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Friday, 16 December 2022

Ric Flair: 'Jim Ross lost every bit of credibility with me in life' when he appeared on Dark Side of the Ring

The latest "To Be The Man" podcast includes Ric Flair's candid thoughts on certain people in the wrestling business. Ric was asked what he thought about Jim Ross’ recent negative comments about John Laurinaitis deserving the misery he may be in today:

"I know them both about the same. Jim Ross lost every bit of credibility with me in life, in spite of calling me the greatest wrestler of all time or whatever other bullsh*t, when he jumped on The Dark Side of Wrestling because all he is starving for and leaning on life is to be relevant because he ain't, and I will tell you this. What disappoints me the most, and this is a very serious statement, when Russo and Ferrara, when they mocked up Jim Ross and made fun of the Bell's Palsy, I thought it was the worst thing I've ever seen in wrestling in my life. Forget anything I ever went through personally, it was the worst thing and it's unforgivable to make fun of a situation like that, which was, you know, I can only imagine what it did to Jim's mind. So I can forgive Jim Ross for Dark Side of Wrestling, which I have, because it's not worth it, but I don't appreciate it. Jerry Lawler texted me, I don't know how he goes, he said, 'What the f*ck did Ross mean that you got to know when to walk away from Ric Flair?’ Well, WWE learned when to walk away from Jim Ross. I'm going to the 30th reunion. Do you think he is?

Conrad Thompson said, “Well, he's under contract somewhere else, so probably not.:

Flair said, “Do you think he’s getting invited?”

Conrad Thompson said, “I mean, I don't think it would be possible, but no, to answer your question, no.”

Flair then said, “Well, I was under contract with TNA and got my second ring, so if they want things to happen, they make them happen."

Conrad told Ric Flair that Jim Ross said after Dark Side of the Ring that Ross did not want to work with them again because they took creative editing to spin their story and it wasn’t an accurate portrayal of the conversation.”

Flair responded, "Do you know what he said when I called him on it? He said, ‘I love you Naitch. Always have, always will.’”

Conrad asked, “What’s wrong with that?

Flair said, “I said, ‘What the f*ck are you doing?' That was his answer, not, hey I’m sorry. I'll tell you something else, going back to these documentaries and how they can be hurtful, when Jim was talking about me dancing on tables and drinking and all that sh*t, but forgot to pay the IRS, you know why he knows about the IRS? Because he was the head of talent relations, and that's supposed to be private when they garnished my wages. So you ask me what I think about Jim Ross? I've felt the pain of Jan (Jim Ross's wife) like nobody else. I was there when he met Jan. I know a lot of things a lot of people don't know, but shitting on me is not cool.”

“First of all, why did he say it? Why is he on the show? You know how many people have called me and said, ‘We’d love to say something, but we don't want to hear something about ourselves?’ How many phone calls do you think I got like that for a year? They said, ‘Hey, I don’t want them jumping on me.’”

“So a convicted felon, in trouble with the IRS, arrested for domestic violence twice, gets to say sh*t about me 22 years later. I lost half a million dollars and almost caused me to get divorced. You don’t think that hit Wendy and her kids? What do you think my grand kids thought of all of that? You don't think that runs through my mind every day? To this day, it runs through my mind?”

“Jericho tells him he knew nothing about it, yet he's the editor, director. They're all fu**ing lucky that I'm a better man than them because I got the story on all of them. I just don’t tell it. I could have this fu**ing podcast breaking every record. We would be getting numbers like NFL football if I started telling stories.” 

Kevin Owens vs Shawn Michaels is going to Happen


Kevin Owens recently pitched to have a match with Shawn Michaels

If Kevin Owens has his way, WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels will wrestle again.

Owens' was interviewed on Kevin Raphael's "Sans Restriction" podcast (scroll down to listen - note that it's in French) and he revealed that he recently pitched to have a match with Michaels. Owens said during the interview that after seeing Stone Cold Steve Austin's in-ring return at WrestleMania 38, nothing is impossible. Owens said that he asked Michaels about having one more match. 

Fightful reported that HBK said that he would be lying if he said that he didn't think about wrestling again, especially after seeing Austin's match. However, Michaels said that he doesn't think he should.

Michaels last wrestled at the Crown Jewel show in 2018. According to Conrad Thompson, the rumor is that Michaels was paid $3 million to wrestle on that show.

Sunday, 25 September 2022

Pathaan Movie Watch Online


Pathaan Movie Story!

Patahn is upcoming Movie of Shahrukh Khan, John Abraham and Deepika Padukone which is going to release on January 2023 is story of Raw Agent who were killed and his son grew up to take revenge for his Father !in This Film Salman will Also appear and John Abraham would Play the Role of Russian Mafia.

Watch Pathaan Movie Trailer 1!

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