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The Unscientific Myth of Darwinian Evolution

In the preceding chapter we have studied the conflicting situation between the scientists and Christendom and inspiratory role of the Qur’ān towards the promotion of scientific learning. The Qur’ān repeatedly invites our attention to acquire awareness about the developments around us through our perception. In this way the hidden secrets of the entire universe and the realities pertaining to man’s creation are comprehensively assimilated. The Muslim scientists and scholars, influenced by the Qur’ānic concepts on man’s life, explored new avenues of scientific development. This is also a fact that Islamic thought has played a vital role in the development of Western philosophies. Putting aside the illogical, irrational rather whimsical Darwinian theory of evolution here we scientifically probe into special creation of man, which is scientifically investigated compatible with the revealed truths.
Larmarck, Malthas, Mendle, Darwin, Wilson and others who have presented evolution as Lamarckism. Darwinism or Neo-Darwinism all have based their conclusions on certain similarities found between humans and certain animals. These similarities are of the following nature:
  1. Biological similarities.
  2. Anatomical similarities.
  3. Biochemical similarities.
  4. Genetic similarities.
These similarities, discovered after a great deal of scientific research had already been pointed out by the Qur’ān 14 centunes ago in verse 38 of’Surah 6 of the Holy Qur’ān:

And the animals on the earth and the two-winged birds which fly in the sky, they are creations similar to you (O’Mankind). [1]

The word amthalukum(similar to you) indicates different kinds of similarities between animals, birds and humans. However, the Qur’ān does not agree with the inference drawn from these similarities, nor do all the scientists agree on this. Also they could not prove their theory conclusively. They acknowledge the lack of continuity in their theory. This discontinuity is called “Missing links.” Due to many such missing links, there are several contending and contradicting interpretations of the theory of evolution and no single unified theory has been put forward.

We would see here that, whatever aspects of scientific research are in line with the Qur’ānic concepts, it will smoothly reach its conclusion in a natural way. On the other hand, any idea or research which contradicts the Qur’ān will never get out of the cobweb of confusion and doubts.

According to Dr. Nūrbāqī, about a hundred years ago, Charles Darwin a clergyman, graduated from Christ’s College, Cambridge University and with no previous background in medicine or biology, claimed that man was an animal who had evolved from unicellular organisms and had descended from the apes. A lot of scientists jumped on his bandwagon, and soon the myth called evolution was going full speed. This view was taught for years in all educational institutions as if it were a fact of science.

According to one modem scientist, Duane Gish, evolution (i.e. the descent of man from an animal) is a philosophical notion without any scientific basis. In fact R.B Geldschmidt, a professor of biology and one of the most fervent proponents of evolutionism, is honest enough to admit that no unequivocal scientific evidence exists in favour of evolution, and that it is simply a way of thinking. The Oxford Dictionarystates that for a theory to be scientific, it must embody observed facts within a framework of general laws.


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