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Why Boys Fail in College?/Questions and answers

by Herbert E. Hawke
1. According to the author there are some boys who fail because they do not try. Who are they? Can we help them?
Some boys fail because they do not try. They are suffering from nervous habits. They have the ability to work hard. But, they cannot focus on their studies. They waste their precious time in useless activities. Such habits are not easy to finish. Only the boy can correct himself. We cannot do anything about him. He needs to change his habits. He should create balance and peace of mind in his personality.
2. How do mistaken ambition on the part of boys and their parents lead to the failure of the boys?
Sometimes mistaken ambition on the part of boys and their parents lead to the failure of boys. Parents choose ambitious careers for their boys. They want them to become engineers and doctors. But, they do not consider the wishes of their boys in selecting careers for them. They want them to choose such subjects in which they have no interest. As a result, the boys do not work hard and fail badly. We should let the students choose subjects of their choice to save them from failure.
3. There are some boys who have done well at school but fail to make their mark at college. Who are they? Do you have such boys in college in your country?
There are some bright boys who have done well at school. But, they fail in college simply because they are over-confident. They think that they can pass college exams as easily as they passed school exams. But, they are mistaken. They should understand that the level of college is different from that of school. In college, the course of studies is comprehensive. Such types of students are found everywhere. They need to change their attitude to utilize their talent to get success at college.
4. How does financial pressure lead to the failure of students described in the lesson? Do you have similar cases in your country?
Some students fail because they cannot meet their college expenses. They are suffering from financial problems. They cannot pay college fee. They cannot buy books and uniform. Some students do jobs to meet these expenses. They cannot focus on studies well. Their time is wasted. Their health is also affected while doing a job. Such types of students are found everywhere. It is the duty of the parents to provide enough money to their boys to meet their college expenses.
5. To what extent does the question of health lead to failure at college? How far can the college authorities with their medical officers help students in such cases?
Many students fail in college because they are mentally or physically unfit. They are suffering from various diseases. Therefore, they cannot focus properly on their studies. The students should regularly see a doctor for their medical check-up. A sound mind is in a sound body. The college should also provide medical assistance to the students. By improving the health of the students, they can be saved from failure.
6. What place would you accord to sportsmen in college?
Some students fail in college because they take interest only in sports and games. They ignore their studies. They do not keep balance between their studies and sports. Sports and games are necessary for their mental and physical fitness. But, they should not play at the cost of their studies. They must remember that education is their first duty and priority.
7. There are some students who join college for the fun of it. Should they be allowed to stay?
Some students do not have serious aim in life. They are fond of entertainment and merry-making. They join college just for fun. They are non-serious and showy. They waste their time in meaningless activities. They should be expelled from the college. So that they could know that what is the worth of lazy bluffers in the cold world.

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