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Saturday, 6 April 2019

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Q11.  If a person sold an item on 20% profit and he earned Rs. 480, what was the original price?

A.   Rs. 350

B.   Rs. 400
A.   Rs. 420

B.   Rs. 450

Q12.  A Bar Chart showing key events and explanatory notes is called ________.

A.   Detailed Bar Chart

B.   Modern Bar Chart

C.   Strategic Bar Chart

D.   Milestone Bar Chart

Q13.  The Slack or Float of a critical path is always _________.

A.   zero

B.   one

C.   maximum

D.   optimum

Q14.  In PERT, the maximum time required to complete an activity is called ________.

A.   Optimistic Time

B.   Pessimistic Time

C.   Hardship Time

D.   Problematic Time

Q15.  Bar Chart is also known as _______.

A.   Rod Chart

B.   Flow Chart

C.   Schedule Chart

D.   Gantt Chart

Q16.  If  “TO"  is  Optimum  Project  Schedule  and  “TN”  is  Normal  Project  Schedule,  then


A.   TO = TN

B.   TO < TN

C.   TO >= TN

D.   TO not related to TN

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