Saturday, 4 May 2019

The Oyster and the Pearl Questions and answers

1. Do you think that it is right to allow Clay to believe that there is a pearl in the oyster ? Explain briefly.
Yes, it is right to allow Clay to believe that there is a pearl in the oyster. Clay belongs to a poor family. He needs money to bring his father back. It is right to save his innocent belief. He would be hurt if he is told that there is no pearl in the oyster.
2. In your opinion why is the writer willing to buy the pearl? What has he received in return? What does he mean by saying :”As far as I’m concerned the whole thing’s pearl.
The writer is willing to buy the pearl because he wants to help Clay financially. He comes to know that Clay belongs to a poor family. The writer has received the oyster in return. The whole thing was like a pearl for the writer because he could see what others could not.
3. What has attracted Harry and other people to O.K. by-the-sea? Is it the kind of town that appeals to you? Do you think that it resembles an ideal town? Give reasons for your answer.
The town of O.K. By-The-Sea is very attractive. Harry is attracted to this town due to its natural charm and simple people. It is full of natural beauty. The people of this town are very simple, hard-working and honest. This town is not an ideal town because many facilities of life are missing here. The people are mostly poor and uneducated.
4. Harry’s philosophy is of Take it easy (Relax and enjoy life) nature. How does that philosophy appeal to you? Why or why not? Do you think that this philosophy works better in small towns than in large cities? Explain.
The philosophy of life of Harry is very impressive and appealing. We should be happy and fresh. We should avoid tension and frustration. It depends on us to look young even in nineties and look old in thirties. This philosophy works better everywhere.
5. In your opinion does the play reveal the author’s view of life? If so, what is his view of life?
The play reveals the author’s view of life. The play shows that the poor people have to suffer from many hardships of life. They earn their living with great difficulty. They have no facilities of life. They still do not lose heart and carry on their lives happily.
6. Would you call this play on of “The action plays”? Why or why not? How would you describe the play to a friend?
This play cannot be called an action play in true sense. All the action of the play takes place in a shop. Harry is the main character of the play. All the other characters of the play interact with one another at his shop. All the events of the play take place at his shop.
7. Do you think that this would be a good play to produce? Why or why not?
Yes, it would be a good play to produce. The play is very interesting and informative. It shows that poor people suffer from ups and downs of life. They are often satisfied with their poor way of living. The play also shows that we should sacrifice for others to bring them comfort and joys of life.

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