted or underhanded it might have been. He will need to think like that at Survivor Series when he meets an even bigger, more powerful competitor in Bobby Lashley.

    For Crews, the loss protects him as he doesn’t endure a loss by pin-fall or submission and has a legit out.

Carmella Attacks Sasha Banks

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    Credit: WWE

    A week after enduring a cheap superkick from the returning Carmella, SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks made her way to the squared circle to address her seemingly newfound rival.

    Just as she began to speak her mind, Bayley’s music played and her familiar foe provided a distraction. Carmella attacked from out of nowhere, delivering a second superkick and planting her with an X-Factor in the center of the ring.

    The segment ended with the self-proclaimed “Untouchable” competitor exiting, obviously proud of her actions.






    This was such a blip on the show that it almost begs the question, “why was it even here?”

    Banks, fresh off an appearance in this week’s episode of The Mandalorian, said nothing of note while Carmella benefited from Bayley’s appearance, despite showing no signs of an alliance of any kind.

    If there is a positive, it is that the audience is left with questions to chew on for awhile and that WWE is learning to be more patient with its storyline developments rather than giving it all away at once.

Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler...Again

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    Credit: WWE

    After a backstage encounter, Otis battled Dolph Ziggler in the renewal of their rivalry from this past spring. 

    Ziggler nearly benefited from interference by Robert Roode, delivering a Zig-Zag but failing to keep the former Mr. Money in the Bank down.

    Otis fought his way back into the match, delivered the caterpillar elbow drop and set up for the Vader Bomb. Roode again attempted to interfere but this time backed down as Otis stared him down. The big man executed his new finisher and put The Showoff away for the win.



    Otis defeated Ziggler






    This did nothing for anyone involved.

    Otis has beaten Ziggler so often in 2020 that a win here is of little meaning. For Ziggler, losing further diminishes whatever credibility he has left at this point while Roode looks like a total weakling for backing down without any sort of physical encounter.

    The only saving grace? The backstage promo afterward in which Chad Gable approached Otis and pitched him on the idea of discipline under his guidance.

The Final Chapter: Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins

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    The long, long rivalry between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins finally came to a head Friday night in a match dubbed by the mass marketing team of WWE and its voice, Michael Cole, as The Final Chapter. Angie, Dominik and Aalyah Mysterio all accompanied Mysterio to the squared circle for the no holds barred contest.

    Mysterio struck first with an ugly tornado DDT on the ring apron that left The Messiah reeling while Murphy watched from the floor. Mysterio delivered a sunset flip powerbomb into the guardrail but Rollins recovered and drove his opponent spine-first onto the announce table.

    Corey Graves put over the effect Rollins’ targeted attack to the back of Mysterio would have while Cole reminded the viewers at home of Mysterio’s many instances of incredible resiliency.

    Mysterio mounted a momentary comeback but Rollins cut it off and sent him crashing face and sternum-first onto the floor. Rollins blasted the future Hall of Famer with the steel steps before shooting an intimidating glare at the Mysterio family. 

    Just in time for the break, Rollins crashed back-first into the steel steps he had setup at ringside. 

    A recovered Rollins introduced a table to the fray and, despite tenacious fight from Mysterio, powerbombed him through it. Mysterio kicked out. 

    A frustrated Rollins removed a rubber stopper off the chair and attempted to go after Rey’s eye. Dominik pulled him from the ring but ate a superkick for his troubles. Murphy watched as Mysterio delivered a dropkick, driving the chair back in Rollins’ face. 

    The Disciple handed him a chair, then betrayed Rollins with a leaping knee to the face. Mysterio capitalized, delivered a 619 after a botched first attempt and followed with an apropos frog splash on the 15th anniversary of the death of Eddie Guerrero for the win.

    The Mysterio family embraced in the center of the ring while Murphy contemplated his actions. Rey prevented Aalyah from joining Murphy, then confronted him. He gave his approval, as did Dominik and Angie, and the group left together in a fitting ending for the bloated, overlong storyline.



    Mysterio defeated Rollins






    For as overly long, unnecessarily messy and horrifically soapy as this storyline became, this was the perfect ending to it all.

    Mysterio and his family had their happy ending, while Murphy was accepted by all involved and given blessings to continue dating Aalyah. Rollins got his comeuppance and all was right with the world.

    This was probably the worst of the big matches in the program, but the commercial break hurt the flow and an amped-up Rey flubbing the first 619 attempt didn’t help matters.

    Still, the grade reflects the overall execution of the story in this, The Final Chapter, and is apropos for what WWE presented.

Fatal 4-Way: Liv Morgan vs. Tamina vs. Natalya vs. Chelsea Green

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    What was originally slated to be a Triple Threat Match to determine the latest member of Team SmackDown at Survivor Series became a Fatal 4-Way Match with the debut of Chelsea Green and her joining Natalya, Liv Morgan and Tamina Snuka.

    The action was fast and furious, none of the four competitors gaining any sort of sustained advantage.

    Natalya looked to sap the energy out of Morgan, grounding her and applying a rear chin lock in search of a submission. Morgan fought back and eyed victory, delivering consecutive facebusters, including one to Tamina that earned her the win.



    Morgan defeated Natalya, Tamina and Green






    Kudos to Morgan for scoring a big win to cash her ticket to Survivor Series. She has been fantastic in 2020 and deserves the opportunity to showcase herself on pay-per-view.

    Green’s debut and insertion in this match was quite the curiosity.

    Why put her in that spot after months of leaving her in limbo, only to have her barely involved in the match and definitely not in the finish? It was a total waste of a fresh new face and further evidence tht Vinnie Mac and Co. have no idea what to do with the talented Canadian. 

    A talented wrestler with character in spades, she should be a focal point of the division rather than the afterthought she was here. 

    Be better than that, WWE, or stop wondering why Superstars fail to make the successful jump from NXT to the main roster.

Drew McIntyre vs. Jey Uso

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    Labeled an “Unsanctioned Match” due to the interpromotional nature of the contest, Drew McIntyre vs. Jey Uso served as the main event of Friday’s broadcast, the result of an overzealous Uso jumping the gun and putting his foot in his mouth earlier in the broadcast.

    An aggressive McIntyre punished Uso from the opening bell, sending a message to Roman Reigns in the process while Corey Graves questioned the intelligence of expending energy and emotion just days before his WWE Championship Match against Randy Orton on Raw.

    Uso seized control during the break, pounding away at the face of the former WWE Champion as the show returned from the commercial timeout. He cut McIntyre’s attempt at a comeback off with a Samoan Drop, then stomped away in the corner. 

    McIntyre answered with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt, then a Sky High for a two-count. Uso rocked him with a superkick and scaled the ropes, only for McIntyre to meet him up top. Uso hung him in the Tree of Woe but McIntyre sat up and delivered an overhead superplex. 

    He looked for the Claymore Kick but Uso bailed to the floor. McIntyre followed, attacking him until Reigns’ music played. The Tribal Chief walked with purpose as he headed to the ringside area. Uso capitalized on the distraction, sending The Scottish Psychopath into the steel steps. 

    “I don’t care if you beat him. Make him understand,” Reigns demanded.

    A confused Uso slid back into the ring and unloaded with a flurry of punches to the face. McIntyre recovered and delivered the Claymore for the win as the Universal Champion stared him down, seemingly unfazed by McIntyre’s win or the potential showdown with him. 

    “Get you one of these, then we’ll talk on Sunday,” Reigns said, leaving McIntyre behind as he headed up the ramp.



    McIntyre defeated Uso






    What happens when someone strays from orders and goes into business for themselves?

    This. This happens.

    McIntyre overcame Uso to pick up the win, almost certainly guaranteeing an unpleasant week for Uso as he continues to serve The Tribal Chief.

    The post-match exchange between Reigns and McIntyre was great and the Universal Champion continues to be the best thing about WWE television right now.

    Arrogant, confident, imposing and intimidating, he is the epitome of a great heel and the character around whom SmackDown should absolutely revolve now and well into the future

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