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WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from October 21

Sana Ejaz Khan


    A date with Undisputed WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns may await on November 5 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, but a return to SmackDown was up first for Logan Paul on Friday night.

    What did the social media megastar have in store for fans and The Bloodline ahead of the titanic clash?

    The answer to that question, as well as a Women's Tag Team Championship defense by Damage CTRL's Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky, awaited in the October 21 Fox broadcast.

Match Card

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    • Logan Paul appearance
    • Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Raquel Rodriguez and Shotzi vs. Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky (with Bayley) (c)
    • Sheamus vs. Solo Sikoa
    • Liv Morgan vs. Sonya Deville

Sheamus vs Solo Sikoa

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    Sheamus and Solo Sikoa ignited a rivalry a week ago as part of the Fatal 4-Way Match to determine the No. 1 contender to the Intercontinental Championship. Friday night, they clashed for the first time in singles competition.

    A physical encounter to start the show, it never reached the lofty quality of Sheamus' recent matches but it was still better than most and helped further establish Sikoa as a top-tier player on the main roster.

    The second-generation star absorbed the punishing offense of The Celtic Warrior, then capitalized on a distraction caused by his Bloodline teammates and scored the win with a uranage.

    After the match, the heels brutalized Sheamus, injuring his arm and standing tall to close the segment.

    Sheamus is in the midst of his greatest in-ring run, one that is equally heralded and underrated, if that makes any sense. The whole "banger" thing is not just a catchphrase, but a reality. He is turning out great stuff between the ropes with every passing week and months, years even, we will look back on this run and praise it accordingly.

    The feud between The Bloodline and Brawling Brutes is one we could not have imagined at the start of the year but exactly what this show needs right now, especially with Reigns' inconsistent appearances.


    Sikoa defeated Sheamus



    Top Moments

    • A Bray Wyatt bumper interrupted The Brawling Brutes entrance, teasing an appearance by the former WWE and Universal Champion.
    • Sami Zayn put his arm on the chest of Jey Uso, holding him back from interfering now that he has been put in charge of the Right Hand Man by Roman Reigns.
    • Sikoa delivered a Samoan Drop from the middle rope, driving Sheamus into the mat and onto his injured shoulder.
    • The Bloodline eliminated Ridge Holland and Butch from the equation by burying them under the announce table.

A Statement from Bray Wyatt

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    Backstage, Bray Wyatt continued his promo from last week, but with a different demeanor.

    He spoke into the camera, but who he was actually talking to remains a mystery. Was it the fans he addressed a week ago or the man in the mask that interrupted him?

    Whatever the case, it was another captivating promo from one of the best orators in the industry that created intrigue and mystery surrounding exactly what this incarnation of his character is going to be.

    This was great stuff and, given the lightning-quick pace of the wrestling world, it is a welcome change to see Wyatt, Triple H and the creative forces at play taking their time and telling this story without rushing through it.



    Top Moments

    • "I confess that I have problems. I know I have problems. I've always had problems. It's not hard for people to see."
    • "I needed you. I needed all of you. You removed the spears from my ribs and pulled me up."
    • "I'm thankful for that. Because now, I can see. I know who you are. I know what you want."
    • "I know, along the way, I will do horrible, horrible things but I will not be sorry for them. I am just a servant now. I go where the circle takes me." 

Liv Morgan vs Sonya Deville

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    Amid a change in demeanor following her loss of the SmackDown Women's Championship to Ronda Rousey at Extreme Rules, and on the heels of a backstage beatdown of Sonya Deville a week ago, Liv Morgan battled the former WWE official one-on-one.

    Morgan was intense, aggressive and unhinged here, daring Deville to punish her with different strikes from her arsenal. Having absorbed all that she was willing to, she fought Deville to the floor, where both women were counted out.

    Unfazed, Morgan created a pile of steel chairs in the center of the ring and proceeded to deliver a superplex onto them, dishing pain and agony to both her opponent and herself.

    The match itself was secondary to the character development on display here. Morgan has been affected by the defeat at the hands of Rousey and everyone, including herself, is paying for it.

    She finds joy in the pain of suffering of her opponents and self and is willing to go to any length to dish it out. Who really knows where this is heading, and how far into a change of character Morgan will go, but this is a great way to keep her relevant even after losing the title.


    Morgan and Deville fought to a double countout



    Top Moments

    • Morgan sported gear inspired by Harley Quinn, perhaps tipping her hat to the inspiration behind her new on-screen persona. 
    • Deville rocked Morgan with a knee to wrest control of the match from the former champ.
    • Michael Cole pointed out that Morgan lacked the aggression of her recent performances and found herself on the defensive as a result.
    • Deville repeatedly struck Morgan, who smiled and dared her to bring more. The Pride Fighter did, but only for a two-count.
    • "She's a sadist, a masochist and she's out of her damn mind!" Wade Barrett exclaimed.

Braun Strowman and Omos Face-to-Face

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    Monday, MVP issued a warning to Braun Strowman on behalf of Omos that they would appear on SmackDown to go face-to-face with The Monster of All Monsters. Strowman was unfazed, calling the former United States champion and his massive giant to the ring.

    A back-and-forth with MVP gave way to a Crown Jewel match between Strowman and Omos, then a confrontation in which the big man shoved Strowman to the floor in a show of dominance.

    The segment was mercifully short and heavy on MVP talking. That ensured it would be both effective and successful, something it otherwise would not have been. The match itself will likely be less-than-stellar but the booking of it as an attraction has, to this point, been spot-on.

    This was no different.



    Top Moments

    • "On behalf of the Nigerian giant, Omos, I accept," MVP said of Strowman's challenge for a match at Crown Jewel. 
    • "I never said Omos wasn't here," MVP said before the giant stepped through the curtain and into the arena.
    • Strowman came face-to-chest with Omos, then looked up at his upcoming opponent and smirked. Omos responded by shoving the former Universal champion to the floor. "Ok, big boy," Strowman said while the commentary team questioned whether he had been exposed.
    • Backstage, Drew McIntyre revealed that he will battle Karrion Kross at Crown Jewel in a Steel Cage Match.

Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Raquel Rodriguez and Shotzi vs. Damage CTRL

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    The team of Raquel Rodriguez and Shotzi may have been formed in the wake of an injury suffered by Aliyah but the unlikely duo climbed into contention for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship and Friday, they challenged Damage CTRL's Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai for the gold.

    Bayley watched from ringside as the babyfaces rolled early, then cheered them on as they cut down Shotzi and worked her over through the break. Rodriguez exploded into the match but was halted via tornado DDT from Sky.

    The action broke down from there, with plenty of movement leading to interference from Bayley leading to Sky pinning Shotzi following the moonsault.

    The match was quite good but the back end felt somewhat rushed. So much happened in the closing moments it all felt jam-packed into a few minutes, leading to a sloppy moment or two that could have been avoided with a little more room to breathe.

    Still, the crowd bought into Shotzi and Rodriguez as a team, which is a great sign for them and the women's tag team division. The heels won, the challengers looked strong in defeat and all was right with the world.


    Sky and Kai defeated Shotzi and Rodriguez to retain



    Top Moments

    • Shotzi jumped from the shoulders of Rodriguez onto the champions at ringside. 
    • Kai suckered Shotzi into chasing her...right into a missile dropkick from Sky, who she blind-tagged into the match.
    • Shotzi overcame the isolation from her partner, created separation, and made the hot tag to Rodriguez.
    • The tornado DDT to Rodriguez from the top rope by Sky was a hell of a spot.
    • "I ripped this title off of glitter Cinderella to spite them. They want their favorites to win, not the best. Now, they get the best," Ronda Rousey told Kayla Braxton in a backstage promo that very clearly established her as a heel disenfranchised by fans who responded to her greatness with hate.
    • Another cryptic Wyatt video aired, ending with a close-up of an apparently new character. The only word uttered? "Howdy." 

Rey Mysterio vs. Ludwig Kaiser

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    Backstage, Legado del Fantasma cut a promo from a backstage locker room, touting their upcoming dominance of SmackDown. Hit Row, watching elsewhere, was unimpressed. B-Fab led Top Dolla and Ashante Thee Adonis on an unknown quest.

    Back in the arena, Imperium's Ludwig Kaiser battled Rey Mysterio, the new No. 1 contender to Gunther's Intercontinental Championship.

    Faced with the challenge of a gifted professional wrestler, and the presence of his Imperium teammates at ringside, Mysterio took inspiration from his late friend, Eddie Guerrero, and lied, cheated and stole his way to victory.

    With Gunther and Giovanni Vinci booted from ringside, he took advantage of the one-on-one situation and put Kaiser away for the win.

    This was a fun bit of business that proved Mysterio can hang with the young, up-and-coming stars of the SmackDown brand. It also provided evidence that he will not hesitate to borrow from the men who helped shape his career to get himself out of pickle if need be.

    It will be interesting to see what he pulls out to offset the raw brutality of Gunther when he challenges The Ring General for the IC title.


    Mysterio defeated Kaiser



    Top Moments

    • After an iffy spot that saw Kaiser out of position, Mysterio fired off some vintage offense with speed and crispness only he can provide.
    • Mysterio took a page out of Eddie Guerrero's book, tossing a steel chair at Gunther, who batted it out of the air. The future Hall of Famer hit the floor and feigned injury, leading to the barring of Gunther and Giovanni Vinci from ringside.

Logan Paul Closes the Show

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    Logan Paul returned to Ohio and SmackDown to cut a main event promo on Roman Reigns ahead of his shot at the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Crown Jewel.

    Fired up and excited, he did not give his words a ton of time to breathe but the crowd sounded more receptive than before.

    A sneak attack by Jey Uso put him on the defensive but an appearance by Sami Zayn provided the distraction that allowed the social media megastar to rock Uso with a single right hand that left him lying and Zayn flabbergasted to close out the show.

    This worked as further on-camera exposure for Paul ahead of the upcoming premium live event title match, as well as the continuation of the schism that exists between Uso and Zayn.

    Despite a warning against doing so, Uso jumped Paul and ended up embarrassing The Bloodline. That will not sit well with Reigns when he returns and will only further create dissension within the faction.

    The sort of dissension that can be just the distraction The Tribal Chief does not need ahead of a high-stakes match.

    Great stuff to close out the show.



    Top Moments

    • "I've been doubted my whole life and look where I am now!" 
    • "A guy who calls himself 'Solo' but personally, I've never seen alone," Paul quipped about Solo Sikoa.
    • "No one expects me to step in the ring with the GOAT and actually win. But what happens if I do?" Paul asked. It's a great quote and the concept the entire feud should be built around


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