Sunday 5 May 2019

Using the Scientific Method/ Questions and answers

by Darrel Bernard & Lon Edwards
1. How has the scientific method helped us in our fight against disease?
The scientific method has helped us a lot in our fight against disease. In the past, there were various diseases which were very deadly. They were incurable. They killed people on a large scale. Seven babies out of eight would die before reaching their first birthday. Child mortality rate was very high.Nowadays, science has very successfully discovered the treatment of fatal diseases like smallpox, yellow fever, diphtheria, measles,etc. Today, babies are born in hospitals. They are looked after well. Today, a person can expect to live upto seventy years due to life-saving medicines.
2. Write a note on the better sanitary conditions available in our cities today and compare them with what they were like a hundred years ago.
Today, our cities have better sanitary conditions. Our city streets are paved and well-drained. It is against the law to throw garbage in the open. The government has set up special departments which clean the cities regularly. Rubbish and other waste material is gathered from the cities and burned through treatment plants. The cities have seweage system throug which dirty water is taken to disposal plants. Clean drinking water is available to every household. A hundered years ago, cities were full of dirt and rubbish. The streets were unpaved. People had no sense of cleanliness. They threw garbage in the open. Animals used to wander in the streets and spread their waste here and there.
3. What are sanitary conditions like in our villages today and how would you improve them?
It is sad to note that even today, the sanitary conditions in our villages are not satisfactory. The streets are unpaved and poorly-drained. People are forced to take water from distant wells. There are heaps of rubbish here and there. People live in unhygienic conditions which cause diseases. Most of the areas are breeding grounds of germs of various diseases. We should set up proper drainage system in our villages. Streets should be paved. Special waste disposal plants should be set up. Clean drinking water facility should be ensured to all. The use of indoor toilets should be introduced.
4. How has the scientific method helped us in the production and preservation of food?
The scientific method has helped us in the production and preservation of food. Now, we can eat variety of foods throughout the year. We can store and preserve food for a long time through quick-freeze method. This food remains tasty and healthful. People in the past did not enjoy this facility. Through modern methods of farming and by making genetic changes in the seeds, we can now grow more food on a limited space to meet the needs of increasing population.
6. How has the scientific method enabled us to get over the old fears?
The scientific method has made us broad-minded and bold. We are now more critical in our thinking. Science has removed old fears from our minds. Our ancestors were superstitious. They believed in signs of good and bad luck. They were afraid of black cats, broken mirrors, and the number 13. They wore charms to prevent evil. Today, we have got over these old fears. Now, we know that there is a scientific reason behind every happening in the world.
7. What part did astrology play in the lives of men and women in the past? Give examples.
In the past, astrology played an important part in the lives of men and women. They believed in signs of good and bad luck. They wore charms to prevent evil. They used to go to fortune-tellers to ask about the events of their future lives like prospects of marriage, earning of wealth, birth of children,etc. They were extremely superstitious. Their lives were very much affected by such people as astrologers and palmists. As a result, they were often befooled and cheated by these people.
8. Describe some of the superstitions still current in our country. How do they affect the lives of those who believe in them?
There are a number of superstitions still current in our country. For example, people believe that black cat is a sign of bad luck. They believe that a guest is expected if a crow caws on the roof of their house. They believe that walking under a tree may invite a ghost at night. As a result, such superstitious people live under constant fear. They are easily cheated and befooled.

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