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Monday, 29 April 2019

Physics MCQs Ebook page 2

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The Answer key for MCQs from 1 to 57 is at page 4

21. Which of the following is least multiple:
a) Pico
b) Femto
c) Nano
d) Atto

22. Which one is the highest power multiple?
a) giga
b) mega
c) kilo
d) deca

23. The prefix pico is equal to
a) 10
b) 10
c) 10
d) 10

24. The SI unit of intensity of light is:
a) Mole
b) Kelvin
c) Candela
d) Ampere

25. 0.0023 can be expressed in scientific notation as:
a) 23 × 10
b) 0.23 × 10
c) 2.3 × 10
d) None

26. 1024 can be written in scientific notation as
a) 1.024x 103
b) 210
c) 0.000976
d) 1/0300097

27. Error occurs due to negligence and inexperience of a
person is:
a) Systematic Error
b) Random Error
c) Personal Error
d) None

28. Error in measurement may occur due to
a) Inexperience of a person
b) The faulty apparatus
c) Inappropriate method
d) Due to all reasons in a, b and c

29. In any measurement the significant figures are
a) All accurately known and all doubtful digits
b) Only accurately known digits
c) Only doubtful digits
d) All accurately know digits and the first doubtful

30. Number of significant figures in 0.0173 are:
a) Three
b) Four
c) Five
d) Two

31. A student added three figures 72.1, 3.32 and 0.003.
The correct answer regarding the rules of the
addition of the significant figures will be
a) 75.423
b) 75.42
c) 75.4
d) 75

32. If the reading is taken with measuring scale whose
minimum division is 1mm, then the correct reading
a) 0.2145 m
b) 0.21 m
c) 0.214 m
d) None

33. 75.560 is round off as:
a) 75.6
b) 75.7
c) 76.00
d) None

34. Zero to the right of non-zero digits are:
a) Significant
b) Not significant
c) May or may not be significant
d) None

35. What is the number of significant figures in the
measurement recorded as 8.70 × 10?
a) 1
b) 3
c) 4
d) 7

36. Zero is not significant only if it
a) Lies to the left of a significant digit
b) is between two digits
c) is to the right of a significant digit
d) is before the decimal point

37. Significant figures in 0.000846 are
a) Six
b) Four
c) Seven
d) Three

38. The sum of the three numbers, 2.7543, 4.10 and
1.273, up to correct decimal places is
a) 8.1
b) 8.13
c) 8.1273
d) 8.127

39. 73.650 rounded off up to one decimal is
a) 73.6
b) 73.7
c) 74.00
d) 73.65

40. Absolute uncertainties are added in following
a) Multiplication
b) Division
c) Subtraction

d) None

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