Saturday, 4 May 2019

A Visit to a Small Planet Question and answers

1. How does kreton prove his extraordinary powers? Write five sentences?
Kreton belongs to some highly advanced world. He has certain extraordinary powers. For example, he can travel in a spaceship without instruments. He is a mind reader. He can speak all languages of the world. He does not die. He can defend himself against any attack.
2. What is the purpose of kreton’s visit?
The purpose of Kreton’s visit is to take control of the whole world. He is interested in the planet earth. He tells General Power that he can manage the affairs of the world all alone. He says that human beings are his hobby. He seems to have supernatural powers.
3. How much advanced is the civilization of kreton than of the Earth?
4. Can the people of the Earth compete with those of kreton?
NOTE: Both questions have the same answer.
The civilization of Kreton is so much advanced that the people of the Earth cannot compete with them. They are advanced scientifically and technologically. They can fly spaceships without instruments. The Earth people cannot do that. They can speak all languages of the world. The Earth people cannot do that. They do not die while the Earth people die. They can control their feelings. The Earth people cannot do that.
5. How damaging is violence in life? Write five sentences?
The violence is very damaging in life. It is very dangerous for a society. It destroys peace of a society. It creates feelings of hatred and enmity in human beings. It creates injustice and inequality in a society. It brutalizes human beings and makes them insensitive towards their fellow beings. As a result, they lack feelings of sympathy and brotherhood.
6. What type of life do you foresee in the year 5000?
The life would be quite advanced and forward both scientifically and technologically. There may be planes without instruments and engines. There may be robots replacing human workforce to a great extent. The means of communication may undergo unbelievable change. It may be possible to travel to other planets and live there.
7. How impressive were the morals of Kreton?
The morals of Kreton were very impressive and civilized. He is very polite and kind to everybody. He behaves very nicely and elegantly. Even when General Power behaves harshly with him, he does not mind and misbehave in response. He does not try to scare others. He does not punish those who try to damage his space ship. He is quite frank and soft with them all.
8. What is the role of General powers in the play?
The role of General Power in the play is very important. He is responsible for the security of USA. He is a very dutiful and strict fellow. He is very active and alert. He questions Kreton and tries to know his reality. He threatens to arrest him if he does not co-operate. He puts the house of Mr.Spelding under martial law.
9. What is the theme of Kreton’s study?
The theme of Kreton’s study is to control the world. He comes from a planet which is very advanced scientifically and technologically. He has studied the planet earth fully. He wants to take its charge. He is interested in earth. He likes human beings very much. Their lives are very charming and fascinating for him. He enjoys his stay in the earth.
10. How does Kreton impress General powers?
Kreton impresses General Power in various ways. General Power first tries to overawe Kreton to make him respond to his questions. But, Kreton impresses him by saying that he is a mind reader. He also impresses him by saying that he knows all the languages of the world. He further surprises him by saying that he does not die and he can travel in a space ship without instruments. General Power is also impressed when he cannot go even near Kreton in his attempt to arrest him.

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