Sunday, 5 May 2019

The Man who was a Hospital / Questions Answers

by Jerome K. Jerome
1. How did Jerome K. Jerome come to suspect that his liver was out of order? What were the diseases he thought he was suffering from on reading a book on the treatment of diseases?
The writer came to suspect that his liver was out of order when he read patent liver-pill circular. He read the symptoms of this disease and felt he had them all. He then consulted a book on various diseases. He was surprised to find that he had all the diseases.
2. What was the disease he discovered he did not have?
3. Was he pleased to find he did not have it?
He came to know that he had all the diseases of the world except one disease. He did not have housemaid’s knee. He was not pleased to find this. Rather he felt hurt. He was feeling sorry that why he did not have this disease.
4. What was his first reaction?
The writer thought that he was a hospital now. He began to think that he had become quite an interesting case. He thought that he was a rare person of the world. Nobody could have as many diseases as he had.
5. Why should he be an acquisition to the medical class?
He thought that he had become quite valuable from medical point of view. He would prove an asset for medical class. He thought that medical students should not visit various hospitals for research on diseases. Instead they should visit and study him and get medical diploma.
6. Describe his visit to the medical man.
He became quite nervous and upset to find that he was suffering from all the diseases. He ran towards the doctor who was his friend. The doctor listened to his hard-luck story and wrote him a prescription.
7. He thought he was doing the doctor good turn by going to him. Why?
He thought that he had become quite valuable from medical point of view. He thought that a doctor could add to his knowledge and experience by studying him because he had more diseases than seventeen hundred patients.
8. What was the prescription given to him by the doctor?
The doctor wrote him a prescription which contained practical instructions for him. The doctor wrote that he should eat beefsteak every 6 hours, walk ten mile every morning, sleep at 11 sharp every night and not stuff his head with things he does not understand.
9. Describe his visit to the chemist.
The writer visited the chemist to get medicines. He saw the prescription and told the writer that he could not help him. He told the writer that he was not the owner of a hotel or co-operative stores.
10. What is the significance of the doctor’s advice: do not stuff your head with things you do not understand?
The doctor gave the writer a very valuable and useful advice. He told him that he should not focus on things which he could not understand. Sometimes we begin to worry about doubtful things that we could not understand. It is better to leave them. The writer followed the advice of the doctor and became healthy in a few days.

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