Saturday, 10 January 2015

Quran on Evolution

    The aforesaid discussion clarifies the fact that Darwinian theory of evolution is rationally and logically a baseless hypothesis. It is not based on scientific reasons but rather an outcome of atheistic and materialistic influences. It is a collection of misconceptions and delusions. The Qur’ān, therefore, rejects this theory, as it is absolutely incompatible with the Qur’ānic teachings. Let’s see the real Qur’ānic belief relating the creation of first man i.e. Adam.

    A number of Qur’ānic verses witness the Divine declaration pronouncing Adam as His successor created with clay. After completing his special creation God Almighty commanded the angels to prostrate before him. The logic was to enhance his dignified stature as His successor. The Qur’ān says:

    And (Call to the mind) when your lord said to the angels: “I am about to create a vicegerent on earth.” [2]

    The word “vicegerent” in this verse is used as singular which means that Almighty Allāh is showing His intention to create one successor. In order to further emphasize His design the words ‘innija’elun’ have been used. These words indicate that Allāh is going to create the first man (Adam) with through planning. A number of Qur’ānic verses corroborate the reality that Allāh the Greatest does nothing without proper planning:

    And He has created everything, then determined for it a proper measure. [3]

    It is further stated:

    Verily, for all things has Allāh appointed a due proportion. [4]

    The Qur’ān further stresses the reality that:

    And everything whith Him is in proper measurement. [5]

    The words ‘qaddara’ and ‘taqdīr’ have the same meaning. They reflect that the whole phenomena of the universe and of the biological species is operating under a compact and organized Divine planning. The Qur’ān says:

    Allāh is the Creator of all things and He is the Guardian and Disposer of all affairs.[6]

    It is further stated:

    Glorify the name of the Guardian Lord, most high, Who has created and further given order and proportion; Who has ordained laws and granted guidance. [7]

    The aforementioned verses nullify the evolutionary theory concocted by the Western scientists.


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