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AEW Rampage Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from October 21

Sana Ejaz Khan

    The Rampage Card (Credit: AEW)

    Welcome to Bleacher Report's coverage and recap of AEW Rampage on October 21.

    The All-Atlantic Championship was up for grabs this week when new champion Orange Cassidy put the belt on the line against Rush and Preston Vance.

    The women's division was highlighted when Willow Nightingale took on Leila Grey. Meanwhile, Hook battled Ari Daivari.

    We also saw The Acclaimed put the AEW tag titles on the line against The Varsity Athletes. Let's take a look at what went down during Friday's show.

The Acclaimed vs. Varsity Athletes

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    The Acclaimed and Varsity Athletes (Credit: AEW)

    Josh Woods and Tony Nese were already in the ring when the show began, but The Acclaimed got a full entrance so Max Caster could get his jokes in while Anthony Bowens hyped him up.

    The tag champs took control after an initial exchange. Mark Sterling and Daddy Ass were pacing at ringside looking for opportunities to get involved as Woods and Caster exchanged holds and takedowns.

    Nese and Woods ended up having a nice run in the middle of the match with a few double-team moves, but that only lasted so long. The Acclaimed scored the win and won back the trademark to scissoring before stomping Sterling in the crotch several times.

    This match was a fun little performance, but it will ultimately be forgotten in a week or two. Nothng special happened other than a few funny moments. The spot with Sterling was a little immature, but so is pro wrestling most of the time, so it's fine.

    Winners: The Acclaimed

    Grade: B-

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Caster's jokes about Kanye West and the Rampage ratings were hilarious. 
    • Caster is at that weird size where he doesn't quite look huge, but when you see him next to other people like Woods and Nese, you realize just how big he really is. 
    • This match had The Acclaimed fighting over the trademark to scissoring. Somehow, that is not the weirdest thing people have fought over in a match. 

Hook vs. Ari Daivari

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    Hook and Ari Daivari (Credit: AEW)

    Hook put his FTW Championship on the line this week against a man who has been trying to sway him to join a new stable, Daivari.

    The leader of The Trustbusters offered him $50,000 for possession of the belt, but Hook slapped the money out of his hands and began to fight.

    Daivari controlled the pace for the first couple of minutes, but Hook eventually began to dominate him once he got his footing. After a few suplexes and strikes, Hook put him in the Redrum for the submission win.

    This was one of Hook's most competitive fights, but it was still too short to be anything more than a glorified squash.

    Winner: Hook

    Credit: C

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • The money Daivari was holding looked faker than the toy money you can buy for kids. It looked like it was printed on regular white paper. 
    • Does anyone else miss Danhausen with Hook?

Leila Grey vs. Willow Nightingale

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    Penelope Ford and Willow Nightingale (Credit: AEW)

    The announcers informed us that Penelope Ford was injured and unable to compete, so Leila Grey of The Baddies took her spot to battle Willow.

    While Grey had some offense early on, the much more powerful Willow began to take control. A momentary distraction from Kiera Hogan led to her nailing Nightingale with a superkick while the ref was looking the other way. This gave Grey the upper hand through the break.

    Once she recovered, Willow hit a big powerbomb for the pin. Jade Cargill was not at ringside, so once she took down Hogan, it was an easy path to victory.

    This was a solid match, but it would have been nice if a big portion of it did not take place during the commercial break. Cargill tried to hijack the show until Nyla Rose returned her TBS title, but Rose just stole her car instead.

    Winner: Willow Nightingale

    Grade: C+

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Willow's entrance music is one of those songs that just makes you want to move a bit. It's great. 
    • Grey has not gotten much time on TV since joining the Baddies, so it was nice to see her get a spot on the show. 
    • Grey is a good wrestler, but there were a couple of moves where she looked a little unprepared or uncertain of what was coming. They were quick moments that did not stand out too much. 
    • Somebody should just give Rose her own show because she is hilarious. 

Orange Cassidy vs. Rush vs. Preston Vance

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    Preston Vance, Orange Cassidy and Rush (Credit: AEW)

    The main event saw Cassidy put the All-Atlantic title on the line against Rush and Vance in a triple threat match.

    Since this match did not have any disqualifications or countouts, we saw several spots that would usually be illegal such as Rush choking Vance with an extension cord he found under the ring.

    This match had the most time out of the four we saw, but it still wasn't what anyone would consider long. They had just enough time to make it feel competitive without rushing from spot to spot, so it all worked out to make for a fun Rampage main event.

    Cassidy was able to retain his title by pinning Vance during a sunset flip counter.

    Winner: Orange Cassidy

    Grade: B

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • The backstage segment with Cassidy just offering them a title shot and some beers was pretty funny. 
    • Vance had -1 with him for the backstage interview and at ringside for the match. 
    • Cassidy being able to keep his sunglasses on top of his head after a suicide dive and a headbutt from Rush was kind of impressive. 
    • Vance's mask makes it so hard to tell if he is selling or no-selling a move. 
    • Danhausen taking out Jose with a curse and a punch was entertaining, but it was also unnecessary. AEW needs to have more matches with no outside interference. 
    • The tribute they played for Brian Muster at the end of the show was a nice moment. RIP, Mongo. 


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